Tuesday 31 January 2012

January Favourites

Hi Girlies!

So I had my last written exam today (wooooo!) and now I just have a performance exam on Thursday so can get back into blogging regularly again, lovely stuff :) I thought I'd celebrate this delightful fact by starting a monthly favourites feature as I love other blogger's monthly favourite posts and feel like it's a really nice way to round up the month!

To be honest January is my least favourite month of the year as it's always really cold and full of exams, so these are the products and random things that have made my January a happier place to be...

Make-up of the month...
Rimmel's Stay Matte powder in transparent 

This little beauty of a powder featured in my earlier Boots haul post and I'm totally in love with it- it's so cheap  at only £3.99, really does last all day and takes away shine without taking away all the dewiness of my foundation or making me look too white. 

Nail polish of the month...
No7 Stay Perfect nail varnish in 'So Simple'

I literally cannot get enough of this nude nail varnish! It's so classy, goes with everything you wear and doesn't make chips noticeable, what more could you want from a nail polish? 

Hair care of the month...
Umberto Gianinni Billionare Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner 

My lovely sister got me these products for my birthday as she knows that I love anything that promises to keep my blonde beautiful and I absolutely love them. The shampoo is the best purple toning shampoo I've ever tried as it keeps me super blonde and is gentle enough for every day use. The conditioner is amazing too as it's so thick and makes my hair feel and smell lovely, (plus the packaging is so gorgeous and luxe!) so I'll definitely be replacing them when they run out!  

Skin care product of the month...

Not the most glamorous of products, but after Corrie from dizzybrunette3 recommended it for spots I thought I'd see if it could sort out the tantrum my skin was having after all the food I ate over Christmas. It was only £2.69 for a pot from Boots that will last for absolutely ages and most importantly it actually works! I put a thin layer over any spots or scarring before I go to bed and really do notice a difference when I wake up...my Mum's noticed it too and has now got her own pot!

Clothing of the month...
River Island faux fur coat

I really love this whole outfit to be honest, but the coat in particular has been my January staple that I've hardly left the house without, it's really warm and bang on trend (although I am getting a little bit tired of certain family members comparing me to my cat when I wear it...)

Music of the month...
One Direction's album 'Up all night'

These boys have definitely been my January guilty pleasure...if you haven't listened to this album yet then DO IT! I'm not even being funny they are actually really songs and I know that even my male friends have a lot of love for them!

Programme of the month...
Desperate Scousewives 

I know that my boyfriend thinks I'm a 'terrible human being' for being addicted to these reality shows, but I couldn't resist watching Desperate Scousewives this month in my revision breaks and now I'm as hooked on it as I am on TOWIE and Made in Chelsea...oops! 

Book of the month...
'You don't have to say you love me' by Sara Manning

I can't count the amount of times I laughed and cried at this book! I read it because Sara Manning's other book, 'Unsticky' is like my favourite book of all time and it didn't disappoint....so if your looking for the perfect piece of feel good romantic girly escapism with a dreamy hero then look no further.

Person of the month...
Pixie Lott

I have the biggest girl crush on Pixie Lott, she's my hair idol, style idol and well just general idol. I think the main thing I love about her is her confidence and the way both girls and guys can find her sexy...oh the fact she's super talented, obvs.

So those were the things I've been loving this month! Please do link me any monthly favourite posts you might have as I love reading them or just tell me what your January monthly favourites are?

I must say I'm really looking forward to February- warmer days, pancakes, Valentines and I'm going home for a week! Right now though it's time to spend all night painting my nails and catching up on all that tele I've missed out on by doing revision! 

Hope you've all had a lovely January!
Love Meg
Thursday 26 January 2012

OOTD- Geek chic

Hello lovelies! 

Sorry I've been a bit rubbish at posting lately, I've been rather busy settling back into uni and revising for my exams next week, but I thought I'd take some time out from that today to show you can outfit I took some pictures of when I was back home...

