Monday 30 September 2013


Even though the majority of the beauty blogging world have only just got their mitts on the most talked about lip products of the moment I've actually owned my Maybelline Babylips since my parents brought it back from America last year. I've got to be honest when I first tried it I wasn't overwhelmed- I was expecting a more MAC Shy Girl type colour and coverage along with Carmex strength moistorisation from these tinted lip balms and I'm afraid it just didn't match up to my expectations. However, with all the hype surrounding them at the moment I thought I'd give 'peach kiss' another go and what I've realised is my expectations were too high...this isn't a product that's going to change your life but it's as fun as lip balms get and a lovely change to Vaseline. The packaging is super cute, it smells nice and fruity and there is a very light amount of peachy colour pay off- enough to satisfy a more neutral lip gloss lover but I'd recommend bold lip beauties  look into getting one of the brighter more pigmented shades. (I just couldn't resist a another peachy lip product could I...) This does also moisturise your lips nicely making it a great day time product to keep your lips hydrated before you apply a more intensive balm in the evening. So whilst this hasn't made it to 'full blown rave holy grail' status like most other lip products I post about, it is a super cute addition to any make up bag and at a mere £2.99 there's no real reason not to collect them all...especially when it's payday.

Talking of payday I've just received the pay cheque from my first week of work as the new Social Media intern for Benefit Cosmetics! I'm not going to say much about it now because there is a dedicated picture post coming on it later but I've had the most incredible time and feel like I'm pretty much living the dream. The only downside has been having no internet and not being able to blog but I've just moved into a gorgeous new flat so internet and normal posting will hopefully resume asap! On a side note watch my Twitter tonight for your chance to win my exclusive ad package for the whole of October...

Have you given in to the Babylips hype?
Sunday 22 September 2013

Best Budget Beauty Buys with my Besties!

It's a very quick post from me this morning lovelies to let you know I've just uploaded a new video with my two best home friends Faye and Lydia. It's all about our best budget beauty buys including make up, hair, skincare and body bits so it's definitely worth a watch and a subscribe to mine and Faye's channels (cheeky plug). Plus it gets a little bit funny at times...the reason I'm only doing a quick post is because I'm moving up to Chelmsford today to start my new job as Social Media Benebabe at Benefit Cosmetics Head Office tomorrow! I'm ridiculously excited to start, but I will also try and find the time and internet connection to blog from my tablet a bit this week. However, if that fails normal blogging will resume as soon as we're sorted with housing and internet! Have a lovely  rest of your weekend!
Friday 20 September 2013

Things I would tell my University self...

As much as I'm enjoying certain parts of life as a graduate- no looming essay deadlines, the prospect of earning money, fewer all day hang overs- seeing lots of people head back to uni this week without me has been pretty damn tough. I literally adored being a Sheffield Uni student and every year I had there brought lots of different people, opportunities, challenges and happy memories that I'm seriously going to miss. However, it also brought some tough times and there are things I would change if I could go back. Sadly, as we've already established, I can't go back, so I figured all of you heading off to start life as a fresher (here's last year's Fresher Five Guide) or  2nd or 3rd year could get some advice from my mistakes. So here are the things I would tell my University self...

1. Go over and talk to those 'scary' course girls Rosie, Alex and Laura. They're your future best friends.
2. Your boyfriend and home friends aren't going anywhere so maybe cut down on the daily skype sessions.
3. Don't rush into getting that job. Spend time joining a society, going out and even going to lectures instead.
4. Those two bottles of wine are not a good idea. You will spend the next day throwing up to Eurovision.
5. Find a house for 2nd year before Christmas and choose wisely, you're going to end up living ages away!

1. Realise now that you don't want to be a teacher, blog lots and secure social media/ PR work experience.
2. Please do some more work, you'll put yourself in a much better position for 3rd year if you do.
3.You may not love your living situation, but you're going to have the best one next year to make up for it.
4. You are starting to love that fake tan a bit too much. Step away from the tanning mitt you oopma loompa! 
5. Seriously stop spending money like it's going out of fashion. Third year Meg will not appreciate the debt...

