Sunday 31 August 2014

The 1960's Tutorial

A super small Sunday post from me today as I have a great deal of very important chilling and modern family watching with the boy to do. Priorities and all that... but when I was being far more productive I sat down and filmed a 1960's hair and makeup tutorial for you inspired by the new musical 'Made in Dagenham'. It was really fun to do and I must say I was rather happy with the result so I do hope you like it too! Make sure to go and see the musical when it opens as well, it stars that babe Gemma Arteton as the lead actress- ultimate #girlcrush.  

Would you wear the 1960's look?

Saturday 30 August 2014

The Foundation Free Face

Trust me girls, I never thought I'd be writing a post with the words 'foundation free' in the title. It's not that I have terrible skin or am really self conscious without makeup, but I do have things I want covered up and usually a good medium coverage base makes me feel a lot more confident. On holiday however it was far too hot for foundation and I also didn't fancy getting up earlier to apply it, so I went without. I know lots of people go without their base on holiday, but I've now had plenty of days back home where I've also decided to ditch the doublewear and I really like it. Not only does it take mere minutes to put my face on, but it allows your natural glow to come through, gives the skin a break and I don't have to worry about getting shiny or cakey half way through the day. So seeing as it's the weekend and time to tone things down a bit and take chill time, I have some steps that will make you feel human without all the usual warpaint...

1. It's all about the Collection Concealer- this stuff covers anything so just blend it over blemishes, redness, pores, dark circles and whatever else might be going on and you're already further to foundation free flawless.
2. Bronze it up. It's a whole lot easier to strip back the base if you're bronzed, so fake tan if you can but if not just be liberal with the good old Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer.
3. Add a subtle pop of colour to liven up the look. The peachy Maybelline Cream Blushes are perfect for this as the cream texture will give you a beautiful glowy sheen. 
4. Dem brows. In this Cara Delevingne era it's more important to have your brows on than almost anything else, but obviously you want don't want to go all out so popping Benefit Gimme Brow through them gives great subtle definition and volume.
5. Bring the focus to the eyes now with a wash of neutral shadow over the lid and under the waterline to make you feel a little more done. This Sephora Copper Shadow  is my new fave.
6. You could leave the liner but I think smudging the Maybelline Master Smokey round the corners of your eye gives the illusion that you've put more effort into your makeup and makes you look more awake.
7. Apply mascara as usual -I'm still in my Bourjois Volume Clubbing phase- but just don't go too spidery.
8. This is when tinted lip balm comes into it's own as it offers a subtle pop of colour alongside lazy day replenishment. I'm obsessed with the Kiko Kiss Balm that I bought from Barcelona but you all know the baby lips and rosy pot Vaseline deal.

And voila! A fresh and natural pretty look perfect for weekends and when you're running late in the mornings. You glow girl!

Will you brave the foundation free face? 

Friday 29 August 2014

I carried a watermelon: the rare #NOTD

You may have noticed that nail polish posts are extremely few and far between in these parts. I do actually love painting my nails, but I also annoyingly like biting them so they're never exactly picturesque canvases. However, before going on holiday I decided to have gellish done (same thing as a shellac) and in the amazing three weeks they lasted my nails grew so much and the surfaces got nice and even- the stuff of actual miracles I tell you. Then last night I attended a Next event to celebrate their new in AW collection and got a gorgeous manicure which I just had to share with you seeing as I'm not embarrassed by my fingers any more! The colour is OPI's 'Cajun Shrimp' which is the most stunning hot pinky red shade that I couldn't help but match to my Topshop watermelon phone case and get a bit Dirty Dancing with! The polish went on like a dream and I think now that I'm a Feel Unique gal I really must get some more OPI in my life. It also occurred to me last night that this is basically the 'Stellar' Rimmel Apocalips in a nail varnish, so I applied lashings of that to my pout as I made my way to a very early breakfast meeting this morning. The business world really appreciates a good matching lip and nail don't cha know.

What nail polishes are you loving right now?

Monday 25 August 2014

The Barcelona Lookbook

topshop cami // topshop hallie hotpants // motel kimono // miss selfridge sandals // topshop hat // zara bag

topshop crop // topshop shorts // primark sandals // new look rucksack

primark dress // kurt geiger heels

triangl bikini top // asos bikini bottoms // new look clubmasters

primark jumpsuit // primark wedges // topshop bag // barcelona bracelets

The last of my holiday posts seems to have coincided with the last day of Summer as it's currently tipping it down outside, but hopefully you'll still enjoy seeing what I wore during my recent trip to Barcelona. It was a really fun one to dress for because it was both a city and beach break so you could keep things really casual or dress up to the nines. I still absolutely love my Primark jumpsuit (full outfit post here), but I also really like my airport outfit which was both chic and super comfy largely thanks to the brilliant Topshop hallie hotpants. Also, any outfit where I get to wear a big floppy hat is a winner in my books! I've also put together a lookbook video where you get to see all these outfits in action -poor dave aka makeshift camera man- as well as some snippets of the sun, sea and sephora. For even more snippets you can take a peek at my holiday snaps in this post. I'm also sooo close to the big 19K subscribers on YouTube now so if you don't already please do subscribe and I'll be a very happy bunny! Today I'm trying to fit in as much filming, photo taking and blog post writing as possible before Dave returns from Reading festival, then I'll spend the rest of the bank holiday chilling with him. Providing he has a long bath first... Have a good one whatever you're up to :) 

What's your favourite Barcelona look?

