Saturday, 27 September 2014

What I Wore | Zoella Beauty Launch

So you may just about be aware that the biggest name in blogging, Miss Zoe Sugg, has now launched her first beauty collection and I was lucky enough to be at the launch as well as interview her before hand. AHHHH doesn't even cover it! I do have a whole video and blog post coming about the actual amazing night (it was a pinteresty YouTube haven), 'pinch me please' interview and fabulous products tomorrow, but today I thought I'd show you what I wore to the party. Deciding what to wear to an event full of fashionistas isn't easy and I must have tried on every dress in Topshop before mooching next door into Miss Selfridge and finding this little metallic playsuit in the petite section. It appears I am rather playsuit partial at the moment... I wanted something a bit special that I would also feel confident in and this ticked all the boxes- it flattered the figure rather than flashing it and I thought the champagne gold colour was beautiful with just enough sparkle to be worn in months not beginning with 'd'. I teamed it with my trusty Primark wedges and freshly cut/coloured hair, then added some statement colour with berry lips and nails and got lots of lovely compliments about my overall look which obviously made me a very happy bunny! The fact I can now be seen wearing this outfit in Zoe's blog post amongst some of my absolute blogging idols makes me off the scale happy however... my feet will touch the ground again sometime next week I promise.

Are you as excited by Zoella Beauty as I am?

Thursday, 25 September 2014

One Step Skincare

I know just the title of this post will be enough to send those religous skincarers amoungst you into somewhat of a tizzy (a word I really don't use enough), but I promise I try to practise an immaculate routine most days. However, when you've snoozed your alarm about 10 times and have just 10 minutes to be out the door or get in super late at night after a few too many cocktails and a cheeky packet of chips later, smothering yourself with lots of lotions and potions just isn't practical. I also travel an awful lot, often without a suitcase, so can only take as many bottles as my Zara bucket bag can carry. So today I thought I'd bring a little skincare saviour to your attention that removes makeup, cleanses, tones and moisturises in one simple step. You don't even need water (sorting out your skin whilst taking off/putting on the PJ's? #winning). The Nivea Daily Essentials has a cream consistency that feels very refreshing and nourishing on the skin. You can use it on it's own for real one step skincare or as part of a wider routine and massaging it into the skin then wiping the excess away with a cotton pad takes seconds but leaves your face feeling very clean and refreshed. It's not scented or stripping so would be perfect for all skin types and I've really been enjoying using it. It does a good job at taking off everything but my mascara too, giving Bioderma a run for it's money. My skin had been going through a bit of a tantrum phase and I think sometimes it's important to simplify your skincare routine a bit and touch wood I'm now having a good skin moment again, which is just in time for the Zoella Beauty launch party tonight eeeeek! And at just £3.59 it really doesn't matter if it's purchased and stashed away in the emergency '2 minutes to leave/go to sleep' drawer.    

Are you partial to 'one step skincare'?
Monday, 22 September 2014

LFW Photo Diary

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

LFW Look #1 | The Playsuit

I kept things short and sweet (quite literally) on the first day of London Fashion Week because I had to head to the office first and didn't want to look too crazy! I really really love this playsuit from Motel though, the lace and monochrome detailing makes it all rather cute yet classic and the length in the sleeves balances out any leg on show for a classy and wearable result. It's also ridiculously comfy and an instant front runner for this year's Christmas day outfit- I saw advent calendars in co-op yesterday so it's time to take out the tinsel folks... on this occasion I paired it with a bulky boot and bright lip to toughen things up a bit and I was good to go from desk to Maybelline party dance floor. You may also notice that my hair is looking sleeker than it ever has in the history of the Boutique in these photos and that is thanks to the Brazilian blow dry I finally bit the bullet and booked last week. My hair feels sooo much healthier now and when I washed it I'd say 70-80% of my frizzy curls had vanished so it's so far so amazing but I'll keep you updated! In other news I took a business trip to the Feel Unique Head Office in Jersey earlier this week. It was my first time alone on a plane (another tick off the big girl list) and Jersey was so beautiful and sunny I actually felt like I was back on a beach holiday. And now I'm under a blanket watching the bake off and drinking tea. It's the constant high life with me y'know.  

Are you a playsuit fan?

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