Monday 30 September 2013


Even though the majority of the beauty blogging world have only just got their mitts on the most talked about lip products of the moment I've actually owned my Maybelline Babylips since my parents brought it back from America last year. I've got to be honest when I first tried it I wasn't overwhelmed- I was expecting a more MAC Shy Girl type colour and coverage along with Carmex strength moistorisation from these tinted lip balms and I'm afraid it just didn't match up to my expectations. However, with all the hype surrounding them at the moment I thought I'd give 'peach kiss' another go and what I've realised is my expectations were too high...this isn't a product that's going to change your life but it's as fun as lip balms get and a lovely change to Vaseline. The packaging is super cute, it smells nice and fruity and there is a very light amount of peachy colour pay off- enough to satisfy a more neutral lip gloss lover but I'd recommend bold lip beauties  look into getting one of the brighter more pigmented shades. (I just couldn't resist a another peachy lip product could I...) This does also moisturise your lips nicely making it a great day time product to keep your lips hydrated before you apply a more intensive balm in the evening. So whilst this hasn't made it to 'full blown rave holy grail' status like most other lip products I post about, it is a super cute addition to any make up bag and at a mere £2.99 there's no real reason not to collect them all...especially when it's payday.

Talking of payday I've just received the pay cheque from my first week of work as the new Social Media intern for Benefit Cosmetics! I'm not going to say much about it now because there is a dedicated picture post coming on it later but I've had the most incredible time and feel like I'm pretty much living the dream. The only downside has been having no internet and not being able to blog but I've just moved into a gorgeous new flat so internet and normal posting will hopefully resume asap! On a side note watch my Twitter tonight for your chance to win my exclusive ad package for the whole of October...

Have you given in to the Babylips hype?


  1. Lovely post, I really want to try them! x

  2. I love the baby lips. My fave are the cherry and the purple :) x

  3. I am still not convinced with Baby Lips, think I must be the only one! They do look lovely but no better than regular lip balms!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers


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