Saturday 11 February 2012

Mixing up my base face...

Hello lovelies!

As I said in my January Boots haul post, I realised last month that I was stuck in a rut with the products I used to create my base, as I'd been using the same foundation, concealer and powder since I first started wearing make up. I think I just carried on using the same products because they worked alright and were really cheap.  However, since starting my blog I've got so much more into make up and alright products aren't okay any more, I now want to find my perfect flawless base combination! Of course this is a budget boutique so I won't be able to kit my face out with MAC any time soon, but I thought I'd show you the products I used to use and the slightly higher end drug store products that I'm trying out at the moment...

My old base face...

Maybelline mineral concealer in natural 
Natural collection powder in neutral 
Natural collection tinted moisturiser in natural  

My new base face...
Bourjois healthy mix concealer in 52 medium 
Rimmel stay matte pressed powder in translucent 
Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation in ivory

Throughout this month I'll be doing some save versus splurge type reviews (although I'm aware none of this make up is actually expensive enough to count as a splurge!) where I'll compare these products and decide if I need to mix up my base face any further to get my perfect affordable combination. I already have a list of products recommended by other beauty bloggers that I'd like to try when my current ones run out...

Products to try next?

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer 

Rimmel clear complexion pressed powder

Bourjois healthy mix foundation

Revlon ColorStay foundation for Normal/dry skin

Please let me know what you think of any of the products in this post that you may have tried and any other recommendations you might have to help me create my perfect base face!

I've had a very busy couple of days with SUPAS (Sheffield University Performing Arts Society) meetings and taster sessions, along with other drama related things so actually really need to do some work tonight as I don't want to leave it all till Sunday evening...I'd much rather be partying at Pop Tarts though!

I hope you've all got far more exciting Saturday nights planned!
Love Meg


  1. I'd also recommend Rimmels new Wake me up foundation. It's on offer for 5.99 instead of the usual 8.99 in Boots at the moment!

    I looove the Collection 2000 concealer too :)

  2. Hey, great post. My favourite concealer is that Maybelline one. I would recommend that you don't buy the stay clear powder as I think it's a waste of money. I much prefer the one you have now and if anything I've had more spots using it than before. Not good, it's also easier for your make up to become cakey with it =S. I'll be looking forward to you versus posts =D

  3. Definitely recommend the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer xx

  4. Really want to try the healthymix concealer! I bought two bottles of the wake me up foundation today as had a sample of it in elle and its got such great coverage. Lovely post:)

  5. Thanks for all the help girls! I'm going to test out a sample I got of the rimmel wake me up foundation and definitely try the collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer! xxx

  6. Definitely try the collection 2000 concealer, I don't think I'll ever use another one again!


  7. love this post, i've recently done exactly the same and re-thought my whoooole make-up bag! thats what blogging has done to me haha
    i've heard good things about collection 2000 concealer but still haven't tried it yet, i might do! you'll have to post if you get any of the other things :)

    ps thanks soooooooo much for putting me on your favourite blog list! it means so much :D xx

  8. Thanks for sharing this sweetie I wish I could find that concealer over here I just recently start using a concealer from mac cause they say is good and revlon and rimmel that I know are good as well for the skin

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  10. I use Bourjois healthy mix foundation and the collection 2000 concealer everyday and they're such a nice combination :) x


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