Saturday, 28 March 2015

Three Spring Updates

It's now the second weekend of Spring and we're only a day away from the clocks going forward, so I thought it was about time Meg's Boutique got some Spring style lovin'. As much as I'd love to switch straight to tinted moisturiser and all pastel everything, with the chilly temperatures and grey skies we're facing (boo British weather) it's better to ease in to the new season slowly with a few simple changes: 

SUNKISSED TAN // My skin has been resembling casper the friendly ghost for far too long, so I've given a new gradual tan the task of giving me sunkissed skin without any actual sunshine. The Shiseido Daily Bronze Moistorising Emulsion is perfect for the job, providing a nice amount of olive based colour without the smell of digestives and a serious amount of moisture to boot. Apply out of the shower/whenever things are on the pasty side.
OFF WHITE NAILS // A Spring trend I am very excited to welcome back into my beauty life are pastel nails and this year I'm taking pastel that bit further with the recently launched 'New White' collection from Nails inc. My favourite from the bunch is 'Swan Street', a super pretty barely there milky mint green that goes with all manner of lip, cheek and clothes colours and works oh so well with my aforementioned new topped up tan. 
FLUSHED LIPS // Being a bold lip girl at heart paring back the lip colour is a big Spring step for me, but I am getting quite obsessed with the Dior Addict Lip Glow. Not only does it nourish lips left dry from Winter, but it works with your natural lip colour to give a glow that's perfect for you. This is also the most low maintenance lip product I've tried (no mirror necessary!) and works with any makeup look. Perhaps I'm becoming a nude lip convert after all...

Have you made any Spring beauty updates?

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Q+A #1

I'm talking about working in the beauty industry, living in London and all things makeup (obvs) in my first ever Q+A video! Leave any more questions you have for me below and I'll be sure to post another dose of ramblings soon.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunday Skate | OOTD

As much as I love dressing up, there's something so nice about dressing down a bit at weekends in a more cute casual style. Not that I'm talking about wearing track pants here, disco pants are far more up my street... some may reserve these for nights out but teamed with my new oversized denim shirt from GAP you have a daytime look that's strategically crafted for wolfing down second helpings of Sunday Roast. I decided to add some chunky girly accessories like the ditzy print Primark hair bow, which makes things a little more interesting and Spring like, even if the weather continues to be stubbornly arctic. My favourite thing about this outfit has to be the shiny new skater shoes from good old Toppers. These were picked up on a whim as a nice alternative to converse and I'm in love with the monochrome snakeskin print and chunky soles. They have taken a little while to wear in, but now they're comfy enough to take to the skate park- if that's what you're into y'know. I'll stick to just posing in them instead I think.

What's your ideal sunday style? 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Just Dropped | Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua

I have an exciting piece of beauty news for you today- the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets (aka my favourite lip products of all time) have now got a whole line of Spring time sisters, the Bourjois Rouge Edition Aquas! Think everything that's great about the Velvets- liquid lipstick formula, pocket sized packaging, amazing colours that last all day, £8.99 price tag- then add a high shine glossy finish that wears down into a gorgeous stain. I'm usually a devoted matte finish kinda girl as I find it offers the best longevity and pigmentation, but the Aqua I've been trailing in 'Fuschia Perchie' gives full colour saturation in a couple of easy to apply coats and once the shine has gone you're still left with a pretty pink pout until bedtime. Another thing I normally dislike about glossy finishes is that they tend to feel slippy and stray from the lips, but Fuschia Perchie feels so comfortable and stays where it's supposed to, which puts your mind at ease when you decide wearing bright lipstick to nandos is a good idea. Only me? It's not just the brights I'm tempted by in this range, the peachy pink and nude shades, compete with rather pleasing metallic lids, would be the perfect way to update your lip look for Spring. In fact I see these popping up in a lot of Spring picks posts this season, as well as into my Boots basket this afternoon... 

Are you as excited for the Rouge Edition Aquas?

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