Wednesday 20 February 2013

Comfy & Cosy: Casual Outfit Post

Hey Girls!

This time yesterday I was certain that Spring was beginning to, well, spring. However one day and some very chilly fingers and numb toes later we seem to be back to wintry weather, warning me not to put away the socks and scarves just yet! That's not such a bad thing though as I rather like layering old winter warmers over some summery favourites to create nice comfy and cosy outfits like this one which is a favourite casual combination of mine...

Vest top Topshop
Denim shorts | Levi Vintage
Belt | New Look
Cardigan | Primark
Scarf | London market
Tights | Marks & Spencer
Socks | Next

I won't say too much about this outfit as it's just an example of what I like to wear on days when I'm lounging around the house or popping into uni for a lecture (well minus the socks for this one). It does contain a few of my big wardrobe staples though, the biggest of which has to be my Levi shorts. I probably bang on about these a bit too much, but I think I'm always going to need a pair of Levis in my life as they make a nice change from leggings and jeans, are super comfy, can be dressed up or down and were only £20 from a Vintage shop. Bargainous buying at its best. Another big staple of mine is this black and gold carpet scarf (not sure if that's the actual technical term but it does remind me of a big old rug!), which I love draping around almost any outfit as it's an accessory that keeps me warm and jazzes up plain things like the bugandy Topshop vest and cream cardi I'm wearing. Other things that have to accompany a good duvet day are a big top knot and chunky knit bed socks, as much as I love dressing up all glam and girly there's something rather nice about having feet that don't protest about being crammed into those oh so beautiful but oh so uncomfortable new shoes and not having hair flying in your face and getting stuck to your lipgloss. Someone please invent hair repelling lip gloss...

What are your casual day clothing staples?
I'm sporting an outfit rather similar to this one right now as I've had a pretty long day in uni and can't wait to chill out on the sofa now, catch up on some trashy tele and eat a malteaser bunny (or two). Although my house mates are trying to get me out tonight which they'll undoubtedly succeed in doing as I've got zero will power when it comes to these matters... In other news I just watched One Direction perform on the tele so am now feeling rather flustered and giggly, it's the effect they have on me. I hope you're all having a lovely week!

Love Meg


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous:) x

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  2. Ive been wanting a pair of Levi's for ages, think they look great with tights :)

  3. I love this! You look gorgeous :) I'm dying for a pair of Levi shorts, they look fab!!

    Gem x

  4. You look gorgeous :) I love levis paired with practically anything for a change too, your hair looks amazing in these pictures.
    P.s. yes to flustered and giggly at 1D :):):)they have that effect on me too haha

    Lauren xx

  5. such a lovely outfit, your hair looks gorgeous in a bun! :) x

  6. I love duvet/lazy days :) I spend them mostly in my jammies cute ones of course :P & big cmfy socks :)

    this is a cute outfit for just lounging around in :) demin goes with anything :)

    tomorrow is my day off so I'll be chilling watching dvds etc :)


  7. Outfits like these are always my favourite :D I love your scarf so much, I really want to get into wearing scarves more! Maltesers bunnies are the best :D
    Love Holly x

  8. Meg you look such a beaut here - i love your hair in a bun - it looks lovely on you!
    I really want this outfit! The levi shorts/cosy cardigan combo is just perfect for this time of year! xx

  9. your hair looks so pretty!

  10. You are absolutely gorgeous and I love the top bun!!


  11. You look lovely Meg, your hair suits you up.I love wearing mine like that too, sometimes it's nice to just have it up and out the way.
    Haha, I had to show a One Direction video to one of my classes today and I have to admit, they are disturbingly attractive for such young boys...have you ever seen the video for One Thing? It's so cringey, funny and lush all at the same time, haha.
    Mel x

  12. Loving this outfit! :)

  13. This is such a cute look, very boho!

    The Style Rawr!

  14. Gorgeous outfit - love it :) x

  15. oh great outfit u look great:)

  16. Gorgeous!! Looks so cosy but also stylish :) That scarf is beautiful on you!

    The Beauty Belle

  17. Loving your outfit, casual yet still fashionable! Great blog - i'm your newest follower :) xx

  18. pretty outfit ;)
    nice blog . follow back, if you like. andy

  19. lovely outfit, looks comfy yet still fashionable!

    love your blog - followed :)


  20. I love it when your hair's bunned up, you look so cute! I've got similar past-shoulder hair but can never seem to get a bun right haha. Cute outfit! x


  21. I love this outfit, looks so cosy! x

  22. Super cute outfit!

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