Jumper- COW
Shirt- COW
Trousers- New Look
Shoes- New Look
Satchel- Primark 
Ring- Christmas present 
I wore this outfit to meet up for a casual day with the girls and I quite like the overall preppy/geek chic look. The jumper was yet another little find in my favourite vintage store, COW and although my parents and boyfriend thought it looked like a bit of an ugly Grandadish type jumper, I love it as its so cosy and the pattern is really cute. I put my shirt from COW underneath as I love any outfit with a collar at the moment! A few people have asked me if the trousers are new, but I actually got them when I was at school and have rediscovered my love for them recently as they are so cool and quirky and I love the pinstripes. I teamed my outfit with my little bow dolly shoes to make it more girly and my Primark satchel (which was an absolute steal at only £3!) and scrabble ring to add more preppy geek detail.

Do you like my look? Are any of you a fan of cosy quirky knitwear?

Right I'd better crack back on with my revision now, boo :( I did have a fabulous time last night though as I went out for cocktails with the girls in a new little black cut out dress and nude heels which I'm sure I'll post about soon!

I hope you've all had a great week!
Love Meg
Tuesday 17 January 2012

Semi-permanent straightening solutions: too good to be true?

Good evening my lovelies!

As I have naturally unruly curly/frizzy hair I am always on the look out for any products that will make keeping my hair under control easier and quicker, whilst also saving me from frying my hair everyday. As I've said before I'm a firm fan of John Frieda's three day straight heat defence spray (I will get round to doing a proper review on it soon I swear!), as this not only protects my hair from the wrath of my ghd's, but also saves me from having to straighten it properly everyday. However, I would still love to find a product that can survive washes and prevent me from having to spend so long straightening my hair once I've got out the shower... 

So when Charles Worthington released their 40 day straight home hair straightening kit for £20 at Boots I thought all my prayers had been answered!

 However, as I picked up the version for coloured hair to put into my basket I noticed the box said 'not suitable for light ash blondes' and also warned it could be damaging to your hair...so not wanting to risk what it might do to my hair colour or condition, which is hard enough to keep up already, I put it back. Since discovering my hair colour was unsuitable for that kit, I've come across two other home straightening solutions for coloured hair, which seem even more too good to be true as they are both much cheaper, last longer, don't say they are unsuitable for light ash blonde shades and claim to condition your hair- what more could you even want in life!? The first one is by JoBaz from Savers for around only £4 I think... 

This one claims to last for a whole 3 months too and says it also hydrates and strengthens damaged hair, which would be perfect as after dying my hair blonde and using heat tools on it all the time I like to do whatever I can to keep it in a good condition.  The second one by Scott cornwall is slightly more expensive at £10 from Boots...

This one claims it can also last up to 3 months and comes complete with a Keratin phase for ultimate hydration, which again is exactly what I'm looking for. What bothers me is why the £20 Charles Worthington one might possibly damage the colour and condition of my hair, whilst the very cheap alternatives claim to only strengthen my hair and not affect its colour? After scouring the internet for reviews on these two cheap alternatives to see if they live up to their claims and finding nothing at all, I'm going to appeal to any of you that may have tried or heard of these products to tell me if they are in fact too good to be true or if I should stock up on them immediately?

In other news I handed the last of my essays in today (Thank God!) and now just have an exam to revise for in a couple of weeks, so I'm having a nice night in with trashy tele and a cup of green tea, bliss :)

I hope you're all having super lovely weeks!
Love Meg
Sunday 15 January 2012

Review- Garnier BB cream

Hi Girlies! 

I've just got back to my house in Sheffield and after travelling for 6 and a half hours I can't quite face tackling the last of my essays yet, so thought I would do a little review of Garnier BB cream for you. I've had this product since last November, but sometimes it takes me a long time to decide how I actually feel about certain products and this was one of them, but hopefully I will be able to give you an accurate review now I've used it so much.

I bought this last year because I wanted to try something that was heavier than tinted moisturiser, but lighter than foundation and after hearing the unbelievable hype about this new miracle skin perfector, which also claimed to moisturise and protect your skin whilst covering up imperfections, I thought all my Christmasses had come at once! 

It costs £9.99 from Boots and this is the description from the website- 'Garnier BB cream for immediately perfected skin with even tone and boosted glow. Blurs imperfections and smoothes fine lines. SPF15 protection and 24hr hydration.' When I first tried the BB cream I was very impressed by it as I thought that it covered blemishes and scarring really well and made my face look quite fresh, dewy and moisturised. I do still think that it does these things really well and allows you to use less or no concealer depending on how your skin is behaving, however I have major issues  with this product over the available shades and consistency of the cream. This is because it is only available in two shades- light and medium and I found the light shade was too dark for me even though I don't have very pale skin, so I don't see how people are supposed to find a good colour match. The consistency was a really big problem for me as it was very thick, meaning that it didn't go very far and wasn't very easy to blend. It was also quick drying so I often ended up with a quite uneven finish.

