Tuesday 30 October 2012

October in Pictures

Hello Lovelies!

Even though I can't believe how fast this month has gone, I'm actually so excited we're at the end of October now as I'm loving the cosy dark evenings, chunky jumper weather and all the festive displays that have just appeared in the shops. Saying that, I am a bit sad this month's over as looking back over my dairy and photos of the past few weeks made me realise what a great month it's been so here are some of my highlights...

Crunchy autumn leaves and Primark pumps / Getting my Legally Blonde on / Nickelback for my Dad's birthday / Amazing night at the Cosmo blog awards / Yummiest Oreo cupcake / Standard night with Cheryl Cole and a cup of tea / Ginger helping with early morning blogging / Onesie night in / Today's surprise lunch guest
Today I've just had a pretty standard time at uni, although I did go for a nice lunch with a couple of the girls and had a cheeky mooch round town too. Going to have a productive night in now though as I need to get myself ready for the Next Spring/Summer press day I've kindly been invited to in London tomorrow (Please let me know if you're going!). I'm so excited as I love travelling down to London and going to blogger events and my boyfriend is also taking me for dinner afterwards in one of Lily's favourite places, Meat Liquor. I haven't seen him for almost a month as he works full time in London at the moment and I'm always so busy in Sheffield, so it should be a really lovely day and I'll do a big write up about it on Thursday hopefully...

Have a lovely night!
Love Meg
Monday 29 October 2012

ScaryTarts: Halloween Outfit

Happy Halloween Lovelies!

Well I know it's not quite Halloween yet but I already celebrated it at the weekend when I went on a night out to the Halloween version of Pop Tarts (aptly named Scary Tarts) and wanted to show you my costume today to give any of you with parties on Wednesday a few ideas...

Nighty- Primark
Socks- Primark
Teddy- Wilkinsons 
White Foundation and Fake Blood- Blue Banana
Eyes- MUA Glamour Days Palette and Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette 

I've spent the majority of Halloween parties dressed as an incredibly not frightening cat or devil (see last year's post) so this year I really wanted to look scary and thought a dead Victorian Woman in Black ghost child sort of thing would be easy to create but really creepy at the same time. For the 'nighty' I bought a size 18 sheer white shirt from good old Primarni and wore a black dress underneath so I didn't look naked (always good), then added some long grey socks to make it look more child like and also to keep my legs warm as I walked to the union. I know, thinking practically about my outfits for once! I also had great fun wearing my hair in bunchies with ribbons and dancing along to the random dj set by Simon, Lee and Duncan from Blue with a teddy bear now named Brendan in tow. Another fun thing about Halloween is the make up and I found a brilliant white foundation from the brand Star Gazer which gave me and everyone else (our pre drinks turned into a big face painting session) a rather realistic ghostly glow and then used dark black and purple eyeshadow to create sunken eyes, gaunt cheek bones and bruises, finished off with lots of fake blood of course. My lovely housemates Rosie and Nick went as a rag doll and zombie pumpkin and you can see what a few of my other friends looked like in this photo of our night out...

I've had such a manic weekend with Halloween stuff all day Saturday and Performing Arts things and a yummy meal out at Las Iguanas yesterday and now I've also got a really busy week coming up starting with an Autumnal Warmer social tonight which I'm really looking forward to because I get to wear a cosy jumper, eat stodgy comfort food and play with sparklers, loving Autumnal life so much right now!

I hope you've all had a good weekend and have a great Halloween!
Love Meg
Friday 26 October 2012

The Lazy Girl Guide to: Staying trim without trying

Hey Girlies!

Today I'm going to start a new bloggy feature as I don't want to bore you with the same things all the time now do I! It's going to be called The Lazy Girl Guide and will basically consist of easy tips you can fit into a busy lifestyle to help with all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle related. The first one's going to be my top five tips you can use to help you stay trim without trying. I'm not saying that I'm perfectly trim or that I know loads about healthy living, but I do take a big interest in it and most of the time manage to stay in a shape I'm happy with whilst still eating too much chocolate, drinking too much wine and making up too many excuses not to work out. I also think it's so much easier and better for you to make little changes that you can stick to over a long period time rather than huge changes you can't keep up because, well, no one wants to be a diet bore! But anyway now onto my simple tips...