Sunday 24 August 2014

Brilliant Barcelona

It already seems like a long time ago (I've started my new adventure in the big smoke since- more on that later!), but this time last week I was exploring all that brilliant Barcelona has to offer with my very favourite person. Me and Dave had such an amazing time and seeing as Barcelona was as beautiful as it was brilliant I thought I'd share some of my holiday snaps with you... 

We stayed in a lovely hotel called the Gran Ronda which had the best little balcony overlooking a quaint Spanish street. The breakfasts were great, we had free wifi (#winning) and it was about 20 minutes from Las Ramblas which is essentially the big tourist strip. Even though we were just 20 minutes from central Barcelona, we walked soooo many miles everyday as we didn't want to miss anything and there were endless windy little sidestreets, markets, art, statues and parks to explore. One of my favourite things about Barcelona was actually the architecture as every building, be it only a bank, was so huge and impressive. A lot of the buildings were designed by Gaudi so had amazing colourful abstract details and I couldn't get over how stunning his cathedral, the Sagrada Familia, looked even though it won't be fully finished for a good few years. We also acted like big kids at the zoo and poor Dave got dragged to Sephora three times because I couldn't get enough of it- haul to follow of course! It was an action packed few days but we did make time to soak up the sun on the beautiful (if not rather naked) beach and head out for tapas dinners and jugs of sangria each evening as well as displays of the Font Magica. Overall I'd highly recommend an escape to Barcelona because you get the best of both a city and beach break. There's so much to simply walk and see that you don't need to take a lot of spending money and you'll find everything is slightly cheaper than it is in the UK too. I would suggest taking a good pair of comfy walking shoes though as my sandals ended up killing my poor little feet and pre book anything you want to do like the zoo or Sangrada Familia online to avoid queuing. Any time you save, you can spend in Sephora afterall...

So that was my delightful summer holiday -lookbook to follow tomorrow- but now I'm getting into the swing of my brand new London job as Social Media Coordinator for Feel Unique! I've absolutely loved it so far and we're going to be doing lots of really exciting new things, especially with bloggers, so make sure you're following the Feel Unique Twitter and Instagram so you don't miss out. This also means I'll be leaving Chelmsford at the end of September and moving back home for a bit before moving in with Dave after Christmas in London. Such exciting stuff!

Where did you go on your summer holidays this year? 

Wednesday 20 August 2014

The Review | L'oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly

We all get excited by those products that promise big changes, especially in the hair department, but sadly more often than not they just don't deliver. So when I heard about the new L'oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly which gradually gives you sun kissed locks without the damage, I decided to hold back my excitement until I'd given it a proper go. My previous 'mousy to blonde at home' quests had resulted in orange hair with damage to boot, hence why I now go to the professionals. However, I'm pleased to report the lightening product we have here actually works and will give your hair a permanent refresh without the salon price tag! 

This miraculous jelly comes in three shade solutions so you can find the one that fits you. I went for the lightest offering and have been applying it to the ends of my hair to enhance the ombré, as well as a tiny bit through the top and midlengths for a summer sheen. Application is so simple as you literally pop a dollop in your hands and put it where you want to (Even I can't struggle with that). You can't make mistakes, don't need to wear gloves and can put it on wet or dry hair so it really is an incredibly easy product to work with. I chose to pop it on damp hair before blow drying because heat intensifies the results, hence why I also dabbled with the dry hair option whilst in Barcelona. Well, after patiently applying this for a few weeks my blonde ends have got blonder and I now have subtle honey toned streaks through my darker sections with no brassyness/unnatural shades in sight and I love it! Usually when lightening products actually work you can feel them in your hair and they also dry it out, but I haven't had either of these problems and my hair actually feels glossy and gorgeous! At just £6 a pop for a bottle that goes a long way this is a proper little gem and if you want all over highlights or fancy trialling the ombré trend, I would highly recommend.

Have you given this 'summer in a tube' a go? 

Saturday 16 August 2014

The Jumpsuit

primark jumpsuit // primark wedges // barcelona bracelets // gelish nails

Holllaaaa, I'm backkk! I've just had the most incredible week in Barcelona but sadly it was time to return to rainy England yesterday. As I'm a real happy snapper I've got a whole lot of photos coming your way of this amazing city as well as a little lookbook and VLOG video, but today I thought I'd show you my last night dinner and drinks outfit. Every day after hours of exploring and beach bathing me and the boy came back to our hotel to freshen up in store for evenings of sangria and sea food and on Thursday I thought I'd pull the stops out with my new jumpsuit and flatform wedges. I have good old Primarni to thank for both of these little gems- the jumpsuit was even in the sale down from £15 to £8!! Being the little shorty that I am I've never found a jumpsuit that didn't swamp me, but this one actually flatters my petite frame, nipping in at the waist and rolling up just above the ankles, with saucy open back detailing (oo la la). The print is pretty gorgeous as well and I love the bold colour clash. Due to it being such a statement piece I kept the accessories/make up pared back with some simple Barcelona bracelets and a bronzed summer sheen, which left room to rock things up a bit with the chunkiest and comfiest wedges ever and a gravity defying quiff to boot. I must give a special shout out to Laura who did my nails with gelish before I left too, they're the most perfect minty colour and have lasted like a dream all week. That's a dreamy week all round then :) 

Are you a jumpsuit kinda girl?

