Friday, 31 October 2014


Happy Halloween! I don't think I ever realised how much I adore this time of year but it's actually so nice to have a festival all about having fun and getting full permission to break the eyes or lips rule! This year's fun/rule breaking involved dressing as a vampire for the Gleam Halloween party and dressing as a leopard/cat (my friends all assured me that my original idea of a 'leopard print cat' wasn't a thing) at Rosie's house party tonight. Needless to say any excuse to dress up and have a party is a fabulous thing and as a little nod to today I thought I'd throwback to some of my favourite childhood Halloween costumes. First up, every time my big sister was a witch I'd always be her cat so you can imagine there are a lot of photos featuring me and my homemade taped on ears and knitted tail combo. I also went though a bit of a devil stage and clearly found a great hooded disguise at woolworths to suitability transform me. It's worth noting that I kept my pink fluffy slippers on the whole way through that night... Then we have the person I was truly born to dress up as, Miss Hermione Granger. I was completely obsessed with the Harry Potter books and films and for a large part of my life thought I'd be able give Emma Watson a good old run for her money. I mean really, check out that facial expression! 

What are your favourite Halloween costumes of the past & what will you be wearing this weekend?
Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Urban Decay does Pulp Fiction

With Halloween fast approaching it’s time to rock a red lip, smoke up the eyes and don your disguise, which makes it pretty much prime time to get a piece of the Pulp Fiction collection from Urban Decay. This super sexy five set is the most exciting thing to come out of the big UD since our beloved Naked Palettes (dun dun duuuun) and is a true ode to the iconic film’s 20th Anniversary. The products are all inspired by Pulp Fiction’s heroine, Mrs Mia Wallace. If you’ve seen the film you’ll know there are many things we probably shouldn’t idolise about her, but when it comes to rocking a bold hair and make up look (and flared ankle swingers) she’s pretty up there and this is the best way to get her signature look. 

I actually fell in love with it all before I’d even touched anything because the packaging is seriously cool. Covered in delicate details, classic quotes and little trinkets from the film, it’s a true collectors dream and be warned, you may deem this too attractive to use. However, if you do decided to dig your brushes and fingers into it, you’ll most likely love the products too. The eyeshadows, although not made for everyday/travelling, are of the pigmented, long lasting quality you’d expect from Urban Decay, as is the amazing gunmetal glitter which I’ve used a surprising amount already- casual glitter Tuesdays anyone? The lipstick and liner are a match made in statement lip heaven that can be used together or alone and will most likely be firm favourites over the festive season. With quite a glossy finish the lipstick isn’t the best at staying put though, so let’s just say there ain’t no hiding who you’ve been under the mistletoe with… The nail polish is the only thing I really have a love hate relationship with- I’m convinced the colour is my perfect Autumn vampy shade with an amazing glazed and slightly glittery finish. However, it chips like no tomorrow and I’ve yet to find a top coat that’ll keep it on more than a couple of days so do let me know if you have miracle products for this problem. All in all it’s a fabulous collection and one that I’ll be reaching for an awful lot this week. Even if it also makes me want to reach for a Royale with cheese and 5$ shake.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

THE VIDEO | YouTuber Halloween Party

A (slightly early) Happy Halloween folks! Enjoy my how to vampire makeup and YouTuber partayinggg.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

My Hair Hero | Elasticizer Extreme

There are a whole lotta hair products out there that claim to deliver a whole lotta big promises, but only a handful that really do what they say on the tin (or bottle). And when it comes to really restoring dry damaged locks, there is actually only one product that does it for me. Meet my hair hero- the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme. I’ve been a huge fan of the original for years but as this one is stronger you can use less and keep it on for less time too so it’s much more practical. It’s a unique treatment as you unusually apply it before shampooing and it not only nourishes but delivers elasticity, bounce and shine. My poor ends have been dyed blonde for about three years now and I have incredibly crazy frizzy hair to start with that also takes a serious amount of heat (aren’t I lovely), so popping this on to damp ends just 20 or even 10 minutes before I step in the shower makes all the difference! What I’m left with after washing is hair that looks freshly trimmed in a transformed condition that is so much easier to style- it’s no wonder Audrey Hepburn was such a fan! Be warned this is heavy duty stuff so I wouldn’t take it near the roots and if you have fine or virgin hair I’d leave this well alone and opt for the original, but if you like me are forever buying bottles with phrases like ‘serious moisture’, ‘intense condition’ and ‘miracle restore’ on, then put your pennies together for this pricier purchase and I promise your new luscious locks with thank you.

What is your ultimate hair hero?

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