1. Make apples and water handbag essentials- My friend Laura once said to me that 'You can't go wrong with an apple in your bag' and I think she was so right because it means you've always got something sweet, but healthy nearby when mid-morning munchies strike (or indeed any type of munchies) so you can keep away from the vending machine and get one of your five a day at the same time. Carrying a bottle of water is even more important as we need eight glasses a day and also often mistake thirst pangs for hunger ones, so as well as saving you money on buying drinks it will also keep your skin clearer, body detoxed and middle smaller. Win win.
2. Put fruit and veg with everything- A great way to get your five a day and eat less rubbish is to put fruit or veg with everything. So if you're having pasta, have salad mixed with it and if you're having pancakes, top them with fruit. Not only does this mean you'll be getting more vitamins and general goodness, but you'll also eat less fat and carb because you'll be filling up on the colourful stuff.
3. Ditch the wheels for killer heels- The only exercise tip I'm putting in this little guide is to ditch cars and buses whenever you can and walk instead as it's so surprising how much of a workout I can get just from walking up and down Sheffield's hills all day. And if you want to tone your legs a little bit more then put those killer heels on when you're doing boring household chores like hoovering, not only will it give you good practise at balancing for when you try to gangnam style in them at the weekend, but it will also tone your thighs without a single squat in sight.
4. Switch it up to low fat and brown carb- Probably one of the easiest things you can do is switch to low fat alternatives of your favourite foods so you don't cut anything out of your diet but still cut your fat intake, for example I always try to have low fat cheese, skimmed milk and fat free yoghurt and it's also good to go for veggie mince and sausages. Swapping white carbs for brown is another great easy change to make because brown carbs are less refined and keep you fuller for longer.
5. Buy more make up. And clothes and shoes and handbags... Okay so this might not be a great help to your bank balance, but I'll be doing money saving tips another week! But anyway instead of spending out on lots of expensive takeaways and processed snacks you don't really need, think about the pretty things you could buy with that money instead that would bring you happiness for a lot longer than a kebab. I personally would rather have a blusher than a burger any day!

So I hope you've enjoyed this new Lazy Girl Guide feature and reading about healthy living for a change, please do let me know any tips you have, topics that you'd like some tips on or if you want any more healthy lifestyle posts...I've had a very lazy girl day so far although to be fair I have had a rather busy week at uni, but anyway in other more exciting news me and my house mates got tickets to see the Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Tour this morning, I'm so obsessed with them at the moment because I'm currently addicted to Cheryl Cole's autobiography so I'm soooo excited!

I hope you've all had a great week,
Love Meg
Monday 22 October 2012

Shopping my Stash #1

Hey Girls!

I love shopping the stash posts and videos so I have no idea why it's taken me so long to do my own one, but today I thought I'd finally get round to it. For those of you that don't know, a shopping the stash post is when you raid your own make up collection for products you've neglected or forgotten about so you feel as though you've been shopping but you don't spend actually spend any money, which is just the sort of shopping I can afford on my student budget! Anyway last week I felt like I was becoming stuck in a bit of a make up rut so perused the Meg Make up collection and rediscovered these little beauties...

