Friday 31 August 2012

Video- July/August Favourites!

Hello Lovelies!

As if it's the last day in August already?! I'm not sure where the summer went, but judging by the chilly weather we had earlier today I'll be fishing out the winter wardrobe tomorrow...but before we all say goodbye to our sandals for good I thought I'd show you what summery products I've been loving over July and August and then if you want to know more about them you can watch the video I filmed for you and perhaps subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to see more videos like it. Lovely jubbly :)

I've had quite a chilled out time today, but I need to go and start getting ready soon as it's my friend Laura's leaving party tonight as she's moving to France next year, I'm going to miss her so much but I'm excited to get my dancing shoes on tonight! Oh and also this is the very last day you can vote for me in the Cosmo blog awards so please please do click on this link cosmo-blog-awards or the button in the side bar if you enjoy my blog, it only takes two clicks and means an awful lot.

I hope you all have a great night!
Love Meg
Thursday 30 August 2012

August in pictures

Hello Lovelies!

I've just got back from an amazing day at Westfields Stratford with my friend Lydia where I made a few exciting purchases (you might just see one below, but I'll do a full haul soon!), but now I'm too tired to do anything else tonight apart from put together my month in pictures and watch the paralympics...

One of my bibles / my first Wagamama's / my new baby aka the Zara shopper basket / Olympic postbox / my batman creation for my man's birthday / westend night out to see Spamalot / we missed Christian Gray / Fred loving her Cath Kidston afternoon tea / experimenting with sea salt spray

I hope you've all had an amazing August!
Love Meg

p.s Voting for the Cosmo blog awards ends tomorrow so if you like my blog and you're feeling lovely then please follow this link cosmo-blog-awards or click the button opposite to vote for me as best newcomer, it only takes two clicks and means so much!
Wednesday 29 August 2012

OOTD- Soaking up the Sunshine

Hello Lovelies!

At the start of every summer holiday I always feel like it's going to last forever, but surprise surprise it always goes super quickly and suddenly you only have two more days of August left, which also means hardly any time to wear your summer wardrobe, boo :( So in these last couple of weeks of sunshine I've made sure to wear as many summer outfits as I can and wore this particularly tropical outfit to lunch with the girls last week...

Crop top- Topshop
Shorts- Miss Selfridge
Jacket- New Look
Pumps- Primark
Sunglasses- Primark
If you've been following my blog for a while or seen a few outfit posts then you might have realised there are few things I love more than high waisted bottoms and a cropped top. I think it's just a clothing combination that flatters my figure quite well as it shows the smallest part of your body without leaving you looking too naked!  It's also supposed to make your legs look longer which is always good for shorties like me. Anyway, I do like to dress up as though I'm actually on a tropical holiday sometimes and these ditzy print shorts, flower hair pin and floral sunnies are perfect for that. Then I just added my new cropped denim jacket and ballet pumps to make the whole thing a bit more British weather appropriate! Such a shame that next time I wear this outfit it will probably also include tights and a jumper.

I just went to work and had lunch with some friends today, but I'm very excited about my plans for tomorrow as me and the lovely Lydia are hitting Westfields in Stratford to do some major shopping, there are so many shops that we're having to make a short list of where we want to go, exciting times indeed. I'm really hoping to get a new hand/uni bag like the Zara tan shopper and also bite the bullet and buy some Origins skincare to see if it's really worth the hype. I'll probably spend lots of time writing my full wishlist whilst watching the Paralympic opening ceremony tonight!

Have a lovely night everyone,
Love Meg
Tuesday 28 August 2012

A Millie Mackintosh Favourite: Myface Cosmetics Mymix Foundation Review

Hello Again!

As promised I'm now back with a proper blog post and it's going to be a review of one of the more recent additions to my make up collection- the Myface Cosmetics Mymix foundation. I originally bought this because not only did one of my favourite bloggers, dizzybrunette3 pronounce it to be her holy grail foundation, but it is also supposed to be a favourite of Millie Mackintosh, Cheryl Cole and Kate Moss! (Don't believe me? Read this article that Corrie found-celebrity-favourite-foundations) So naturally I thought what is good enough for them is certainly good enough for me...

Even though this is counted as a drugstore foundation it's certainly on the pricey side at £15.99 (plus p+p as it's only really available from the website). I was lucky as there was an offer on when I bought mine so I got it for about £12, but the main question is is it worth the price? Well I there's no question about it this is a really lovely foundation...the packaging is fairly sleek and professional (albeit not that exciting), however the first thing that really impressed me was the wide shade range available consisting of nine different colours. These shades are also split up into three categories- fair, medium and medium/dark, which makes it quite easy to select your colour without swatching. I went for 'fair 2' as I'm usually the second shade up in other foundations and I do find this to be a good match, although it might be a bit on the dark side in winter. The shades also seem to be quite yellow toned which works to, as the website claims 'transform complexions for a natural, healthy, just-back-from-holiday glow'. I'd say that the consistency is a bit thicker than my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix, but still on the runny side if you compare it with Rimmel Wake Me Up for example, so it still feels quite light on the face whilst providing a good medium to full coverage and a nice satin finish. This also means it lasts a long time and because it has no SPF you won't get the dreaded ghost face in photos if you wear this on a night out either. Here's what it looks like on applied with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush...

