Monday 30 April 2012

Video- April Favourites

Hello Lovelies!

Just a quick post to let you know about my new video, which is my April Favourites...pretty please give it a watch and subscribe if you're feeling extra lovely!

Here's what I talk about in case you wanted to know before you watch it-
TRESemme thermal recovery treatment masque 
St.Moriz dark tanning mousse
Nailene false nails in petite square
Elegant touch brush on nail glue
Misguided neon orange nail polish
Urban Decay Naked 2 eye shadow palette
Real techniques stippling brush
Revlon Colorburst lip butters
Bare Minerals brow powder

As always comments and requests are greatly appreciated and please do link me any April favourite posts or videos you've done as I love reading and watching them!

I had a lovely weekend mainly catching up with friends, but now have a night of model making for my set design module least I can catch up with some tele as I do it! oh the joys of my degree hahaa

Have a fab night guys!
Love Meg
Saturday 28 April 2012

April Lust Haves and Must Haves

Hey Girls!

So it's getting to the end of April now which means I need to start rounding up the month with posts like April Empties, April Favourites (both of which you can expect over the next two days in video form) and my fairly new monthly feature- April Lust Haves and Must Haves, which I'm going to do today. My march-lust-haves-and-must-haves seemed to go down pretty well so I hope you enjoy this one, after all who doesn't love buying products whilst saving the pennies!

LUST HAVE- Benefit Brow Zings £22.50
MUST HAVE- Sleek Brow Kit £7.99
Gone are the days where we all wanted our brows as light and insignificant as possible, the scouse brow trend has well and truly swept the nation and the key to great brows is a great brow kit. You could go for the beautiful Benefit brow zings complete with shaping wax, setting powder and tools, or save £14.50 and get this equally beautiful Brow Kit from Sleek which is pretty much an exact dupe complete with the same stuff. Lovely jubbly.

LUST HAVE- Motel Striped Jeans £48.00

MUST HAVE- Boohoo Striped Jeans £25.00

Lola Monochrome Skinny Jeans

I'm not entirely sure why but Humbug jeans are so hot right now and we all want a pair! You could splash out and squeeze into the wide striped Motel versions, or cope with slightly thinner stripes and save £23 by getting Boohoo's stripey offering.

LUST HAVE- St Tropez Tanning Mousse £30.69

MUST HAVE- St.Moriz Tanning Mousse £2.99

The weather may think it's December at the moment, but that's no need to have winter skin... If your feeling flush then you could go golden with St.Tropez at a pricey £30.69 a pop or you could become beautifully bronzed with St.Moriz who offer an amazing dupe that would save you an incredible £27.70! I can vouch for how great the St.Moriz mousse is in both dark and medium and I'm pretty sure the only reason it's inferior to St.Tropez is that it goes slightly patchy on the chest, neck and inner arm area after about five days and when it does I just exfoliate and tan again. Sorted. 

Have you tried any of these products? Or do you have any other lust haves and must haves to share?

I've just got back from a girly sleepover with my friend Alice and have quite a lot of work to do so I think I'll just be having a night in doing that whilst eating pasta bake and watching the Voice and BGT! Nothing wrong with a guilty night in sometimes hahaa

I hope you all have more exciting nights girlies!
Love Meg
Thursday 26 April 2012

Video- Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Review+Swatches

Hello Lovelies!

So I finally got round to filming and uploading my next youtube video which is a review of the infamous Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters, please do give it a watch and subscribe if you like it-

I covered everything I wanted to in the video so won't be doing any sort of reviewing in this post but would love to know if you are also loving lip butters? Or not getting what all the fuss is about? Also please do let me know about any video requests you might have :)

I'm just in a quick gap between work and rehearsals so I best get back to it all now!

Hope you've all had a lovely day!
Love Meg
Wednesday 25 April 2012

OOTD- Rock chick edge

Hey Guys!

So today I only had to go in to uni for an hour this afternoon leaving me lots of time to style an outfit of the day and do a video (which will be up tomorrow hopefully!). I went for a casual look with a rock chick edge as it makes a fun change from just being really girly, oh and I also thought I'd try out a side parting...

Jumper- Primark
Skirt- New Look
Tights- Pretty Polly
Boots- Primark
Scarf- Town Market
Earrings- Boots

Lips- Revlon lip butter in 'Tutti Frutti'

I actually originally wanted to wear this outfit with my biker boots, but I managed to only pack one for coming back to uni so I'll have to style them another day when my Mum sends the other one to me hahaa but I'm still really happy with this look as I think it's quite fun and edgy and gives me an excuse to wear my gorgeous pretty polly suspender tights which I usually reserve for nights out. The funny thing is it was chucking it down when I had to make my half hour walk to uni so this is actually what I ended up looking like when I went out, which was a tad less rock chick... 