For these reasons I would probably only give this product a 2 stars, as although it does offer quite a good coverage of blemishes, a lot of foundations do that already that also have a price tag of less than £10, a wide range of shades and a consistency you can blend to achieve an even finish. I know that there are many positive reviews and bloggers who might disagree with me here, but I really didn't get on with this product and wonder if I would get on better with a different brand of blemish  balm such as the 17 or new No7 one or if they are all very similar...

Please let me know what your thoughts are of this product and if you've tried any other blemish balms!

Right I'm going to crack on with my essays now whilst watching a nice bit of Sherlock, oh the excitements of my life at the moment!

I hope your all having lovely Sunday evenings!
Love Meg
Thursday 12 January 2012

OOTD- Flower Power!

Hello lovelies!

Thought I'd do a little outfit post to show you what I wore for a casual day time dinner out with my Mum today. After Christmas I always get bored of the cold weather and want to skip straight to my summer wardrobe, so today I thought I'd put a few summery flowers and colours into my winter outfit...

Top-Miss Selfridge 
Shorts- Miss Selfridge
Denim jacket- Miss Selfridge
Fur Coat- River Island
Head band- Christmas present
Tights- Primark
Socks- Primark
Brogues- Asda
Bracelets- Pandora and Links of London 
Necklace- H.Samuels

I got the top, shorts and jacket on a Miss Selfridge spree two summers ago and I love all of them so much! The lace detailing on the top is so pretty, the jacket is great because goes with so much and the shorts, well, I just love any shorts, particularly when they are high waisted and covered in lovely floral print! In the summer I'm always wearing my trusty over the knee socks from Primark and so today I thought, why not wear them in winter too and put them on over my tights which I think looks quite cute. 

Ring- Christmas present
Lipstick- No7 stay perfect lipstick in 'Mischief'
 Nails- Rimmel 60 seconds in 'instyle coral'

I'm loving my new knitted head band and scrabble ring that I got for Christmas. The head band is great because it keeps my ears warm and I can put it on when I don't have time to do much to my hair and the scrabble ring is just too sweet and quirky!
I also decided to brighten up my nails with one of my favourite ever polishes- Rimmel's 60 seconds in 'instyle coral' and to brighten up my lips I used my new No7 stay perfect lipstick in 'Mischief' (swatches and review to follow soon!).

What do you think of my look? Are you getting bored of having to dress for winter yet? 

After a nice day out with my Mum its back to essaying and packing for when I go back to uni now, oh fun times for me :(

I hope your all having a more exciting evening!
Love Meg
Wednesday 11 January 2012

Big Boots Haul...Part 2

Hi Lovelies!

So here's the promised part 2 of my first Boots haul, sorry it's a couple of days late, I've been snowed under with my essays that are due next week, but I've just submitted my first one so I figured I'd earned some time out to blog...

If you haven't read part 1 it's here- 

7. Lipcote 
I bought this after a few other bloggers recommended it to me to solve my 'why won't my lipstick last all day' problem (I know I have such important issues in my life!). I will try it out in a few different situations and let you know if it really is the secret to long lasting lipstick, at only £3.35 I think it's at least worth a try!

8. Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer in 52 medium
Lately I've felt a bit stuck in a rut with the make up I use to create my base (they'll be more about this in a separate post soon!) so I thought I'd try out a new concealer. I've heard such amazing things about Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation that I thought I'd see if I could start raving about the concealer too, so once I've tried it out enough I'll let you know!

9. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in translucent 
Again I decided to try this powder out after hearing good things about it from fellow bloggers and because as I just said I'm a bit fed up with always using the same products to create my base. At only £3.99 I'm already impressed! Review to follow soon...

10. Natural collection lipstick in fig leaf
I got this because I felt like it was time for me to get on the nude lipstick band wagon, but I'm so used to wearing bright pinks and reds that I wasn't sure if I'd suit the brown nudey colours people are wearing, so I bought this super cheap lippy from natural collection just to see if I like the colour and if I do I'll invest in a good one. Lipstick is definitely something I like to spend a bit more on as I think you really notice the difference with a good quality lipstick, No7 are my fave at the moment which are £10 a pop, although I'm dying to switch to MAC, but for some reason the extra £3 seems like a big jump!