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in 'Rose de Jaspe'- This cute little blusher first appeared in my top ten Spring picks video but over the summer it got relegated to my back up make up bag because I developed a rather large obsession with cream blushes. However now summer and my fixation with 'the dewy look' is over powder blushes can get a look in again and I've found myself reaching for this blush on almost a daily basis as it creates the same pretty wintry rosy glow you get from being out in the cold. It's not the most pigmented blush in the world though so you do have to build this up quite a bit and I find the Ecotools blush brush perfect for doing this.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation- Like most other beauty lovers I got caught up in the hype that surrounded this foundation and ran out to get my hands on it almost as soon as it was released. However, unlike most beauty lovers I really didn't get the hype the first few times I used it as I thought the light reflecting particles made it look sparkly, the consistency was too thick and it smelled like marzipan (and I really don't like marzipan) So feeling disappointed I shoved it in the back of a drawer for the rest of the summer, but even though I got this foundation for very cheap £5 in Savers I hate wasting anything so recently decided to give it another go and I now absolutely adore it! I feel like the sparkle isn't noticeable any more, perhaps because there's less bright light now and even though it's still quite thick, I find only one pump blends over my whole face and that it instantly improves the look of my skin and offers great long lasting coverage. I wouldn't use this for a night out as it contains SPF (the dreaded cause of photo ghost face!), but it's definitely  become my perfect go to daytime foundation, although paler and more yellow toned girls might struggle to find a shade match. 

Sleek 'Storm' Eyeshadow Palette- I bought this palette at the start of the year and thought that for only £7.99 it was really great value with twelve versatile shades and amazing pigmentation, but then my boyfriend treated me to the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and yet again this poor palette was put in a vanity case containing make up I hardly use. You can see from the photo that most of the colours are completely untouched so by rediscovering it I feel like I've just bought a whole new set of eye shadows and realised I have room in my life for more than one shadow palette, how very generous I am...also particularly loving the berry taupey shades in the top right for Autumn and Winter.

Today I spent a very lazy morning laying on the sofa eating pan au chocolat and watching daytime tele, however I did get myself together and have a productive afternoon at uni. It's back to the sofa now though for another onesie night in with my house mates watching made in Chelsea with my fingers crossed that Jamie and Binky are going to get together! What an exciting student life I lead...I hope you all have very exciting nights too,

Love Meg
Sunday 21 October 2012

Video- Top Ten Autumn Picks: Part two, Beauty and Fashion

Hello Lovelies! 

Just another little post from me tonight (I'll do a proper long one for you tomorrow I promise!) to let you know I've now uploaded the second part of my top ten Autumn picks video, which is all about the beauty products and fashion I'll be loving this season. As always here's the video if you fancy a watch and a sneaky peak at what I talk about in it...

I've had a really good day co directing a song from Sweeny Todd, a standard Sunday past time when you're in a Performing Arts Society! So now I just plan to chill out on the sofa and drink lots of tea before starting uni again tomorrow...

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
Love Meg
Saturday 20 October 2012

Festive Fun: Next Nail Varnish in 'Jade Shimmer'

Good Evening Girlies,

Just a little post from me today (Can you expect me to produce more than this on a night when both Strictly and X Factor are being broadcast!) about the nails I had done at the Next event I went to last Wednesday...

Next Nail Varnish in 'Jade Shimmer'
As it was an event for Christmas products and I was already wearing a berry red jumper I decided to go the whole festive hog and get my nails painted a gorgeous deep glittery green jewel colour called 'Jade Shimmer'. I don't actually own a colour like this as sometimes less girly colours scare me a bit (There aren't many months of the year that pastels don't appear on my talons), but I thought the glitter and fact it was such a deep shade made it a really lovely colour perfect for autumn and winter, particularly the festive season. I hadn't tried Next nail polishes before and was actually very impressed by the quality, easy application, high pigmentation and how fast it dried. I'd say it lasts about four days before chipping as I'm probably going to change my nails tonight, which I think is about average but it does depend on what base and top coat you use too. Overall I'm rather impressed by Next's nail polish offering and for only three pounds a pop I'll definitely be buying 'Jade Shimmer' along with some other shades like these for myself soon.

I had a nice time in town today lunching with my friend Alice and making cheeky Origins and Topshop purchases which I will go into more detail on soon. I also went to Primark with my house mate Nick to get him a onesie, so now we're having a onesie night in dressed as a monkey and tiger, we sure know how to live...oh and I uploaded a new youtube video today too which I'll post on tomorrow but you can watch right now here.