Jacket- New Look
Wellies- Ebay
Socks- Primark
Umbrella- Cath Kidston

...But at least my nails matched my wellies!

What do you think of my look? Did you get rained on today?

Right I'm going to change out of my soggy clothes now and sort out my rained on hair as I'm having  dinner round my friend Joe's house tonight...

Have a lovely rest of your wet Wednesday!
Love Meg
Tuesday 24 April 2012

NOTD- Zebra print

Hey Girlies!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a little while, I've had a bit of a busy week spending my last few days at home and moving back to uni, but now I'm all settled in Sheffield again and it's time for another animal inspired nails of the day...I'm loving trying out exciting nail art at the moment which you can probably tell by all my recent nails art posts and yesterday I though I'd try out a zebra print look and I'm very glad I did as I love the effect and got a lot of compliments for it from people at uni!

As with most nail art I think this is easier than it looks and it only took me three simple steps to achieve it- first I did two base coats of Natural Collection nail varnish in 'sugar mouse', then I added the zebra detail by drawing slightly squiggly and slanted lines and triangles across my nails with Collection 2000 fast stroke eyeliner in black and to stop this detail  from being washed off I sealed it with my Rimmel 60 seconds clear top coat.

So there you go- all very cheap, easy and effective! What do you think of them?
If you like these animal print nails then why not check out my how-toget-leopard-print-nails post!
I've just got back in from a busy day of uni so I'm just going to chill out for a bit and make some dinner before trying to motivate myself to do all the work I've come back to, fun times indeeed...

I hope you've all had a lovely week!
Love Meg
Tuesday 17 April 2012

OOTD- Classic Vintage

Hey Everyone!

It feels like I haven't done an outfit post in agesssss so on Sunday I made sure to make a blog-worthy outfit and get some snaps taken. Oh and it was very windy in the garden, hence why I'm having a bit of a battle with my hair! 

Blouse- Primark
Shorts- Levi Vintage
Brogues- ASDA
Scarf- Primark
Tights- Primark 
Belt- New Look
Bangle- New Look
Ring- Boots
Earrings- Boots
Necklace- H.Samuels 
Lips- Revlon Lip Butter in 'Lollipop'

The main item I love in this outfit are my new Levi shorts which I picked up from a vintage store in Sheffield. I'd wanted some high-ish waisted pale denim shorts for ages and nearly spent out £40 on some Topshop vintage style ones so I was very happy to find the real thing for half the price!  They've already become a staple in  my wardrobe and with this outfit I decided to dress them up a little bit with my pussybow blouse, brogues, silk scarf and statement earrings to create a kind of classic look that could be worn in the day or out for casual drinks or dinner.

On my lips I'm wearing the new Revlon lip butter in 'Lollipop' which I absolutely adore. I also have the lip butters in 'tutti fruity' and 'strawberry shortcake' and will be doing a video review and post with swatches this week hopefully, even though I'm sure you're all a bit sick of lip butter talk by now!

What do you think of my 'classic vintage' look? Are you a fan of levi denim?

I've just had a chilled out day with my boyfriend doing a bit of uni work and blogging/vlogging stuff and as I'm working 9-6 tomorrow I'm just going to have a night in catching up with MIC and much as I love being home and getting to see my boyfriend a lot I must say I'm rather looking forward to heading back to uni this weekend and being really busy again with performances and nights out!

Have a great night my lovelies!
Love Meg
Sunday 15 April 2012

Video- Top 10 Spring Picks part 2, beauty products

Hey guys!

Just to let you know I've just uploaded a new youtube video for you all which is the second part of my top 10 spring picks featuring five great and affordable beauty products...

Pretty please give it a watch and subscribe if you like it and a massive thank you to those who have done so already!

I've pretty much spent the whole day doing blog related things and finally got some photos taken for an outfit of the day so that will be with you tomorrow :)

Hope you've had a lovely weekend!
Love Meg
Saturday 14 April 2012

The perfect red lipstick: No7 stay perfect in 'cherry'

Hello lovely ladies,

As it's Saturday night I thought I'd blog about something that every girl needs on a Saturday night out and that's the perfect red lipstick...well good news girls because I think I've found it in the form of No7's stay perfect lipstick in 'cherry'!

