Saturday 20 October 2012

Festive Fun: Next Nail Varnish in 'Jade Shimmer'

Good Evening Girlies,

Just a little post from me today (Can you expect me to produce more than this on a night when both Strictly and X Factor are being broadcast!) about the nails I had done at the Next event I went to last Wednesday...

Next Nail Varnish in 'Jade Shimmer'
As it was an event for Christmas products and I was already wearing a berry red jumper I decided to go the whole festive hog and get my nails painted a gorgeous deep glittery green jewel colour called 'Jade Shimmer'. I don't actually own a colour like this as sometimes less girly colours scare me a bit (There aren't many months of the year that pastels don't appear on my talons), but I thought the glitter and fact it was such a deep shade made it a really lovely colour perfect for autumn and winter, particularly the festive season. I hadn't tried Next nail polishes before and was actually very impressed by the quality, easy application, high pigmentation and how fast it dried. I'd say it lasts about four days before chipping as I'm probably going to change my nails tonight, which I think is about average but it does depend on what base and top coat you use too. Overall I'm rather impressed by Next's nail polish offering and for only three pounds a pop I'll definitely be buying 'Jade Shimmer' along with some other shades like these for myself soon.

I had a nice time in town today lunching with my friend Alice and making cheeky Origins and Topshop purchases which I will go into more detail on soon. I also went to Primark with my house mate Nick to get him a onesie, so now we're having a onesie night in dressed as a monkey and tiger, we sure know how to live...oh and I uploaded a new youtube video today too which I'll post on tomorrow but you can watch right now here.

Have a lovely Saturday night everyone!
Love Meg


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! The perfect emerald color! :)

  2. haha a onesie night dressed as a monkey and a tiger... i need to come along and be your housemate meg! This sounds like my kind of night! haha - i still dont own a onesie though..shocking :(

    Love the colour - Im always scared of green on my nails but this looks beautiful - i love the shimmer in it. I will definitely be picking a shimmery green up for myself! perfect for christmas time xx

  3. Such a beautiful colour. I love black/green nail varnish colours. :) xx

  4. Ooh this colour just screams winter. I am a lover of green polishes and this really takes my fancy :) Such a lovely post xxx

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  6. [Apologies not sure whats happening with my computer]
    Anyways comment re-pasted below:

    Hi Meg,

    I also attended the Next Beauty Event just gone and was lucky enough to get my nails done as well.

    I have to say, like you, I also went for this colour and I know that a lot of Blogger ladies chose this gorg' shade too. So great minds think alike 'ay? Sorry I didn't get to meet you on the night.
    But great post and hopefully we will bump into each other soon.

    Take Care,
    LiLi Xx


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