Monday, 1 February 2016

3 Mane Changing Hair Hacks

Happy Monday/February! Today I wanted to do a little throwback to the 'beauty hack' posts you guys always seem to love- good timing as I've just discovered 3 hair hacks I'm not sure how I've gone for 24 predominantly beauty obsessed years without knowing...

1. CONDITION AFTER APPLYING TREATMENTS // OMG, who knew?! Having dry, heat styled and coloured hair, I've always reached for the most intense mask formulas possible to sort out my mane after shampooing, but never knew you still needed to apply a normal conditioner afterwards! These deep treatments really open the hair follicles in order to penetrate them as much as possible- so it's important to use a regular conditioner afterwards to seal them again, leaving you with much smoother, softer, less porous hair once styled. I did this for the first time a few weeks ago and couldn't believe how much sleeker and more manageable my barnet became.

2. ALWAYS COMB CONDITIONER THROUGH YOUR HAIR // This may seem like a mightily simple/obvious hack and yet I'm pretty sure it's one product bottles (& Meg's former hairdressers) never instruct you to do. I've previously only worked the aforementioned conditioner through my hair with fingers, waiting until I'm out of the shower and ready to get blow drying before brushing with a tangle teaser. However, if you brush your hair in the shower whilst it's wet with conditioner still in, not only does the product evenly reach every hair on your head, but the conditioner acts as a lubricant (oo la la), which massively reduces breakage and tangling.

3. PROTEIN IS YOUR HAIR'S BEST FRIEND // No, I'm not suggesting you start smothering your hair with egg yolk & chicken each morning (hair omelette anyone?), but pick any hair product packed with proteins and you're well on your way to repairing the blow dries, 90's poker straight curtains and retro curls we've all exposed our hair to. They might not make your hair feel quite as silky, but high end protein based products will make a real difference to breakage, split ends and growth- they won't be filled with silicones or hidden nasties either! Two new favourite ranges in my routine are: Organic Power Build & TIGI Oatmeal & Honey.

Do you abide by any hair hacks?

Sunday, 10 January 2016

What I Got for Christmas

Better late than never, here are a few highlights from this year's lovely Christmas stocking which I was very lucky to receive...

1 // 'Facepaint' by Lisa Eldridge - 'Everyday Super Food' by Jamie Oliver - 'Get The Glow' by Madeleine Shaw - Shop Planner - 'Eat Pretty' by Jolene Hart - Boomf Marshmallows
2 // FitBit Charge HR - New Balance 996 Trainers
3 // Alex Monroe Rose Gold Baby Bee
4 // Shop Planner - Mixed Makeup & Sweets - Rose Gold iPhone 6s Cover

What did Santa bring down the chimney for you this Christmas?

Saturday, 2 January 2016

2016 | Review & Resolutions

First things first, a very Happy New Year! This morning I have finally emerged from my prosecco induced haze filled with motivation and excitement for 2016. Last year was a truly amazing one, with some really big life changes and events- the main two being moving to London with the boy in our very first flat together and the birth of my beautiful niece, River Rae, who has instantly become the light of my life and brought my family together into such a close, special unit. I also just had ridiculous amounts of fun in 2015, as me and my fabulous uni friends now live within a few tube stops of each other and this has caused wonderful relationships to blossom and the kind of memories we'll treasure forever. And how could I not mention travelling to New York at Christmas time with my brilliant man for 24th Birthday and 6 Year Anniversary celebrations. It was something I thought I'd be waiting years to do and was truly the holiday of dreams (The New York post will be coming very soon I promise!). 

Looking back on last year's resolutions -although tidiness is not something I've mastered- I'm happy to say my exercise and eating habits have changed for the better, leaving me with a much greater feeling of energy and well-being than the year before. I managed to 'explore more', taking trips to Paris, Finland, Brighton, Jersey and New York and I'm also proud of what I achieved in my job at feelunique, where I pushed myself to gain lots of new skills and experiences. Even though it was definitely the best year of my life so far and I felt incredibly lucky and blessed, I also started worrying more in 2015- about work, my hair/skin (ridiculous I know), relationships, not being able to blog/youtube as much... I always seemed to find something to worry about and that's the main thing I'll be aiming to do differently this year. I've learnt from all the terrible events which happened in the world last year that the only truly important thing in life is the health & happiness of you and, even more importantly, your loved ones. If you have that, then life is pretty darn fantastic! Although, because I do love a good resolution and list I've still come up with my usual aims for next year, as it's always nice to get excited for what you can achieve in the next 12 months alongside the bigger picture... 

1. GIVE BACK | Do at least one big act for charity per quarter and consistently give back to/show kindness/treasure Dave, family , friends and everyone in whatever way I can.
2. MINDFULNESS | Quite simply, don't sweat the small stuff and go forward as a positive influence, counting blessings, enjoying the moment and remembering health and happiness of those around us is the most important thing.
3. WORKING GIRL | Learn as much as possible-extending skills in photography, copy, social media, business etc and make progression in my career. Keep up with the beauty/blogging industry with at least a weekly post. 
4. NOURISH | Consistently enjoy nourishing my body with fitness and clean eating, continuing what I started last year with regular gym class attendance, delicious healthy home cooked food, more sleep and water.  
5. GET SORTED | Be organised, tidy and on time. This is the year!
6. CARE & REPAIR | Treat hair, skin and nails as well as I can to repair/keep in the best condition possible.
7. EXPLORE | This resolution has another appearance- travel and new experiences with loved ones makes each year different and special, so explore more and more (with the confidence to drive long distance!). 
8. PIGGY BANK | Start that savings account, add to it each month and leave the money in there. No more flirting with the overdraft either.
9. SCRAPBOOK | I have every ticket, photo and token from last year sat in a box next to a scrapbook... Early this month organise it, stick it in and keep it up.
10. READ | Coming from an English lit background I adore reading but don't make time for it, so I aim to pick up the kindle instead of the phone and read at least one book every month. 

Thanks so much for reading and sticking with me for another year! I'd love to know your highlights of 2015 & dreams for 2016?

Sunday, 13 December 2015

The NYC Lookbook

So I'm back from the Big Apple and had the most amazing, magical time! There are lots of photos & American hauls on the way (although you can check out my insta now for sneaky snaps), but I wanted to start with a little lookbook showing you what I wore each day. I needed to be warm and comfortable for the Christmas weather and serious amounts of walking, whilst also wanting to stay feeling stylish- this is the home of Serena van der Woodsen after all! There's a few specially bought New York pieces and lots of current AW15 favourites, so this will give you a good idea of what I'm wearing right now. High waist and braids for the win...

DAY ONE: PLANE | Deliciously Ella Sweater // Topshop Jamie Jeans // Topshop Wishbone Necklace // Skinnydip Phonecase // OPI Gel Mani

DAY TWO: CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR | Primark Gold Jumper // Primark A-Line Skirt // Primark Tights // Swarovski Bracelet 

DAY THREE: BIRTHDAY IN CENTRAL PARK | Primark Top // ASOS Mom Jeans // New Look Belt // River Island Graphic Scarf 

DAY FOUR: NEW YORK KNICKS | Zara Striped Top // Primark A-Line Skirt // ASOS Bobble Hat // Kate Moss '107'

DAY FIVE: FIFTH AVENUE | Primark Top // Primark Pinafore // Revlon Balm Stain in 'Crush'

DAY SIX: TOP OF THE ROCK | GAP Christmas Jumper // American Apparel Disco Pants // Topshop Camel Coat // ASOS Earmuffs // Glitter Popband

I'd love to know if you have a favourite look & what you are wearing this December?

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