I'm not normally a fan of No7 as I think it's rather overpriced and aimed at an older generation, but the £5 off vouchers you get given in Boots make it much more appealing and I figured a lipstick worth a tenner had to be good, so when I needed a new red lippy I went for this one. After purchasing a few more of their lipsticks I discovered that a ten pound price tag doesn't always mean a great product, but luckily with the stay perfect 'cherry' it totally does!

The packaging is simple, sleek and classy and easy to get into even when you've had one too many and need to re apply hahaa...You can also see from the swatch below how pigmented this lipstick is and that it's a really nice classy red shade which is slightly deeper than a proper pucker red and I really like that about it. 

Also, considering how matte the finish of this product is the consistency is very moisturising, glides onto the lips easily and doesn't feel too  heavy or cling to dry patches. The very main reason I can't get enough of this lipstick though is because it actually lives up to the claim that it will 'stay perfect', for example I've left the house at 9pm wearing it and got back in at 3am with my lips still perfectly in tact, with perhaps one touch up at most, which is so great for when you just want to wear a lipstick out that you don't need to worry about reapplying every time you have a drink or go to have a photo taken. For me it beats the colour, finish and long lasting wear of  the MAC 'russian red' I tried! 

The only downside to this product is that I find it quite tricky to apply, as I think the colour is so pigmented and the consistency so matte that you need to apply it incredibly precisely or with a lipstick brush to get the perfect shape. So it's certainly not a slap on and go lipstick, but seeing as it's not exactly a day time lippy I don't think it matters that you need to spend a bit of extra time applying it initially. 
Have any of you tried this lippy? Or have you found your own perfect red lipstick?

A combination of working 9-5 today and having no money means I won't be wearing this out tonight, just in front of The Voice and BGT instead, oh what an exciting life I lead haha!

Have a fab night ladies!
Love Meg
Friday 13 April 2012

Video- Top 10 Spring Picks part 1, make up

Hello again lovelies!

I just worked out how to put the actual video I was just going on about below in a post (I know, I'm just that technical haha), so I thought some of you might like to watch it here...

A massive thank you to everyone that watches this, it means a lot that anyone would take a few minutes out of their time to watch little old me ramble on about make up!

As before please do subscribe, rate and comment on the video. I'd also be more than happy to do any requests you have and will always give you a little mention!

Have a lovely night guys!
Love Meg

I'm on youtube! Top Ten Spring picks...

Hey guys!

I thought I'd just do a little post today to let you know that I'm finally on you tube and have now put up my first video. It's the first part of my 'Top Ten Spring Picks' which is all about the spring make up I think I'll be loving this season and if you'd like to be lovely and watch it then it's here-

Pretty please do subscribe and comment and feel free to contact me with any requests!  In part two I'll talk about my five picks for spring skin care, tanning and nails and this will be up tomorrow or Sunday hopefully... 

Today I've just been mooching round town with my boyfriend and swatching a ridiculous number of products in Boots, which is one of my favourite past times haha!

I hope you've all had an amazing week!
Love Meg
Wednesday 11 April 2012

How to: Minnie Mouse Nail Art

Hey lovelies!

In my Bourjois post yesterday I said that I'd spent a large part of the afternoon painting my nails and the reason it took so long is because I was having a go at creating Minnie Mouse inspired dotty nail art. I'm so happy I tried this out as I absolutely love the overall result and think it's a really cute, girly nail look for spring and summer. Here's how I created it...  

 I started by doing two base coat layers of Barry M's 'bright pink'. I went for this shade as I thought the white dots would stand out really nicely against it (and because I'ma girly girl that can't get enough of Barbie pink obvs), but you could also use bright red or baby pink for Minnie Mouse nails. My lovely friend Faye from fayesfix always has really cool dotty nails so I followed her advice and used a bobby pin/curby grip dipped in my Natural Collection's nail tip whitener to create the dots (a tip which she got from gemfatale I think, who is like the goddess of nail art!). This is a little tricky at first because it's a bit hard to get the dots all the same size, but you do get the hang of it after a few messy attempts! As you can see the bobby pin gets rather messy too, but it's a far cheaper and easier way of creating dots than using an actual dotting tool! and I'm hoping these nails won't take me so long next time now I've had a bit of practise, I think I'll try creating Daisys using the dotting method next...

What do you think of my Minnie Mouse inspired nails? Have you got any easy and cheap nail art tips?

I've a very fun, but emotional day watching Titanic 3D with the girls and now I'm going to have a nice evening round my boyfriend's house which hopefully involves less crying! 

Hope you're all having a great week!
Love Meg
Tuesday 10 April 2012

Bourjois Base Face

Hello again girlies!