Have a lovely Saturday night everyone!
Love Meg
Friday 19 October 2012

Next Christmas Beauty Collection Event

Hey Girlies!

When I was at the Cosmo Blog Awards a few weeks ago I got invited to another very exciting event by the lovely Gemma to preview the Next Christmas Beauty Collection. This was the first event I'd been invited to apart from the awards so needless to say I was rather excited and a bit nervous as I toddled down to the Hempel Hotel in Paddington on Wednesday night...

The first thing that hit me was how gorgeous the venue was, as it was so swanky and pretty and I felt very posh indeed. The glasses of bubbly that came my way didn't go down too badly either, but it was good they were serving such yummy food to soak it up a bit or I might not have made it back to Sheffield so easily... Next were also kind enough to offer a few different beauty treatments so I got my nails painted a gorgeous festive glittery green which I'll show you in a different post, but I passed on the eye brow threading for fear that I'd walk around with bright red brows all night! Now onto the actual products, Next had set up lots of stands with all their different collections on and I had no idea they offered such variety and also sold products from brands such as St Tropez, Burt's Bees and Models Own. I've put in photos of the displays I was most drawn to which were The Gift Boutique, Gold and City Collection. I thought The Gift Boutique display (picture five) offered products perfect for Christmas stockings that seemed like more affordable versions of Cath Kidston things and that the Gold range (picture four) looked so luxe and included the most amazing hair dryer and straighteners (Who doesn't love a bit of leopard print!). The City Collection (picture three) caught my eye because it offered so many different scents and the branding made the items appear to be more expensive than they actually are. I definitely feel like my Mum would love to receive a New York candle for Christmas and I was actually lucky enough to get given a Milan room diffuser and Paris perfume from that collection in my goody bag, along with a luxurious body scrub and autumnal glamour eye palette. 

Overall I had a great night and was so impressed by what Next will be offering this Christmas. I also met some lovely girls like Em, Tasha and Becca and am really looking forward to the other events I've been invited to now. Oh and outfit wise I went for an autumnal smart/casual look of leather shorts, wedged shoe boots, spiked collared shirt and berry jumper, I didn't manage to get a proper outfit photo of this but you can sort of see how it looked in the nail bar photo.
I've had a very lazy time today but need to go get ready now as I'm cooking my friends dinner before we go off to see one of the plays that's on at uni which is supposed to be incredible. I hope you've all had a good week!

Love Meg
Monday 15 October 2012

Video- Top Ten Autumn Picks: Part One, Make up

Hello Lovelies!

I've been finding it a bit hard to keep up to date with my youtube channel recently what with starting uni again and being in a new house, plus my house mates make it hard for me to leave the sofa at the moment because I always want to chat and hang out with them! Such issues...anyway at the weekend I made sure to sit myself down on my bedroom floor, grab my tripod and some make up and film whilst my house mates were out (Rosie's dog did burst in to my room at one point while I was filming but that's a story for another day) The video I decided to film was my top ten picks for Autumn, the first part below is all about my make up picks, which you can take a sneaky peek of in the photo I've put in and there will be a second part coming soon with beauty product and fashion picks... 

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in '107' / 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish in 'Ruby Gem' / MUA Glamour Days Palette / Urban Decay Eye Pencil in 'Rockstar' / Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in 'Berry'

Please do have a little watch and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more! I need to go and tidy the house and make nibbles now as we're having friends over soon for a Made in Chelsea night (Yes I really am that excited for the new series!). We've really pushed the boat out and got Cava instead of the cheapest wine available and Sensations instead of chip sticks and frazzles, totally meant to live in Chelsea with those sort of standards...

I hope you also have a fun night getting a girl crush on Millie and wishing you were a Candy Kitten!