11. Natural collection clear mascara 
Another little Natural Collection bargain...in my beautiful brows post I said that I use original Vaseline to keep my eyebrows in place (which is still an amazing way to do it), but I fancied trying clear mascara to fix my eye brows instead because I figured it would brush them into place at the same time and you wouldn't run the risk of using too much and making your brows look greasy like you can with Vaseline. I'll let you know what I prefer soon, but again at only £1.99 it doesn't matter if I don't prefer it... I literally can't get over how good Natural collection are for things like this!

12. No7 stay perfect nail varnish in 'so simple'
I've already raved about this nail polish in my Made in Chelsea inspired nails post, so all I'll say is that I love nude nails, I love No7 nail polishes and I love the vouchers that mean I can buy them for £2. Yay!

13. Impulse body spray in 'Very Pink'
Not very exciting, but I love impulse body sprays. 'Very Pink' is my favourite at the moment because I think this bottle is rather pretty and the spray makes you smell delicious... what more could you want?

Well I hope you all enjoyed my first haul! I'm going to have a nice girly night in now with two of my girls and lots of chocolate and wine- perfect!

I hope your all having a lovely week!
Love Meg
Sunday 8 January 2012

My 100 fabulous followers...

Hello my gorgeous girlies!

I know I said I was going to do the other half of my big Boots haul today, but I've decided to push that part 2 post back to tomorrow, as today I reached 100 followers (yay!) and I really wanted to say... 

Okay so technically I now have 103, but that's not quite as big a milestone as 100...

When I started my Budget Boutique I really didn't think anyone would read it, let alone follow me and leave lovely comments, so thanks soooo much to everyone that follows my blog or just reads it and particularly those lovely ladies who always leave me such nice comments! It really makes my day and encourages me to keep blogging when I get such lovely feedback :) I'm really hoping to expand my blog this year, start doing things like give aways and maybe start a youtube channel, although I think it's going to take quite a lot of courage for me to do that!

I want to do a special little shout out to Angie from angiebeautybelle for being the first person to comment on my posts when I only had a couple of followers and hadn't really got the hang of doing good posts yet. She really motivated me to keep blogging and also writes one of my very favourite blogs which you should all check out if you haven't already!

Please do email or message me about any requests for posts or reviews you might have, any questions or about anything at all really, I love hearing from you!

Tonight I'm just going to be doing some work on my essays ready for when I go back to uni next week and moping around a bit because my boyfriends gone back to uni now...good job I've got Dancing on Ice and Sherlock later to cheer me up tonight!

I hope you've all had fabulous weekends!
Love Meg
Saturday 7 January 2012

Big Boots Haul...Part 1

Hi lovelies!

Today I thought I'd do my first ever haul, as last week I went and spent all the boots vouchers I got for Christmas so I have lots of new stuff to show you. I don't know why it's taken me so long to a boots haul actually as I'm constantly spending far too much money in there!  

I'm afraid some of the stuff isn't that interesting as after spending so much money over Christmas, I really needed to use my vouchers to stock up on boring essentials, boo :(  But anyway I hope you like having a nose through what I got, I'm not going to go into the products in much detail as I will do detailed reviews of most of the products in upcoming posts once I've used them enough. I'm just going to talk about half the products below now and go through the other half tomorrow, as this post will be far too long if I do the whole haul in one!

1. John Frieda frizz-ease 3-day straight.
I discovered this fabulous product back in the summer and will finally get round to reviewing it properly soon I promise! This product has been a total god-send for me as I have naturally rather unruly curly/frizzy hair and this saves me from having to re-straighten it properly everyday, as well as protecting my hair from heat. Boots has a two for £7.50 offer on John Frieda's Frizz-Ease range at the moment and as this product usually costs £6.99 anyway (which is a bit pricey for the amount of product you get) I was very excited to take advantage of it and save some pennies! 

2. Pantene Pro-V hairspray
I've tried so many hair sprays it's getting ridiculous, but that didn't stop me from getting lured into buying yet another different hairspray from Pantene Pro-V by their two for £4 offer (saving £2). I got two different types because I'm very indecisive, so I'm in the process of deciding which I like best at the moment...but I do really like the idea of a hair spray that gives you volume and body as well as an ultra strong hold that doesn't look obvious, so the first one may well be the winner if it delivers up to its claims.

