Saturday 13 October 2012

OOTD- Lacy Little Black Dress

Hey Girls,

If you've read my blog in the past week then you'll know that last night I performed in a charity musical concert to raise money for Rosie's Rainbow Fund. Well the concert was so much fun, raised lots of money for a great cause and left me amazed at how many talented friends I have! I also got to sing a song from Legally Blonde and was told I looked like Reese Witherspoon which all pretty much made my life (not even sure how much I'm exaggerating there). And of course it was a nice excuse to get all dressed up...

Dress- h&m
Belt- Borrowed
Wedges- New Look
Bracelet- Borrowed
Necklace- Usual
Lips- Kate Moss Lasting Finish '107'
Nails- 17 Fast Finish 'Ruby Gem'

The dress code for the night was black dresses with a hint of colour and as I'm obsessed with berry shades at the moment I thought I'd add a deep red. I had a bit of a panic about what dress to wear earlier in the week as all of my black dresses were a bit too posh or night out-ey (you know what I mean) for a family concert so I made a cheeky trip to town and found this lacy little black dress in h&m which has already become one of my favourite items of clothing because it'll work for so many occasions and has a nice flattering skater dress fit. I used the red belt to enhance this clinched in waist fit and add a pop of colour and the wedged shoe boots I bought for the Cosmo Blog Awards to add my much loved bit of 'edge'. I also thought I'd bring out my new Kate Moss lipstick which you can see more about here. When I first put it on the dark purple undertones did make me worry that people would think I was dressing up for Halloween a bit early but it did seem to mute down quite a bit and no one confused me for a vampire! Always a plus...

Today I'm having quite a lazy Saturday which will be spent recovering from the night out we went on after the concert, tidying my room which currently looks like a bomb's hit it and getting some uni work done before I head off for dinner with some friends tonight, although my boyfriend pointed out on the phone earlier that I'll probably only manage to get dressed and put some make up on before I have to leave for dinner which is probably a more realistic plan for the day!

Have a lovely Saturday everyone,
Love Meg

p.s I'd also like to say a big thank you to my friend Amin and his camera for taking these outfit photos for me last night!


  1. That's a lovely dress Meg, and pic 1 is particularly pretty x

  2. Such a cute outfit!! That lipstick looks amazing :) x

  3. You look stunning! :)

  4. You look gorgeous! Your hair really makes me want to cut mine! X

  5. I love the wedges, have been after some for ages:)!

  6. Lovely dress and I like how you have added the berry shade lipstick xx

  7. So beautiful! I adore your dress <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. Looking lovely, red and black are such a classic match.xx

  9. You look gorgeous Mrs! And what a great cause too.
    I love legally blonde, I'm doing law and my law teacher from college used to say that it would be my life story.
    Anyway, I hope you've managed to recover by now.
    Hope to speak soon,
    Laura xx

  10. Wow what a beautiful classic outfit, you've found yourself the perfect lbd!
    Love your blog, I will be sure to follow now!
    Maddie xx

  11. You look gorgeous! Hope you sang a good one from Legally Blonde... who am I kidding, they're all awesome! :) xxx

  12. Really adorable - absolutely love it!

  13. You look lush babe!! Love that dress!!! Xx.

  14. Your hair grew so nicely. I also really like your dress.

  15. I love the dress!And I love H&M for dresses like this one!You look georgeous!


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  17. Gorgeous and nice to see a fellow student from Sheffield (:

  18. So gorgeous!
    that dress is beautiful!


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