Love Meg

Saturday 13 October 2012

OOTD- Lacy Little Black Dress

Hey Girls,

If you've read my blog in the past week then you'll know that last night I performed in a charity musical concert to raise money for Rosie's Rainbow Fund. Well the concert was so much fun, raised lots of money for a great cause and left me amazed at how many talented friends I have! I also got to sing a song from Legally Blonde and was told I looked like Reese Witherspoon which all pretty much made my life (not even sure how much I'm exaggerating there). And of course it was a nice excuse to get all dressed up...

Dress- h&m
Belt- Borrowed
Wedges- New Look
Bracelet- Borrowed
Necklace- Usual
Lips- Kate Moss Lasting Finish '107'
Nails- 17 Fast Finish 'Ruby Gem'

The dress code for the night was black dresses with a hint of colour and as I'm obsessed with berry shades at the moment I thought I'd add a deep red. I had a bit of a panic about what dress to wear earlier in the week as all of my black dresses were a bit too posh or night out-ey (you know what I mean) for a family concert so I made a cheeky trip to town and found this lacy little black dress in h&m which has already become one of my favourite items of clothing because it'll work for so many occasions and has a nice flattering skater dress fit. I used the red belt to enhance this clinched in waist fit and add a pop of colour and the wedged shoe boots I bought for the Cosmo Blog Awards to add my much loved bit of 'edge'. I also thought I'd bring out my new Kate Moss lipstick which you can see more about here. When I first put it on the dark purple undertones did make me worry that people would think I was dressing up for Halloween a bit early but it did seem to mute down quite a bit and no one confused me for a vampire! Always a plus...

Today I'm having quite a lazy Saturday which will be spent recovering from the night out we went on after the concert, tidying my room which currently looks like a bomb's hit it and getting some uni work done before I head off for dinner with some friends tonight, although my boyfriend pointed out on the phone earlier that I'll probably only manage to get dressed and put some make up on before I have to leave for dinner which is probably a more realistic plan for the day!

Have a lovely Saturday everyone,
Love Meg

p.s I'd also like to say a big thank you to my friend Amin and his camera for taking these outfit photos for me last night!
Friday 12 October 2012

Top Five Autumn Lipsticks

Hello Lovelies!

As we're well in to October now I thought I should do an Autumn version of my top five lipstick series (see my summer one here). Autumn has to be my favourite season as I love big snuggly jumpers, stodgey comfort food and dressing up for Halloween. Plus it's the countdown to Christmas and my birthday! But another reason this season is so great is because of the lipsticks you can get away with wearing. Over spring and summer anything that wasn't a peachy nude didn't stand much of a chance of making it onto my lips (note to self: be more adventurous with lip colour next summer), but now I'm all about the deep berries and dusky muted pinks...

From left to right: Collection Cream Puff in 'cotton candy' / No7 Stay Perfect in 'classic rose' / Max Factor Lipfinity Tint in 'pink princess' / Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish in '107' / No7 Sheer Temptation in 'sassy'

Collection Cream Puff in 'cotton candy' £2.99- If you haven't got your hands on one of these yet then for the measly amount of three pounds I really think you should! They are described as 'moisturising lip creams' and are unlike any other lip product I've tried as they glide on like a thick creamy lip gloss and then dry like a matte lipstick. This purple toned pink also smells like Vanilla angel delight so you will have to fight the urge to lick your lips when your wearing this, or maybe that's just me...
  No7 Stay Perfect in 'classic rose' £9- This is one of the first proper lipsticks I ever bought and it's managed to remain one of my favourites because as the name suggests it's just very classic. It got neglected over the summer due to my obsession with lighter summery pinks but now we're in October I've welcomed it back into my make up bag, how nice of me.
Max Factor Lipfinity Tint in 'pink princess' £6.99- One of my only lip tint pen products, I do find it a bit hard to work with particularly when I have dry lips, but the plum colour is perfect for this season's berry trends and I do find it to be pretty long lasting. Looks lovely with a slick of lip gloss over the top too. 
Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish in '107' £5.49- I hurried out to get this the day it was released in Rimmel's new a/w collection as I adore the other lipsticks in the Kate Moss range and would go as far as saying they're the best drug store lipsticks out there. Big claim I know, but the incredible pigmentation, creamy glide on formula and long lasting matte finish can't be argued with and I was so happy to add this deep red/purple shade to my autumn lipstick collection.   
 No7 Sheer Temptation in 'sassy' £9- I know the colour in the pan is pretty terrifying for anyone let alone nude lip lovers but as it's part of the sheer temptation range it does translate to a very subtle blackcurrant shade that is actually incredibly wearable for day and night time. My only gripe is that it doesn't last very long, but it's glossy formula does make it easy to reapply on the go.