3. Ecotools powder brush 
This was actually the product I was most excited about getting as I've heard and read so many great things about ecotools brushes. I've never really splashed out on good brushes before, but I think the £10 price tag is so worth the quality of this product, after all I'd spend a tenner on a lippy and you get a cute little pouch with it too! I'm definitely going to look into expanding my ecotools collection now.

4. Garnier mineral 48h invisible anti-white marks deodorant

This is one of the least exciting products I got, but probably the most necessary! I always buy Garnier deodorant as it doesn't contain parabens, which are the things that have been linked to breast cancer. I also love the fact it lasts all day, is invisible, doesn't leave you with those dreaded white marks and now comes in a bigger bottle so you get more for your money. Plus, as you can probably guess it was on one buy one get one free offer at Boots, saving me £2.95. Lovely stuff.

5. Boots smooth care sensitive shaving foam
Okay, so this is boring, very boring, very sorry but I wanted to show you everything! Well anyway I always buy this shaving foam as it's cheap at £2.85, doesn't give you shaving rash as it's super sensitive on your skin and I like the thick and creamy foam. Plus it was buy one get one half price, I really did do well with my bargain hunting last week!

6. Accessory Crossing Ear ring sets

As I have two piercings in one ear and four in the other I love big matching ear ring sets, particularly ones like the bottom set with different sized studs. My Mum actually got me that set, but I thought I'd throw it in with this post anyway... As you can see they were both half price as Boots jewellery was in their sale, so both sets were down from £7.50 to £3.75 which is such a steal for so many ear rings! I'm so in love with the top set as they are really cute and dainty.

As I said before I'm going to talk about the rest of the stuff I got in my haul in a part 2 post tomorrow, as this post is rather long as it is! Do you have any of the products I've spoke about so far? or have you got any other Boots bargains recently?

I hope your all having a lovely Saturday night!
Love Meg
Thursday 5 January 2012

OOTD- A casual favourite

Hey Girlies!

Thought I'd do a casual outfit post for you today as I normally forget to take photos of my everyday sort of outfits, but actually remembered to take some on Tuesday...

Top- Primark
Shorts- Primark
Tights- Primark
Wedged boots- New Look
Necklace- River Island
Cardigan- h&m

I was just chilling out at home with my boyfriend on Tuesday when I wore this and I do find this outfit perfect for when I'm just staying in but want to look nice. The beige high waisted shorts and rust coloured top are two of my favourite finds from Primark as they can both be dressed up or down and are super comfy. I found the shorts back in the summer and even though I own a ridiculous number of shorts already, I couldn't resist- I mean seriously what's not to love about shorts? They are like the only item of clothing you can wear all year round and that are perfect for day or night! Anyway moving on from my obsessive love of shorts, I also have a bit of an obsessive love for the cardigan I'm wearing. I got it from h&m during my first year of uni for about £30 and it's been such a good buy, as it's another thing that I can wear all year round and that goes with pretty much every outfit I wear. I don't know how anyone functions without a chunky knit cream coloured hooded cardi in their life to be honest...I finished the look with my new favourite shoes- my suede wedged boots (which I survived a day walking around London in yesterday, so now project 'wear more heels casually' is well under way, go me!) and my long heart necklace. My outfit reminded me of my 17 eyeshadow trio and I must admit I really like dressing in all bronzey, browny, goldy tones sometimes.

Today I've just had a pretty standard time of work and visiting the grandparents, but yesterday I had a brilliant day in London with the girls as we went to see the play, 'One Man, Two Guvnors' at the Adelphi with James Corden. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life, we all laughed so hard our tummies hurt and I'd go again if it wasn't all sold out!

What's your favourite casual outfit? What sort of colours do you like wearing? Have any of you seen 'One Man, Two Guvnors'?

Have wonderful Wednesday evenings my lovelies!
Love Meg
Tuesday 3 January 2012

NOTD- 'Made in Chelsea' inspired look

Today I decided to do something a bit different with my nails as lately I've been too obsessed with my No7 stay perfect in beautifully black as it literally goes with everything and looks really cool, but I thought it was about time I found a new favourite look. You probably know I'm a big fan of Made in Chelsea and watching their come dine with me special last night inspired me to try and create a classy understated look with a bit of glamour that was very Caggie Dunlop rather than Amy Childs...

