Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Back to the Island

new look top // primark jeans // boohoo parka* // primark loafers // topshop satchel* // topshop sunglasses* // barry m 'sugar apple' // mac 'morange'

#1 I'm sitting down to write this post after a wonderful Easter weekend back home with the family and the boy. I was actually rather hung over from a night out with the girls on Saturday and Sunday was too gloomy to do much apart from play board games and eat chocolate, but yesterday I managed to make the most of some chilly sunshine and head to the beach. By 'head to the beach' I mean walk down the road to the stoney sea front by my house... even though it might not exactly be postcard picturesque it is the best part about growing up on an Island and I have quite the soft spot for it.

#2 The outfit of choice was a casual jeans & tee combo with yellow satchel, sockless feet and retro sunnies to bring it into Spring. I ended up unintentionally nautical too which does work rather well with the setting, although I can assure you sea breezes are not the best environment for photo taking! There are a lot of items I love in this look, but I'm especially chuffed to have found a parka perfect for facing Spring and Summer in the UK. I also adore the colour of my new Barry M 'sugar apple' gelly paint, but sadly it seems to chip very easily on me- has anyone else found that?

#3 You may have noticed that my hair is creeping down to the mid-length category after taking the blunt bob chop back in January. I'm unsure if I want to get the collar bone grazing action back again or grow it out a bit more right now as I do love being able to do different things with it- this messy top knot with beachy bangs being a prime example. I'm such an impulsive creature when it comes to my barnet though so I'll probably turn up rocking my little pony pastels next week...

#4 I'm writing this post during a work day afternoon because I have a lovely bit of time booked off till next Monday. As much as I utterly adore my job it's so nice to have a bit of a break and Dave's come home for the week too. It feels like we've been long distance for so long now (five year anniversary this year!) because of uni and even though we are closer at the moment as I've moved near to London it's hard only spending every other weekend together, so I have many cheesy coupley things planned for the week. I'll also be working hard on the blog and have my first ever 'Get Ready With Me' video going up tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled that...

How did you spend your bank holiday weekend?

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Mini Egg Mani

(L-R) Pistachio Dragée // Lemon Meringue // Nouvelle Vogue // Peach Negligée

Happy Easter everyone!! Hopefully you've all had a bountiful visit from the Easter Bunny and are now enjoying a delightful mixture of chilling and chocolate. As I'm back home I went to church with Mama Gunn this morning, ate a Papa Gunn roast dinner special and now I'm waiting for the rest of the family arrive for Easter tea. One thing I really love to do on these chilled out special days is paint my nails to match the occasion (such a cool kid) and this Easter my tips of choice are the L'Oréal Color Riche Les Blancs. I've spoken about these a bit already in my March Favourites and actually wore them in my Weekend Wear outfit post so I won't ramble on too much, but basically they are new polishes from L'oreal which set you back just £5 a pop and are, in my opinion, the perfect pastels. This is largely due to the four shades they come in which are gorgeous off white mini egg colours that have the sweetest names like 'lemon meringue', flatter even the palest of skintones and look super cute worn together or alone. By some pastel polish miracle they also go opaque in two coats, are easy to apply, have a nice glossy finish and last a good few days without any wear or tear. I actually can't rave about these little candy coloured beauties enough and they'll give you the ultimate mini egg mani this bank holiday and beyond. Now pass the edible mini eggs please ...

What are your Easter tips of choice?

Saturday, 19 April 2014

MAC Most Wanted Mini Haul

Morange lipstick £15 // 217 blending brush £18 // MAC instore & online

If you're anything like me then you'll have an endless list stashed somewhere of all the MAC products you've been lusting after ever since you first got in to makeup- not to mention those sublists of eyeshadow and lipstick shades... Sadly, as much as I clearly go manic for MAC, the price points and accessibility can make actually buying it hard to justify, but when browsing the MAC Pro Store in Carnaby the other week with a cheeky discount card in hand it seemed time to make two purchases that have been my MAC most wanted since I started blogging- morange and the 217. Both very hyped, cliche and expensive products, but oh my word am I happy I took the plunge! Morange is everything  I wanted it to be- a vibrant but wearable orange that is both creamy and super pigmented on lips thanks to it's amplified finish. It wears well, instantly finishes/perks up any makeup look and smells like vanilla- I also managed to apply it in a club with no mirror last night. Needless to say it'll be hard to keep that one off my lips over the summer months. Now onto the 217 Blending Brush. My first thought was 'Meg has come a long way since applying 17 eyeshadow trios with a foam stick'... this is just the most incredible grown up eye brush that packs on shadow with ease and serious pigmentation, it works all over the lid as well as in the crease/lower lash line and blending is now the stuff of dreams. It's also lovely and soft and looks delightful in my collection (the really important part). Now excuse me while I go and give that list two big satisfying ticks...

What are your MAC most wanted?

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Westfield Video Shoot

my outfit: topshop hat, sunglasses, skort & bag // river island top // kurt geiger shoes
becca's outfit: topshop skirt & bag // kurt geiger shoes

Last week I had the most amazing experience of my blogging life to date- taking part in a video shoot at Westfield London where I got given money to spend on a 'colour block' trend outfit...so basically I got told to go shopping and was filmed as I did it, and if that wasn't enough Becca Rose was there too! Talk about living the dream! Seeing as it was a rather incredible day and revolved around hauls/outfits I thought I'd vlog it, so if you want to see the whole day from start to finish and get the full low down on mine and Becca's final outfits make sure to give that a watch and subscribe if you enjoy. We got inspiration for our outfits using the new #editme feature on the Westfield website so make sure to check that out too. I better be off now though as I need to pack for my Easter holiday where I'm going back home to eat malteaser bunnies and mini eggs for a whole week! lovely jubbly.

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