I know I said I was coming back later today with my first youtube video, but silly old me got distracted by working out, painting my nails and then watching Breaking Dawn with my Mum oops! So I never actually got ready properly today which is why I haven't been able to bare my face on camera, but it will come very soon I promise! 

Anyway, instead I thought I'd do a post on the make up that I'm currently using to create my base, which is made up of Bourjois products. Bourjois is a brand that until recently I'd never paid much attention to and hadn't really tried out, however it seems like a lot of their newer releases have gone down a storm with the blogasphere and ever the typical beauty blogger, I got caught up in the hype and got some Bourjois in my life...

I'm going to review all these products in full once I've used them a bit more, but I thought you might just like to see what I'm using at the moment, my first impressions and some swatches in case your looking to buy them...

Healthy Mix Foundation in '52'- £9.99

It's everyone's favourite drug store foundation that's won numerous awards and a cult status on the blogasphere...but when I first applied this foundation with my fingers I found it didn't blend too easily or give me very good coverage so didn't get what all the fuss was about. However, when I applied it with my real techniques stippling brush I fell in love with it as it gave an airbrush finish, good medium coverage and a lovely natural glow. It also smells amazing, has yellow undertones so makes you look tanned and is very thin and lightweight making it perfect for summer and spring. Lovely jubbly.

Healthy Mix concealer in '52'-£7.49

I'm a little disappointed with this product because I expected it to match up to the amazingness of the Healthy Mix foundation, but I find it doesn't provide the full coverage I need over scarring and blemishes, wears off my face quite quickly and I'm not a fan of the applicator. Although there are some nice things about it as it has a lovely blendable creamy consistency and again I'm impressed by the nice yellow undertones in the shades. Rather average.

Chocolate bronzing powder in '52'- £6.99

I honestly can't get over how much I love this bronzer! I've been looking for a non glittery, non orangey bronzer for so long and have finally found it...and as if being a gorgeous tan coloured, highly affordable, very pigmented, non shimmery matte bronzer isn't enough, it also looks and smells like chocolate and comes in the  most adorable 'Benefit-esque' (I'm determined to make this a thing haha) packaging. Top notch product. I could eat it. Literally. 

Blush in a pot in '95'- £7.49

Again, I'm not as blown away by the blush as the bronzer...I mean I do like it as the packaging is lovely and it's small size means you can take it everywhere easily and I also like the range of shades and the nice rosy glow it gives me when applied with my ecotools blush brush (I really don't like the brush it comes with). However, I think I was just expecting this blush to be a bit more pigmented and I do feel like I have to work quite hard to build it to the colour I want.
Are you a fan of Bourjois products? I'd love to know what you think of these and if you have any other recommendations!
You already know what I've been up to today so I won't bore you further with more details of that, I'm just off to dye my roots now as they are starting to really annoy me! 

Have a great night guys!
Love Meg

Giveaway from prettygirlrich

Good Morning Girlies!

I just wanted to do a quick little blog post this morning to let you know about an amazing give away that the lovely Ashleigh is doing over at prettygirlrich, where you can win a Benefit mascara, Benefit eye liner and MAC lipstick of your choice... 

It's an amazing blog and an amazing give away so if you want to check it out you can do so here-

I'll be back later today with my first youtube video hopefully (providing I figure out how to upload it!), which I think will be my top spring make up picks, so I'm off now to go and get ready to make that! Please do check it out if you can as I'm rather nervous about actually putting myself up on the big wide world of youtube...

Have a lovely day everyone!
Love Meg

 p.s My good uni friend Rosie has just started her own fashion/beauty blog which you can find here- therunwayrose and it would mean a lot to her and me if you could check that out too! 
Sunday 8 April 2012

Happy Easter! featuring bareMinerals brow color and Caudalie skincare...

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you're all having a really great day and got lots of chocolate from the Easter bunny! As much as I love chocolate I always prefer to get Easter presents from my parents and this year I was ridiculously excited to discover that my Mum and Dad had treated me to a pot of bareMinerals brow color and a Caudalie skin care starter kit (and some little chocolate eggs thrown in for good measure)...

I was so happy to find the bareMinerals brow color in my rather pretty goody bag as you all know how much I love eyebrows from my post- i-love-beautiful-brows and I've been wanting to move on from my Rimmel brow pencil for some time now, as I find it can look a little harsh and be a bit scratchy to apply. I've had Benefit brow zings on my wish list for a while, but I'm so happy my Mum went for the bareMinerals brow color as it's received rave reviews and I feel like the powder consistency will give my eyebrows a more natural, softer and more blended look whilst still providing the colour, fullness and definition I love...  