I wanted a really neutral main base colour as the Made in Chelsea girls tend to wear very neutral colours and luckily I had the perfect varnish as last week I went and spent the boots vouchers I'd been given for Christmas (I will do a full haul of all the stuff I got later) and as I had a £5 off No7 voucher as well (yes they are doing those little beauties again!) I headed straight for the No7 stay perfect nail varnishes, as I tried them in loads of different colours last time the vouchers were around and loved them, particularly as they only cost £2 with the voucher! I wanted to try out the current nude nails trend as a complete change from my obsession with black nails and found the perfect shade which was 'so simple'...

I think this could definitely become the next colour I have a little obsession with as it's so classy and understated and just the right shade of beige to be nude, but still dark enough to be noticeable. I also think it would be a great base colour for french manicures, so I might try doing that with it later! The only thing I do wish is that the consistency was a little thicker and the finish a bit more matte, although two thick coats does offer just about enough coverage so you can't see your white tips underneath. Here's Eva Mendes rocking the nude nails trend on the red carpet...

I'm also rather in love with the current trend of having your ring finger a different colour, as it makes your nails that bit more exciting, as demonstrated perfectly here by Vannessa Hudgens...

I think the ring finger trend works best when you use a colour that's a similar shade to the rest of your nails so it doesn't look too odd, so I painted my ring finger nails with a beigey metallic gold  from Colour Works, which I adore and you might have seen me use for the base of my leopard print nails, which also helped to add a bit of Made in Chelsea glamour...

I then finished the look by adding some more Made in Chelsea glamour with a bit of subtle nail bling, which I did by sticking a square nail gem from my Front Cover nail set onto both of my ring fingers with Front Cover nail glue. 

I have some larger round gems too and I think everyone should add some gems to their nail collection as they are super cheap, super easy and last a super long time! Here's the overall effect on my other hand...

What do you think? Are you fans of the nude nails and ring finger trends? 

I hope all have wonderful Monday nights, sadly I really need to do some work on my essays now, but luckily I have my boyfriend here to keep me motivated!
Love Meg
Monday 2 January 2012

Hello 2012...

Happy New Year my lovelies!

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas to New Year gap and went out and partied on Saturday night. I went to a friends house party for New Years Eve and had a really good night, but felt rather worse for wear when I woke up yesterday morning! I'm really annoyed because I forgot to take an outfit picture, but oh well I'm sure I'll wear it again soon. I thought I'd do a bit of a 2011 review/2012 resolutions post today as a good way to start off my posts for this year...

The highlights of my 2011-

<3 Getting three amazing roles in uni productions- Oliver in 'Oliver!' (please ignore the nail varnish and the general state of my appearance!)

Fool in King Lear...

and finally my dream role Miss Adelaide in 'Guys and Dolls'...

<3 Celebrating my two year anniversary with my gorgeous boyfriend and going on our first holiday together to Lanzarote

<3 Passing my driving test (please excuse the cheesy picture!)

<3 Watching my sister graduate 

<3 Going blonde and girly from my brown pixie cut

<3 Finally managing to stop biting my nails

<3 And finally starting my budget boutique of course, watching it grow over the last four months and finding lots of lovely fellow bloggers and new blogs to get stuck into! 

Overall last year was an amazing one, but I'm very excited for this year now...

A few things I hope to do in 2012-

<3 Pass my second year of uni with a good grade
<3 Be better with money
<3 Find a healthy eating and exercise regime I can actually  keep up all year round
<3 Grow my hair super long
<3 Read more books
<3Put more time and effort into my blog (and maybe start a youtube channel?)
<3 Become the owner of a mac lipstick and urban decay eye shadow palette
<3 Visit my friends at their unis 
<3 Be tidier and more organised 
<3Cook different recipes from scratch more often
<3 Sort out what I'm going to do with my life once I graduate 

I'm very much enjoying watching Made in Chelsea's Come Dine with me right now, as it's two of my favourite programmes put together!

If you have any New Years posts please link them below and I'll have a read :) What are your highlights of 2011 and your goals for 2012? Did you have fun New Years celebrations?

Hope you've all had a lovely start to your 2012!
Love Meg
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