Sunday 10 August 2014

Hair Heroes & Adiós

Happy Sunday lovelies! It's been a completely crazy week for me and all will be revealed soon, but right now I'm actually off for another crazy week in Barcelona with the boy. Well, it will hopefully be more relaxing than anything and I for one cannot wait (particularly as it's pouring down with rain right now...). I thought I'd leave you with a brand new video all about my 'hair heroes' and general haircare/styling routine so if you like the barnett you see above please give that a watch and make sure to subscribe as I'll be filming a little lookbook/vlog while I'm away. You can also follow my travels on Instagram and Twitter and I'll be sure to get back into blogging full swing when I return :) 
But for now, adiós!
Tuesday 5 August 2014

The Graduate Guide

I usually reserve my uni advice posts for freshers week, but after going through my first year as a graduate I've realised that leaving university is far more terrifying than starting it. You have school support, family and fellow fresher friends to guide you through those first shaky steps from home, but everyone expects you to know exactly what to do by the time you move back there three years later, swapping the parties and city life for nights in with job applications. Nobody could ever write one true graduate guide because this is the time when everyone takes totally different paths, but I have learnt a few pointers this past year which may help those of you donning a mortar board this Summer...

1. SUMMER LOVIN' | First and foremost, ENJOY YOUR SUMMER. I sniffled as my parents drove me back from Sheffield to Sheppey and continued to foolishly fret and ignore the sunshine until I had a job secured months later. I know being unemployed is scary, but once you're in that coveted career you will say goodbye to summer holidays, taking days off without filling in forms and being able to do whatever you fancy without checking your emails first. So whatever you do, do not worry your last long summer holiday away just because 'you need to sort your life out'.
2. BLOG FOR YOUR LIFE | As much as you should enjoy all the free time you have this Summer, I'd highly recommend you put as much of it into your passion as possible. For a lot of you reading this that will be blogging/vlogging, but it's any hobby that makes you happy be it music, sport or flower pressing (you never know). This is the time when you can really make something of those hobbies, because sadly they'll take more of a back seat when you've got a 9-5. And you never know, put the effort in now and they could become your 9-5. 
3. GET SPECIFIC | You go through school and uni being told the world is your oyster and you can do anything you want to, which is true! But it's a hell of a lot harder to get what you want when you haven't figured out what that is yet. So now is the time to get specific; figure out what you want to do and how to get there (you really don't have to get it right first time). Then you can get internships under your belt and the LinkedIn/CV polished so when it comes to applying for those dream positions, you're ready!
4. HOME IS GOOD | Like it or not, most people have to move back home after uni and after the freedom of living it up with your best friends, it's a culture shock for both you and your parents. It's important to adjust and make the most of it though because chances are you'll be gone for good next time. So relish in wholesome meals, heating, not paying council tax and good old family time- maybe even head back to your old part time job for a bit of pocket make up money. Gotta love library shifts.
5. LIFE STARTS HERE | Now the days of going to Pop Tarts every week, living off snickers sandwiches and being in musicals all the time -okay maybe that's just me- are over, you might feel like life's over too, or at least the fun part. But whilst adjusting to the real world and embarking on long distance relationships with your uni besties is hard, just think of all the big reunion weekends you'll plan, new friends you're going to make, experiences you've yet to have and fact you may actually have money in your bank account now... life's just starting so get excited!!

Lots of luck to everyone embarking on something new this Summer & please let me know if you want any more posts like this!

Sunday 3 August 2014

Primark Haul & Giveaway

This Sunday I have something a little bit special for you, a big old Summer style Primark haul & giveaway! I know how much you bloggy babes love a Primarni  bargain and in the past few weeks I've been picking up lots of summery items to wear to work and my holiday next week (eeeek!) so thought I'd show you a selection and give you the chance to go and get your own holiday haul with a £50 Primark voucher! This giveaway is being run over on my YouTube channel so head to this video if you want to enter and find out all the low down on the items above. I must say though, Primark are excelling in the shoe department right now- I'm so in love with my aztec sandals and flatform wedges and can't believe they only set me back a combined total of £14! I also love Primark for actually making skirts to fit my petite but curvy frame (yes Topshop, some women do have hips and a waist...), so there are definitely some real steals to be had this season. This week I shall be be doing even more hauling as me and the boy booked a last minute trip Barcelona yesterday. Sun, sand & seven minutes from Sephora...BLISS.

What have you hauled from Primark this Summer?

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