1. Welcome to the best year of your life! Make sure you treasure it and stop freaking out/feeling stressed.
2. Start your dissertation earlier!!! This will make your life soooo much easier during Summer exam period.
3. Realise that you'll never have better house mates than Nick, Rosie and Nicola and make them lots of tea.
4. You may think tequila fuelled dirty dancing with a blow up guitar looks sexy, but fb photos beg to differ.
5. NEVER moan about SUPAS (the performing arts society), you'll miss it like mad when you've left.

Good Luck!
Tuesday 17 September 2013

Makeup Haul

It may look like I've gone slightly or incredibly crazy in the aisles of Boots and wonders that are YSL counters, but this is a collective make up haul from different shopping trips that has been building up over the Summer. I promise...You may have actually seen some of this stuff before on my blog but I wanted to show you everything that I included in my latest make up haul video so if you want to know more about any of the lovely new make up in this post you can check that out! I'm actually filming with two of my best girls tomorrow, Faye and Lydia as we're having a classic girly sleepover at Faye's and thought it would be fun to film. We will probably be well into the vino when we get the camera rolling so that could be entertaining for all involved (Particularly people watching us back later). I also have my last ever shift at the library tomorrow after working there on weekends and holidays since I was 17. I would be sad but then again I am leaving for my dream job in the world of cosmetics and as much as I love books I think it's time for me to sit down and read them rather than shelve them! It's all change in every part of my life actually as my boyfriend who lives near me at home went back to finish his third year of uni after his year in industry on Monday. At least once I move next week we'll both basically be living in London and I'll be earning money too so we can have impromptu romantic meet ups in posh places. Or as Dave would probably prefer, Maccy D's...

I hope you're having a lovely week! What make up have you been buying lately?   
Monday 16 September 2013


Primark leopard tee* / Ebay pleather shorts / New Look parka / New Look boots / Topshop socks / Pandora bracelet / Revlon balm stain 'crushed' / Essie 'fiji'

Leopard print and leather isn't usually an accepted clothing combination unless your part of the McQueen family (we've all been obsessed with Hollyoaks at some point in our teenage years right?), but as this season is all about breaking the fashion rules I thought what the hell and gave this classically chavy combo a  bit of a grungey twist. The tee is a new £5 Primark find that I had to have because the print is so on trend and I love a good rolled up high necked boyfriend top. I wore it with my pleather shorts on Saturday because I'm determined to get my legs out as much as possible before real cold weather sets in. Although as it started raining during my little garden photo taking session (apologies for that really attractive last photo, I got a little carried away.) I did have to throw on my trusty parka which I've loved and worn to pieces for a few years now. There's nothing like a furry parka for releasing your inner Mod/Oasis band member... I spoke about the cut out boots in my last post but if you missed that they are my new New Look beauties which happen to be the comfiest heeled boots I've ever worn and teamed with some lace trimmed socks create the ultimate girl grunge footwear. The hair was a bit of experiment inspired by Lily and I've got to say any hair style that I can do in 5 minutes, works better with messy bed hair and resembles something out of Game of Thrones is a winner for me! All I need now is a killer bod and some dragons... 

Will you be rocking leopard and leather this season?
Saturday 14 September 2013

AW13 Trend: The cut out shoe

New Look Boots / Primark Shoes* / Primark Tartan Socks*/ Topshop Dolly Socks

As I write this me and my boyfriend are having a cosy Saturday night in snuggled up with episodes of the American office and a tub of Ben and Jerry's while the wind and rain wreaks havoc outside (okay, maybe not havoc but you get the scene I'm trying to create), so I'm well in the mood to write a post about a new autumn/winter trend that I love and may have just invested in. Twice. The cut out shoe has been around for a while with Lily Melrose sporting her Topshop Arabels all summer, but with punk and grunge being the major look of next season they are becoming even hotter right now. Despite being a self confessed girly girl I love a bit of edgy dressing and for some reason shoes with a hole in add that bit of edge to any outfit. I got the boots in New Look a couple of weeks ago for about £28 because I desperately wanted some more exciting footwear for the cold weather and I've got to say I'm actually a bit in love with them. The cut outs look cool, the heel is the perfect width and height to be really comfy but still elongate my short little legs and I love the buckle and strap detailing too. My love of these boots led me to covet cut out flats so I literally pounced on these cut out dolly shoes when I saw them in Tottenham Court Road Primark last week for only £12. My mum thought they were ugly and I think some of my friends may agree but I personally think they're so cute and the embodiment of school girl grunge which is also having a bit of a fashion moment. Tartan skirt anyone? So far I've worn both pairs of footwear with everything from skater dresses to printed trousers to shorts so they're both super versatile. They look good just worn with bare feet but I also really love pairing them with statement socks like tartan print and lace trimmed ones as it's practical weather wise and adds a nice bit of colour and detail. So what if your Dad asks you where the rest of your shoe has gone...