Please let me know what your favourite autumnal lipsticks are as I love getting recommendations from fellow beauty lovers...today I'm having a bit of a chill out, pamper and work out day with Rosie as we have Friday's off from uni but tonight we're doing the charity musical concert that I mentioned in my last post followed by a night out in Sheffield which should all be lots of fun. Particularly as I get to sing Elle Woods' part in the song we're doing from Legally Blonde and which girl doesn't want to pretend to be Elle Woods at least once in her life haha

I hope you've all had a good week! 
Love Meg
Wednesday 10 October 2012

What I got in my Cosmo Blog Awards Goody Bag...

Hey Girls!

I know I said this post would be up over the weekend, but I've been a very busy bee since coming back to uni with rehearsals, meetings and some uni work so have only just got the chance to write it. But anyway I hope you're still interested in seeing what I got inside my gorgeous Cosmo Goody bag at the blog awards last week...

Make up- Next Golden Eyes Palette / Urban Decay Eye Pencil / La La Lashes Party Peepers
Face and Skincare- Kleenex / Blanx Whitening Toothpaste / Facial Clay Spa Mask / Elemis Face Wash / Elemis Moisturiser / Dove Beauty Supplements
Body care- Vita Liberata Tanning Mousse / St. Tropez Gradual Tan / Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil
Hair- Philip Kingsley Elasticizer / VO5 Plump it up Spray / Percy Reed Volumising Mousse / Macadamia oil
Accessories- Next Clutch Bag / Necklace (need to find the brand) / Next Ankle Socks
Food- Explains itself really, very yummy!
As you can see I got some really lovely bits (thank you Cosmo and Next and all the companies who donated things!) and felt like a very lucky lady as I explored this bag on my way home from the awards, even if the other train passengers looked at me strangely for smiling at bottles of tanning products... The things I got most excited about were the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer as I know Lily swears by this, the Vita Liberato tanning mousse as I saw in Boots that it costs nearly £50 and is supposed to last up to three weeks which would be incredible and also the Next socks as I love wearing snuggly bed socks in my cold uni house! I don't want to bore you by giving my thoughts on everything right now so I'll be back with some reviews of individual things soon and do let me know if there is anything in particular you want to hear about. I also want to thank all of you lovely people for the sweet comments you left on my last post about the awards, I loved reading them and they really made me smile :)

As I said I've been having quite a busy time at uni this week and I've got a charity musical concert to perform in on Friday followed by a few nights out which is all very exciting! Right now I need to go though as I've promised my house mates that I'd make them Shepard's pie tonight, wish me and my very basic culinary skills luck... 

Love Meg
Friday 5 October 2012

The Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

Hello Lovelies!

So as I'm sure you know the Como Blog Awards 2012 took place in London last night and I was lucky enough to have been shortlisted for Best Newcomer and asked to go along. Well you'll also probably know I didn't win my category, but to be honest I felt like a winner for just being invited out of the 35,000 blogs that got nominated and had such an amazing time which I'm going to tell you all about now. You might want to grab a cup of tea and something chocolately as this is going to be rather long and picture heavy but I'll try and keep it interesting for you!

