Monday, 1 September 2014

August Bloglovin'

Hello everyone! My name is Lucy and I’m a 21 year old journalism graduate about to move to London and find my feet in the world of PR. My blog 'A Little Lucy' is where I’ll be documenting my journey: sharing my new favourite places to explore, eat and shop in the capital! ‘A Little Lucy’ comes from a family nickname (I missed out on the super tall gene) and the idea that I’ll be sharing little glimpses of my life. I’m a complete beauty junkie, so product raves and reviews are sure to make their way into the mix, as well as the occasional fashion find. My great loves include chunky boots, live music, a good burger, Louis Theroux (love a good documentary!), new notebooks and pretty cocktails…come on over and say hi! xx

Let me know if you'd like to be here next month & what blogs you're loving right now!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

The 1960's Tutorial

A super small Sunday post from me today as I have a great deal of very important chilling and modern family watching with the boy to do. Priorities and all that... but when I was being far more productive I sat down and filmed a 1960's hair and makeup tutorial for you inspired by the new musical 'Made in Dagenham'. It was really fun to do and I must say I was rather happy with the result so I do hope you like it too! Make sure to go and see the musical when it opens as well, it stars that babe Gemma Arteton as the lead actress- ultimate #girlcrush.  

Would you wear the 1960's look?

Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Foundation Free Face

Trust me girls, I never thought I'd be writing a post with the words 'foundation free' in the title. It's not that I have terrible skin or am really self conscious without makeup, but I do have things I want covered up and usually a good medium coverage base makes me feel a lot more confident. On holiday however it was far too hot for foundation and I also didn't fancy getting up earlier to apply it, so I went without. I know lots of people go without their base on holiday, but I've now had plenty of days back home where I've also decided to ditch the doublewear and I really like it. Not only does it take mere minutes to put my face on, but it allows your natural glow to come through, gives the skin a break and I don't have to worry about getting shiny or cakey half way through the day. So seeing as it's the weekend and time to tone things down a bit and take chill time, I have some steps that will make you feel human without all the usual warpaint...

1. It's all about the Collection Concealer- this stuff covers anything so just blend it over blemishes, redness, pores, dark circles and whatever else might be going on and you're already further to foundation free flawless.
2. Bronze it up. It's a whole lot easier to strip back the base if you're bronzed, so fake tan if you can but if not just be liberal with the good old Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer.
3. Add a subtle pop of colour to liven up the look. The peachy Maybelline Cream Blushes are perfect for this as the cream texture will give you a beautiful glowy sheen. 
4. Dem brows. In this Cara Delevingne era it's more important to have your brows on than almost anything else, but obviously you want don't want to go all out so popping Benefit Gimme Brow through them gives great subtle definition and volume.
5. Bring the focus to the eyes now with a wash of neutral shadow over the lid and under the waterline to make you feel a little more done. This Sephora Copper Shadow  is my new fave.
6. You could leave the liner but I think smudging the Maybelline Master Smokey round the corners of your eye gives the illusion that you've put more effort into your makeup and makes you look more awake.
7. Apply mascara as usual -I'm still in my Bourjois Volume Clubbing phase- but just don't go too spidery.
8. This is when tinted lip balm comes into it's own as it offers a subtle pop of colour alongside lazy day replenishment. I'm obsessed with the Kiko Kiss Balm that I bought from Barcelona but you all know the baby lips and rosy pot Vaseline deal.

And voila! A fresh and natural pretty look perfect for weekends and when you're running late in the mornings. You glow girl!

Will you brave the foundation free face? 

Friday, 29 August 2014

I carried a watermelon: the rare #NOTD

You may have noticed that nail polish posts are extremely few and far between in these parts. I do actually love painting my nails, but I also annoyingly like biting them so they're never exactly picturesque canvases. However, before going on holiday I decided to have gellish done (same thing as a shellac) and in the amazing three weeks they lasted my nails grew so much and the surfaces got nice and even- the stuff of actual miracles I tell you. Then last night I attended a Next event to celebrate their new in AW collection and got a gorgeous manicure which I just had to share with you seeing as I'm not embarrassed by my fingers any more! The colour is OPI's 'Cajun Shrimp' which is the most stunning hot pinky red shade that I couldn't help but match to my Topshop watermelon phone case and get a bit Dirty Dancing with! The polish went on like a dream and I think now that I'm a Feel Unique gal I really must get some more OPI in my life. It also occurred to me last night that this is basically the 'Stellar' Rimmel Apocalips in a nail varnish, so I applied lashings of that to my pout as I made my way to a very early breakfast meeting this morning. The business world really appreciates a good matching lip and nail don't cha know.

What nail polishes are you loving right now?

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