Are you currently coveting the cut outs? 
Friday 13 September 2013

The Royal Favourite: No7 Gay Geranium

We've all heard of 'The Kate Effect'- Miss (or should I say Mrs) Middleton appears in absolutely any outfit and it sells out within hours along with anything that looks remotely like it. Well I actually partially bought this lipstick because of 'The Queen Effect'. Her Majesty has been a fan of this classic shade since it was first released into the No7 Fifties collection after WWII and I figured if it's good enough for the ultimate royal woman then it's certainly good enough for me...

'Gay Geranium' is a gorgeous orange/coral toned vibrant red lipstick, very similar in colour to MAC 'morange' and 'vegas volt'. It's a definite power shade and I always get compliments when I wear it! One thing that makes this colour stand out so much is the ridiculous pigmentation- full opaque coverage in one swipe that really does 'stay perfect' all day as No7 promises with only a slight top up or two. The formula is surprisingly creamy given the amazing colour pay off and the matte finish isn't overly drying either (My friend Rosie actually spent Tuesday telling me how creamy my lips looked). This creamy quality makes application a dream as the bullet glides on to the lips so easily and you never have to faff around with lip liner. It can wear off a little unevenly after a while though and it's a good idea to check the product hasn't escaped to other parts of your face after eating (I genuinely managed to get this on my nose and chin after eating an apple a couple of days ago), so it is a shade you have to pay attention to when you wear it but I think the amazing colour, pigmentation, finish, application and staying power makes this totally worth it and I can see why it is the only shade No7 have kept from their Fifties collection. As with most No7 products I do think it's a little pricey for the drugstore at £10 but then again there are always vouchers and offers on in Boots and the packaging is quite expensive looking so if you do make the investment I guarantee this will become an all time favourite lip product that will work just as well in the colder months as it did in the summer. The Queen clearly has good taste in lipstick as well as hats and corgis.

It feels like ages since I've done a regular post but I've had a pretty manic week. It started off with a trip to Thorpe Park on Monday with Dave which was rather wet but also hilarious. I then had a perfect day in London with Rosie on Tuesday pretending to be rich bloggers who could afford to shop at Liberty and Carnaby Street- a great deal of Hour Glass make up and Monki colothing has now made it onto my lust list. We also made a visit to my new favourite eatery, The Breakfast Club, where I tried the apple and cinnamon french toast and chai tea latte which I'd both highly recommend. This day was followed by a girly sleepover with the home gals where far too much chinese and wine was consumed! Then the past couple of days I've done a few shifts at the fun old library to make a bit of extra money before I move away and start my new job and also launched a Big Body Shop Giveaway to celebrate reaching my 1000 follower milestone and 2nd blog birthday. Phew.

I hope you've had a lovely week. Are you also feeling Gay about Geranium?    
Wednesday 11 September 2013

Big Body Shop Giveaway!

To celebrate reaching 1000 followers and my second blog birthday, as well as to say a big thank you to anyone who has ever read my little old blog I thought I would give away loads of my favourite Body Shop products to one lucky lady (or man)! It started off with me buying a Vitamin E face mist to give away because I know I go on about it all the time, then the collecting spiralled from there so now you can also win the gorgeous honeycomb bronzer, seaweed mattifying day cream, define and lengthen mascara, a facial buffer, coconut body scrub and hi-shine lip treatment. I really wanted there to be something for everyone so I went for a mixture of make up, skin care and body bits and really hope you want to enter as one lucky person will win it all! All you have to do is follow my blog on bloglovin' and GFC, leave your details and fill out the simple Rafflecopter form below (Complete these first three things to unlock more entries by following me on Twitter etc it's a good idea to follow on Twitter as I'll be mentioning the winner on there!). You have until the end of September to enter...good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Saturday 7 September 2013

