Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Hello Autumn

Finally, my favourite season of Autumn is in the air and it's also arrived on 'Meg's Boutique'! First up we have two new Autumn videos- a snuggly clothing haul and VLOG where you can meet my gorgeous baby niece and get a glimpse of LUSH's new Christmas collection. Oh yes, it's time to grab a PSL and settle on the sofa for the (whole) season...

What are your favourite things about Autumn? 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

70's Inspired GRWM

Well hello! Despite not posting in these parts for the best part of the month I'm still alive and kicking and coming to you today with something rather blue and 70's inspired! September has just been the craziest month what with fashion week and work events and enjoying London night life probably a tad too much... but I'm back and feeling very motivated to create lots of lovely content for the coming Autumn/Winter months so please do bare with me and thank you if you've stuck around until now, you're an incredibly lovely bunch. 

Have you been rocking the 70's blue lash look?

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Naked Smoky

And so the stuff of beauty lover's dreams has happened again. Urban Decay have released another Naked palette into the army of nude eyeshadow enthusiasts. Except, this time the nudes have got a whole lot more smoky...

Naked Smoky is following its previous 3 palette counter parts with the promise to create the ultimate and ever coveted beauty trend, the smoky eye. I was lucky enough to be sent it by Urban Decay a few weeks ago, giving me lots of time to test and give you lovely lot the lowdown.

First off, they've nailed the packaging. As kitch as the paper of the orginal was and as covetable as the tins of 2 & 3 were, finally we have an outer that is as practical as it is instagramable. For a girl whose makeup often ends up at the bottom of a handbag/suitcase/random drawer, this is ideal. As is the brush the palette comes with actually- a dual ended chunky creation, the quality and shape of brush hair is spot on and allow me to create full blown smoky eye looks without even having to think about a MAC 217. But now the important part, the shades. I must say, having left my heavy black eye looks behind at uni in favour of a subtler hues, I wasn't the most excited at first sight. However, there are enough taupey, golden shades to create gorgeous bronzed day to night looks ('radar' is my first predicted pan hit) and an abundance of darker blue/purple/black shades to get your cat eye on if you fancy it. Smoky's mixture of shimmer and mattes is also sure to please all variety of the fussiest shadow lovers. The final stand out point I must make is how good the formulas are; creamy, buttery, pigmented and so long lasting that this morning's 'Victoria's Secret' inspired 'doe eyed' look I created using 'high', 'dirtysweet' and 'whiskey', survived from morning tube ride to evening spin class. Clearly smoky comes packed with super powers.

Will you be getting your smoky eye on this Summer?
Sunday, 2 August 2015

New Beauty Launches

If you're looking for Summer's hottest new launches and a beauty lover's first thoughts on them, you've come to the right place. Enjoy this new video with a milky coffee & some form of avocado on toast. Happy Sunday all x

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