Tuesday 17 January 2012

Semi-permanent straightening solutions: too good to be true?

Good evening my lovelies!

As I have naturally unruly curly/frizzy hair I am always on the look out for any products that will make keeping my hair under control easier and quicker, whilst also saving me from frying my hair everyday. As I've said before I'm a firm fan of John Frieda's three day straight heat defence spray (I will get round to doing a proper review on it soon I swear!), as this not only protects my hair from the wrath of my ghd's, but also saves me from having to straighten it properly everyday. However, I would still love to find a product that can survive washes and prevent me from having to spend so long straightening my hair once I've got out the shower... 

So when Charles Worthington released their 40 day straight home hair straightening kit for £20 at Boots I thought all my prayers had been answered!

 However, as I picked up the version for coloured hair to put into my basket I noticed the box said 'not suitable for light ash blondes' and also warned it could be damaging to your hair...so not wanting to risk what it might do to my hair colour or condition, which is hard enough to keep up already, I put it back. Since discovering my hair colour was unsuitable for that kit, I've come across two other home straightening solutions for coloured hair, which seem even more too good to be true as they are both much cheaper, last longer, don't say they are unsuitable for light ash blonde shades and claim to condition your hair- what more could you even want in life!? The first one is by JoBaz from Savers for around only £4 I think... 

This one claims to last for a whole 3 months too and says it also hydrates and strengthens damaged hair, which would be perfect as after dying my hair blonde and using heat tools on it all the time I like to do whatever I can to keep it in a good condition.  The second one by Scott cornwall is slightly more expensive at £10 from Boots...

This one claims it can also last up to 3 months and comes complete with a Keratin phase for ultimate hydration, which again is exactly what I'm looking for. What bothers me is why the £20 Charles Worthington one might possibly damage the colour and condition of my hair, whilst the very cheap alternatives claim to only strengthen my hair and not affect its colour? After scouring the internet for reviews on these two cheap alternatives to see if they live up to their claims and finding nothing at all, I'm going to appeal to any of you that may have tried or heard of these products to tell me if they are in fact too good to be true or if I should stock up on them immediately?

In other news I handed the last of my essays in today (Thank God!) and now just have an exam to revise for in a couple of weeks, so I'm having a nice night in with trashy tele and a cup of green tea, bliss :)

I hope you're all having super lovely weeks!
Love Meg


  1. Sorry, lovely, I have naturally straight hair so haven't ever tried any of these sorts of things. Good on you for being cautious though, it definitely sounds a little dodgy that the cheaper alternatives don't warn against damage to the hair, especially if your hair is already chemically treated. The trouble is, you never can really tell with these sorts of things - sometimes they're so heavy with chemicals you'd have caused less damage to your hair by straightening it twice a day! Hope you manage to find some decent reviews out there xx


  2. I had one from Boots, it was good. Try looking at a Brazilian blow dry/Keratin blow dry xx

  3. haha, great blog, but I'm a bit scared to experiment with hair! :P
    give me a follow :)

  4. I don't know anything about these, my hair is naturally wavy but i've never experimented with any of these! have used Scott Cornwall before though and the products are really good and don't damage your hair in my experience!


  5. I wondered the same thing but unfortunately (like everything else) they will damage your hair. Even going to a salon to have it done professionally causes damage.

  6. I wanted to get my straightened permanently in a salon but the hair stylist told me it would damage my hair so I deciced that I won't do it. Just as you said: It's too good to be true!!


  7. I also want to do that but I have never try one of those probally will check one out dear and will let you know kisses Gorgeous post sweetie

  8. Thanks for all your help girlies! I think I'm going to give them a miss at the moment as I really don't want to risk damaging my hair anymore! xxx

  9. Hi im from New Zealand and I have dyed hair slightly damaged at ends, I purhased the Jobaz one evryday straight hair and am going to use it on Friday. Its alot more complicated than I thought can't wet or tie your hair up for 3 days and so many insturctions. I have frizzy wavy hair I straightn everyday. I am worried that this will either not work or singe my hair off. I have look all over the net for reveiws and this is all I have found. Have you used yours let would love to know what you think? :)

    1. hi, im also from New Zealand. This product has recently been advertised here and im keen to try it, but like you i was looking for reviews too before trying it.

      So have you tried this? id love to hear the results.

  10. hi, im also from New Zealand. This product has recently been advertised here and im keen to try it, but like anonymous above i was looking for reviews too before trying it.

    So have you or anonymous tried this? id love to hear the results.

  11. Hi to the girlies from New Zealand! I'm afraid after discovering some reviews that said these products can damage your hair, rather than help it I still haven't tried any of these. However, if I do I'll be sure to let you know how it went and please do let me know how they've gone for you! xxx

  12. Hi there im from NZ and i recently used this [http://www.trademe.co.nz/health-beauty/hair-care-products/other/auction-468540675.htm]and i found it awesome! i have naturally really curly hair, and whilst this doest make your hair dead straight, it made my hair a softer curl and more managable. I also have recently attacked my extremely dark hair with bleach so I also used it for the pure purpose of restoring keratin into my hair. I just saw this jo-baz product at farmers today, and my gut instinct tells me that for $30 it is to good to be true. the one i purchased is a salon grade product that is purchased in bulk and then dispersed in smaller quantities which assures me that little bit more. ALSO just to note, my new fav online hair store is www.hairapy.co.nz, they have some great bargains!

  13. Hi there ladies, i am like a few others, also from new zealand. i have frizzy ish curly /wavy hair. i used this product a few days ago, i have not washed my hair yet, but my hair has NEVER looked this good. i used the Jo-Baz max conditioning semi permanent hair straightening kit and did it the Japanese thermal straightening way (instructions followed from the box lol) i will be washing my hair for the first time tomorrow it does not promise to give perfect results and does say they vary due to hair types, but even if it is not dead straight i do not mind as long as its not frizzy lol....

    i was expecting clumps of hair to fall out in my hands, but honestly more hair comes out when i wash my hair normally than when i did this haha

    Hope this helps

  14. oh this is very helpful, thank you! Perhaps I will give this a go now then :) xxx

  15. Has anyone tried this? I think i'll give it a go, what's there to lose? :)
    I'll keep you posted on how it goes.
    Steph ♥

  16. I'm also from NZ, have also tried it and it worked well. No damage (I did have blond highlights so was a bit worried). It did take a long time, and its easier if you have someone to help you. It's certainly not dead straight like when I've had it done at the salon but who can afford those prices! It certainly makes it straightish, and I can get away with just walking out the door, or do a little bit of ironing for something fab. I'm just about to do it again with the other half of the bottle I saved. May I suggest blonds try a little bit on a bit of hair that can be easily hidden first, to make sure it doesn't damage - all the bottles have lids so this is easy to do - not like those colour mixes where you have to cut the top off.

  17. Very cool to read! Thanks for the simple explanation and diagrams. my hair looks very nice when i use permanent hair straightening

  18. I’d recommend Cocoa Keratin by Karmin :)

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