Clothing & Accessories Haul

So I may have done a bit of shopping lately (oopsie...) which has resulted in a brand new clothing and accessories haul! There's a sneak peek of the new buys in the photo above but you can see all of my goodies from Primark, Topshop, New Look and a few other highstreet and online places in the video. Please 'like' and subscribe if you enjoy it! Although I totally won't blame you if you're unable to watch it right now due to first night Strictly and X Factor excitement. I'm totally experiencing that myself. Anyway, have a lovely night whatever your watching or doing ladies!

What have you been buying lately?
Friday 6 September 2013

Life update: Becoming a Benebabe!

Hey gals! I don't normally dedicate posts to life updates but this one is a pretty big deal to me so I wanted to share it with you! Basically I am no longer an unemployed graduate as yesterday I somehow landed my dream job as social media intern at Benefit Cosmetics! So in two weeks I'm going to be moving to Chelmsford and working in the pink office that is Benefit HQ. I don't know everything that the role involves just yet but I do know I'll be helping with the content/running of social media platforms, working with bloggers and even doing a bit of travelling for events. Leaving uni and entering the real world is really scary so I can't tell you how relieved I am to be officially employed in a paid full time role. The fact it's the start of the career I've always wanted at a fun girly make up brand full of lovely people is the biggest cherry on the cake and I'm so excited to get started!

Getting a job in beauty, fashion or media is quite hard and I know lots of bloggers want to go down that career route so if you wanted me to do a separate post offering some advice (not that I really know much!) and giving you more details on how I got into it then please let me know! For now though I'd say be a dedicated blogger, take any work experience or internships you can get even if they're are unpaid, join a society/hobby or take on a position of responsibility and don't neglect your studies either as degrees and good grades only ever work in your favour. Most of all though don't ever give up, apply to everything and everyone relentlessly even if they're not advertising and take knock backs on the chin, it's not personal and the position for you is out there somewhere! 

Well this turned into a bit of a soppy post, but moving on I hope you all have a lovely weekend girlies! I'm off for a little weekend away in London with the boyf so I hope you all have nice plans too (I'd really recommended seeing the One Direction movie, sitting next to eight year olds may feel a bit sad but Harry Styles topless is just so enjoyable)...
Wednesday 4 September 2013

The September Wishlist: AW13 Edition

1. Zara Leopard Print Trousers 2. New Look Tartan Dress 3. New Look Camo Jumper 
 4. Topshop Cut Out Boots 5. Ebay Bowler Hat 6. Topshop Pleather Skirt

It feels rather odd compiling this AW13 wishlist full of jumpers and dark colours while the sun's blazing outside but I got so excited seeing all the new season stuff whilst shopping yesterday I couldn't help it! As much as I love being able to dress in shorts, crop tops and sandals I am so excited by all the trends heading our way. First up is Punk and Grunge- think pleather, tartan and cut out boots aplently, pretty much anything goes- the more studs and safety pins the better! I personally love this style and it's always fun to finish the look with some seriously undone bed hair and smudged black eyeliner (and pretend your in some sort of cool retro band. I can dream can't I?). It's not all about the black though as camo and leopard print is having a mega moment too, hence the jumper and rather fun printed trousers which also demonstrate the 'daytime pyjama' trend which has to be the comfiest idea a designer has ever come up with! Roll on Autumn...

My shopping trip yesterday with the boy was very fun and I may have made a few cheeky purchases that will appear in a haul or outfit very soon (Check out my instagram for a sneak peak). I also had an amazing time at Rosie's 21st party which I went to in Bristol at the weekend. Although saying that I did manage to mix drinking, dancing and outdoor heaters which resulted in a rather large nasty burn on my arm. It's currently bandaged up and I'm really not looking forward to the scar so don't dance next to dangerous hot objects after losing drinking games folks! On a more positive note I've just returned from a fun girly trip to see One Direction 'This is Us'- highly recommended pure cheesy guilty pleasure.

What's on your AW13 wishlist?
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