Monday 28 March 2016

Bunnies & Braids | OOTD

Happy Easter you lovely lot! I hope you're suitably gorged on mini eggs and malteaser bunnies, ready for a spot of outfit post reading this bank holiday Monday. I shared a snap of yesterday's Easter Sunday beauty look on Instagram which went down very well indeed (aren't you a nice bunch), so thought you might like to see the rest of the outfit and get all the hair/makeup deets...

I actually picked both the shirt and pinafore up last season, but they've turned out to be great transitional pieces going into Spring. The h&m bunny shirt is pretty much the perfect piece of Easter clothing and so many people have commented on how cute it is. The camel corduroy pinafore is something I also get asked a lot about and everyone is always surprised to hear it came from Primark- just one of those 'be there at the right time to grab your size and fight to the till' type purchases! I feel like my wardrobe is starting to consist soley of differing takes on the dungaree/pinafore, as they're just so cute and comfy and can be styled in a ridiculous amount of ways. I'm also clearly a child at heart/more like whole head and body.

Yesterday I wanted to go down the more preppy route, so fashioned la barnet into my new favourite 'undone halo braid'. It's taken me a few attempts to pin this- quite literally- down to a style I feel comfortable leaving the house with, but now I find it fairly easy to put together in 3 steps: 1. Part hair to the side (2nd/3rd day hair with texture works best) 2. dutch braid the side of your head with less hair first, bringing it round the back and to the front until you have a full circle 3. Plait any leftover hair into a normal braid and pin this into the 'halo', teasing out the finished style for a more relaxed look. Et voila! The Easter makeup was much more simple, using my beloved Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Foundation, Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer and Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder to create a flawless-ish base, with winged out Rimmel Exaggerate Liner and Kate Moss '107' to finish. Oh yes, just because it's slightly sunnier does not mean I shun my precious '107', or ignore the pile of eggs looking at me for fear of bikini body season for that matter... on with the Lindt!

What looks have you been wearing this weekend?


  1. Love your outfit and hair! It's adorable. I've become a massive fan of pinafores too. Such a easy piece to style and so versatile xx

    Lauren |

  2. This is such a cute outfit and suits you so much, gorgeous as always xx

  3. Love this outfit, and your hair looks so cute!


  4. such a cute outfit Meg, the hair is just amazing and that bunny adorable <3

  5. I wish pinafores didn't make me look like a giant 3 year old :( they look so gorgeous on you! Absolutely in love with that bunny shirt too
    Debi x

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