At first just getting a pot of  powder confused me, as I thought it must need to be put over the top of a setting wax as with brow zings, but apparently all you need to do is apply the powder to your brows with a brow brush and voila- easy beautiful brows! I can't wait to try it out tomorrow and a full review will follow soon, I just need to get my hands on a good brow brush now and get to grips with how to use it...any brow brush suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as would your opinions on and tips for this product :)

I've also been going on for a while about putting more time and money into my skincare routine as I'm definitely what you would call 'a lazy cleanser' at the moment- a facial wipe and bit of moisturiser and I'm done hahaa, mainly because I feel like my skin breaks out if I do too much to it. But anyway I've now got some more high end Caudalie skin care to play with which might encourage me to invest in some more. The kit consists of hand and nail cream, body lotion, moisturising cream and soap, so again I'll try these products out and give you full reviews soon.

Please do let me know your thoughts on these products and if you have any recommendations for a good brow brush that won't break the bank!

After making my Mum happy by going to church with her this morning, I'm now just having some nice relaxing family and boyfriend time whilst waiting for the rest of the family to come round for Easter tea tonight...I just wish the weather was a bit better!

Have a wonderful rest of your Easters everyone!
Love Meg
Saturday 7 April 2012

NOTD- Spring flowers

Hello lovelies!

Even though the lovely spring weather has gone away for the Easter weekend, I've made sure my nails still look all spring like and Eastery (I'm aware this probably isn't a word :p) by painting them with a floral pattern. This is the first time I've tried doing this so I think I'll get better with a bit more practise, but I've had quite a few compliments for them so I thought I'd show you what they look like and how to create them yourself...

To create these floral nails I first painted two base coats of natural collection's 'sugar mouse', then created little splodges using the end of the brush of Barry M's 'bright pink'. I then waited for the splodges to dry a little bit and dipped a cocktail stick in Barry M's 'strawberry ice cream' and swirled it round in the splodges. I repeated this step but using natural collection's 'nail tip whitener' and finished the flowers by dipping a cocktail stick in Barry M's 'mint green' and using it to dabble on little leaves either side of the flowers...

...and voila- super easy floral nails perfect for spring and the Easter weekend!  
Do you like my floral nails? Do you know any other techniques for creating easy flower nail art? 
I'm just spending the day lazing around recovering from my night out in town which was lots of fun, then eating a very yummy 3 course Easter dinner cooked by my lovely mummy later, this is the life hahaa

I hope you're all having a great Easter weekend and please do let me know if you try out these nails!
Love Meg
Thursday 5 April 2012

OOTD- 1940's pin up girl

Hello Lovelies!

Last year when I was in 'Guys and Doll's' I fell a little bit in love with 1940's fashion and as my post- fotd-and-hotd-1940s-style seemed to be pretty popular, today I thought I'd show you the summery outfit that I wore on Sunday which is inspired by the 1940's/50's pin up girl look...

Top- New Look
Shorts- Topshop
Flip flops- New Look
Sun glasses- Primark
Necklace- H.Samuels
Lipstick- MUA shade 16 'nectar' 

As demonstrated by the gorgeous pin up girl below, high waisted hot pants and crop tops were all the rage in the 40's and 50's and I think this is definitely a trend that needs to come back this summer as I love how it reveals in what my opinion is the most flattering and classy bit of the body and creates a sexy hour glass figure. My Topshop shorts are perfect for creating this pin up look as they are pretty short, but go up rather high, so I don't feel too naked just wearing a crop top with them! My tie up crop top is great too as you can have it as short or long as you want depending what's appropriate and the print and colour is so pretty.

My sun glasses were another Primarni bargain at about £2.50 and I got them because I thought their quirky shape and slight leopard print gave them a really cool vintage look. I thought I should also mention that I'm wearing the MUA lipstick in the shade 16 'nectar' in these photos, they'll be more on this later as I've been on a bit of a bargain lipstick spree, but basically I love it and think its pinky coral tone is a perfect daytime alternative to red. 

What do you think of my pin up inspired look? Are you a fan of vintage styles?

I had such a nice time today lunching and mooching around town with my lovely friends Anna and Lydia, who I always need lots of catch ups with when we're home for the holidays. And the loveliness of my day continues as one of my best friends, Matt is coming over later for a night of musicals and oreos and peanut butter (trust me you should try this), bliss...

Have a good night everyone!
Love Meg
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