Friday 19 October 2012

Next Christmas Beauty Collection Event

Hey Girlies!

When I was at the Cosmo Blog Awards a few weeks ago I got invited to another very exciting event by the lovely Gemma to preview the Next Christmas Beauty Collection. This was the first event I'd been invited to apart from the awards so needless to say I was rather excited and a bit nervous as I toddled down to the Hempel Hotel in Paddington on Wednesday night...

The first thing that hit me was how gorgeous the venue was, as it was so swanky and pretty and I felt very posh indeed. The glasses of bubbly that came my way didn't go down too badly either, but it was good they were serving such yummy food to soak it up a bit or I might not have made it back to Sheffield so easily... Next were also kind enough to offer a few different beauty treatments so I got my nails painted a gorgeous festive glittery green which I'll show you in a different post, but I passed on the eye brow threading for fear that I'd walk around with bright red brows all night! Now onto the actual products, Next had set up lots of stands with all their different collections on and I had no idea they offered such variety and also sold products from brands such as St Tropez, Burt's Bees and Models Own. I've put in photos of the displays I was most drawn to which were The Gift Boutique, Gold and City Collection. I thought The Gift Boutique display (picture five) offered products perfect for Christmas stockings that seemed like more affordable versions of Cath Kidston things and that the Gold range (picture four) looked so luxe and included the most amazing hair dryer and straighteners (Who doesn't love a bit of leopard print!). The City Collection (picture three) caught my eye because it offered so many different scents and the branding made the items appear to be more expensive than they actually are. I definitely feel like my Mum would love to receive a New York candle for Christmas and I was actually lucky enough to get given a Milan room diffuser and Paris perfume from that collection in my goody bag, along with a luxurious body scrub and autumnal glamour eye palette. 

Overall I had a great night and was so impressed by what Next will be offering this Christmas. I also met some lovely girls like Em, Tasha and Becca and am really looking forward to the other events I've been invited to now. Oh and outfit wise I went for an autumnal smart/casual look of leather shorts, wedged shoe boots, spiked collared shirt and berry jumper, I didn't manage to get a proper outfit photo of this but you can sort of see how it looked in the nail bar photo.
I've had a very lazy time today but need to go get ready now as I'm cooking my friends dinner before we go off to see one of the plays that's on at uni which is supposed to be incredible. I hope you've all had a good week!

Love Meg


  1. aw sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time! Can spy some perfect xmas gifts :) ox

  2. Oh wow looks like a super event! Very jealous! Glittery green polish sounds lovely, I had no idea before reading this they sold brands like Models Own. I love your oufit too :)

    Robyn Mayday

  3. This looks like a great event and some lovely gifts x

  4. Awww looks like a great event!
    I was invited to go but sadly I couldn't make it! :(

  5. I love next perfume's so much! They're such good value for money compared to other perfumes :) I really want the paris perfume!
    Looks like a lovely event and I love your outfit :)
    Love Holly x

  6. Sounds like a fantastic event :) Loving these recap posts Meg!

  7. This looks like such a fab event, looks like you had a blast!

    Love your blog girly, given you a follow.

    Would be awesome if you checked out my blog, currently got a Mac Makeup giveaway! xx

  8. Sounds like a great event and that you had a lovely time! x

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  10. Awww I was invited to this and couldn't make it! Was gutted and now I am even more so because it looks fab!! It's annoying being up north!


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