The Look

     Playsuit- Topshop
Blazer- Dorothy Perkins
Wedges- New Look
Clutch- New Look
Jewellery- Dorothy Perkins
Nails- No.7 'Beautifully Black'
Lips- MAC 'hue'
Tan- St.Tropez Gradual Tanning Lotion Medium/Dark

Finding the right outfit for the night was a rather stressful experience as I didn't want to be too over or under dressed, but still wanted to stand out and show my individual style (I was going to be in a room with lots of fashion bloggers afterall!). Because of all this I thought going for a playsuit would be perfect as it's a bit different and can be dressed up or down and when I saw this smart nudey pink one with an open lacy back in Topshop it took me less than a ten seconds to decide I wanted it. As the front of the playsuit was quite simple I wanted to team it with big black statement accessories so a chunky bracelet, dangly feather earrings, oversized lacy clutch and black nails were added and the silky loose blazer finished off the smart/casual/classy thing I was going for. For footwear I bought a pair of platform wedged shoe boots to add a bit of 'edge', they were also suprisingly comfy and my feet didn't hate me at the end of the night which made a nice change! Make up wise I really wanted to do a good dark smoky eye so made sure to keep my lips neutral with MAC 'hue' and then decided to wear my hair up in a hair donut to add a bit of glamour and make sure my hair had would stay in place all night.

The Event

The venue for the big event was The Rose Club next to Selfridges just off Oxford Street and I felt very important being let in to a club right by the best store in London just by saying my name! The club itself was really cool and there was plenty of sparkle and pink making it all very Cosmo. It was also incredible to be in the same room as the Cosmo editor, Louise Court and 'catwalk to curvy' columist, Laura Puddy. The place had a nice set up too with sofas for chilling and chatting and a dance floor for boogying along to the dj once everyone had drank a few cocktails which were available for free all night from the gorgeous shiny bar. Turns out I'm not one to turn down a free drink(s). There were also people floating round with canapes which were very fancy and incredibly tasty.

 The Products

The side areas of the club were pretty much heaven for beauty lovers as you could get made over with Next make up, have a manicure done by Elemis with your choice of Essie polish and get some cool lash perfect false eye lashes put on. I'd already done all the make up I wanted but I did swap my black nails for Essie 'Recessionista' which was a gorgeous autumnal plum and got some lash perfect eyelashes put on in the style 'drama queen' which were amazing thick spiky things that my Dad referred to as large spiders when I took them off. Cheers Dad. Of course I can't forget to mention the amazing goody bags everyone got given as they left, the Cosmo bag itself would have been enough to please me but then there was all this great stuff inside it too including St.Tropez gradual tan, Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and an Urban Decay eyeliner. I don't really have room in this post to go into any more detail so I'll do a complete post/video on what was in there over the weekend for you...

The People

 Arguably the best thing about last night was meeting lots of lovely bloggers! Being quite a newbie to the blogging world means I don't really know anyone yet and didn't know a soul at the awards so I was quite nervous, however I shouldn't have worried because everyone was so sweet, particularly Em, BethEllie and Emma. I want to also give a special shoutout to the lovely Em who won the best Newcomer prize. Before I went along last night I had planned to chat to a few of my favourite bloggers such as ViviannaFleur and Lilybut Lily couldn't go and I didn't get the chance to speak to the others but just being a few metres away from them was amazing anyway. In a completely non stalkerish way I promise...I also got the chance to speak to a really nice girl from Next who invited me to a Christmas beauty preview event in a couple of weeks so I'm very excited about that.

So that's my run down of the Cosmo Blog Awards, well done to everyone that won (full winners list here
and I hope everyone that didn't had a great time anyway. Also thank you so much to anyone that voted to get me there in the first place, you're all wonderful people. Today has very much been an unwind sort of day consisting mainly of checking out the blogs of people I met last night, eating all the food from my goody bag and writing this enormous blog post. Apologies if I've bored you but thanks so much for getting this far if you're actually reading this bit!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Love Meg
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