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Does it work? Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

Morning Ladies!

It seems like every week we are bombarded with new miracle products claiming to give you perfect skin and tone your bod in seconds and being the beauty junkee that I am I often can't help but buy into the claims (I'm an advertisers dream I know!). Sometimes I am left feeling like a fool when I haven't actually been transformed into a Victoria's Secret model overnight, but other times I'm left wanting to spread the word about how amazing a product is, I'm looking at you sneaky sudocrem. So in this new 'Does it work?' feature I'm going to be putting these big claim products to the test and letting you know if you should snub them or shop them, starting with a product I've received lots of stick for being sucked into continually buying: the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment for 'hair that never grows past a certain length'... 

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment | £7.99 from Boots
 The reason I've been through about four or five of these pretty pink pots (I can't help but love the Lee Stafford Barbie doll packaging) is because this time a couple of years ago I was sporting a short brown pixie crop, then summer 2011 I suddenly decided I'd had enough of only being able to style my hair one way and wanted long and luscious girly blonde hair (maybe I like Barbies a little too much). You can see my 'hair story' here, but I have managed to get my hair to a nice mid length style now even with continual blonde dyeing and I can't help but believe this product helped with this tricky transition... 

The product itself retails for £7.99 from Boots, which may seem a little pricey but it is often on a 3 for 2 offer and also lasts a long time as you only need to use a little bit between shampoo and conditioning once a week. The main thing I love about this treatment is how thick, rich and creamy it is and how soothing it feels on the hair and scalp, which is good as you do have to leave it on for 5 minutes. Perhaps because of how thick it is and the fact the formula is protein based I can really notice the difference when I use it on my hair both in the shower and after blow drying, as it leaves my locks feeling silky, smooth and in much better condition, so it's worth buying even just as a conditioning treatment. It also seems to reduce breakage and add volume and texture to my hair so it's great to use before styling. As you can see from the text on the packaging Mr Stafford does claim rather a lot of big things with this little pot and I can't really tell you if it 'penetrates the inner cortex' of my hair, but after weekly use it definitely improves its condition and in turn I think helps it to grow longer despite the constant abuse I give it from heat tools and hair dye. The only criticism I have is the slightly strange peppery 'Lee Stafford scent', but as you can put on a beautifully smelling conditioner after using it the scent doesn't really matter too much. So now for the big question, does it work? Yes, I think as much as a hair growth treatment is ever going to work, it does and I'll continue to use this as a deep conditioning weekly treatment until I've got hair like Rupunzel. Or Cara Delevingne. 

Have you tried this treatment or have anything else to recommend for growing hair?
I'm back into the swing of uni now after my weekend away and today I've got a seminar and rehearsal for our next musical to go to so I best go and get ready, so jealous for people getting ready for London Fashion Week instead of poetry discussions right now. Have a lovely day everyone!

Love Meg


  1. ohhhh! This sounds great! :O
    I need to get this asap! Thanks for sharing! :D x


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  3. I so nearly bought this yesterday, had it in my basket and everything! Seriously regretting not getting it now! :( x

  4. I think im the only one in my family who hasn't tried this, everybody seems to love it though so maybe i should give it a go!


  5. Can't believe how much your hair has grown it's incredible! It looks so beautiful :) I debated trying to grow my hair and was gonna try this but think I'm gonna stick with my bob for a bit longer :)
    Love Holly x

  6. I really want to try this! I'm in the process of growing my hair and I'll do anything to help it! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  7. I got a little pixie crop when I was 17 and at 22 it seems like im still growing it out!!! Heard lots of positive reviews about this, I might just have to do a 3 for 2!

  8. WOW Your hair has drown loads!!
    Wow, I want to try this.. I've been using castor oil and that's working well but it gets on my face and i break out blah!

    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  9. Girl, you looked amazing with a pixie! I'm fed up of mine now so it's growing out, slowly... I've used the Lee Stafford product and really liked it. I'm testing out the Mane-N-Tail shampoos and conditioners as they're suppose to be good for hair growth! Thanks for the review (and pics too!) xx

  10. This looks amazing going to pop to boots soon to get this!x


  11. I've used this a lot and I think it really does work, it's difficult to know whether it's just my hair growing or if it's the product though, also I love the smell of it!

  12. I have been absolutely obsessed with bloggers for a few months now and have never once seen any of them talk about hair growth products. I'm currently growing my hair and have been doing every single home remedy under the sun, I have bought mane n tail although I'm not sure it did much for my hair, I put coconut oil on my scalp overnight every 3 days or so, I give my hair the best treatment ever. So now that a trusted blogger has said that Lee Stafford works, I am DEFINITELY going to buy it soon as I'm in England, thank you for this review! x


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  14. Great review! I've just recently bought this to help grow my hair longer, I'm feeling a bit more at ease about making the purchase at now after seeing your thoughts on it :D


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