So overall I do think this is a very good foundation (Not sure about the instant image upgrade claim that's on the packaging though!) and probably my second favourite to the Bourjous Healthy Mix foundation and serum. However, as I prefer to wear quite a light foundation in the day at the moment I'd say this is more my perfect night out foundation, but if your a girl that likes their face to be a bit less dewy and light than I do then this could be your holy grail...if only it was more around the ten pound mark and available in Boots!

As I said in my earlier video post I've just pretty much spent my day making videos and doing bloggy things, I figured I deserved a day doing that after my weekend of sorting out my new room in Sheffield (which by the way has a walk in wardrobe!), off to work for the day tomorrow though...such exciting times haha

I hope you all have a lovely night guys!
Love Meg

Video- Most Worn Summer Things TAG

Hey there lovelies!

So I've just spent a rather nice morning filming summery videos and thought I'd let you know I've just uploaded the first one, which is the most worn summer things TAG that has been doing the blogging rounds.  When I'm talking about loads of products I always find it easier to make a video and I really enjoyed making this one as I got to talk about all my favourite summer things...

Please subscribe to my youtube channel if you enjoy it and I shall be back later today with a normal blog post which I think is either going to be a foundation review or a round up of my favourite eye liners...I just can't decide!

Hope your all having a lovely day,
Love Meg
Friday 24 August 2012

Top Five Summer Lipsticks

Hello Girlies!

I think the horrible rainy weather going on today made me realise I need to get a move on with my summer themed posts or it'll literally be time to write the Christmas present lists before I've done them! So I'm starting today with my top five favourite lipsticks that I've been wearing this summer, all drugstore of course...

From left to right: Natural Collection 'Rose Petal' / Topshop 'Whimsical' / Revlon Lip Butter 'Tutti Frutti' / L'oreal Rouge Caresse 'Cheeky Magenta' / Rimmel Kate Collection '02'

Natural Collection 'Rose Petal' £1.99- The perfect peachy nude lipstick that's really moisturising, pretty and perfect for everyday wear, oh and it costs less than a sandwich.
 Topshop 'Whimsical' £8- A lovely pinky coral, for summer days when your craving a bit of colour but nothing too crazy.
Revlon Lip Butter 'Tutti Frutti' £7.99- One of my favourite lipsticks of all time (Don't be put off by the bright orange!). Can be worn as a sheer coral or built up to a subtle red, is super moisturising and leaves a gorgeous long lasting tint to the lips.
 L'oreal Rouge Caresse 'Cheeky Magenta' £7.99- A bright Barbie pink that gives your lips a gorgeous sheer pop of colour, can be worn both day and night and feels nice and light. 
Rimmel Kate Collection '02' £5.49- The most daring of the five, Miss Moss' deep hot pink creation is a great summer alternative to bright red. It's ridiculously pigmented and has a matte finish that lasts literally all day.

What are your favourite summer lipsticks?

I had a nice time seeing my girls, Faye and Lydia today, we had to have an indoor picnic due to the typically English weather but it was still really fun! I need to get packing now as I'm off to Sheffield for the weekend to sort out my new room for third year, I'm rather looking forward to it as I adore my new house and house mates, I just wish it was a bit closer to home...

Have a lovely night everyone!
Love Meg
Thursday 23 August 2012

August Lust Haves and Must Haves

Hello Girlies!

Yes it's that time already... time for some monthly lusting and musting over what the things we can't really afford and the dupes we should totally go and buy right now because they're such a bargain...

LUST HAVE- Clinique Chubby Stick £13.50
MUST HAVE- Poundland Chit Chat Stick £1

LUST HAVE- Christian Louboutin Studded Loafers £895
MUST HAVE- Forever 21 Studded Loafers £16

LUST HAVE- Mac Fix+ £13.50
MUST HAVE- Body shop Vitamin E Face Mist £7

So there you go, I hope you've found some cheap solutions to your expensive wish list woes and also like the slightly new layout I've used (I discovered the wonders of paint today...)

I've just had a boring couple of days at work and sorting out my room and life in general, should hopefully be seeing the girls tomorrow though which will be nice! Oh and also far more excited than I should be for the new series of Waterloo Road starting tonight, I know nobody even watches it any more except me but I've stuck with it since the start and I can't neglect it now hahaa

I hope you're all having a less cringe worthy evening,
Love Meg
Tuesday 21 August 2012

OOTD- Skull and crossbones

Hello Lovelies!

If you follow me on twitter or read yesterdays post then you might know that I went lunching and shopping with my Mum and sister today as my sister doesn't come home very often. Anyway I fancied dressing up a bit for the occasion and thought I'd show you what I wore...

Blouse- COW vintage
Shorts- Ebay seller
Scarf- Market
Pumps- Primark
Hair Donut- Savers
Lips- Kate Moss for Rimmel shade 12
This is a bit of a different look for me as I'm usually all about pretty girly pastels and florals in the summer, but as it wasn't quite as warm today I fancied going for something a bit edgier. I absolutely love this vintage blouse I found in COW  last winter as I think it has very cool collar and cuff detailing and it goes with so much, plus it was about £7 if I remember correctly. In fact this whole outfit and accessories put together only cost me about £30 as I always think you can find trends for less if you look around! I also love my ebay faux leather shorts which I picked up for £12 because I couldn't quite bring myself to pay forty odd pound for Topshop ones. I do find them quite hard to style though, particularly in the summer so I went for bare legs and nude ballet pumps so I still looked quite girly and summery. Then I used the skull scarf, red lips and cross accessories to make the outfit a tad 'rock chicky' (cringee) without looking like I'm some sort of Nickleback groupie (although they do happen to be a guilty pleasure of mine). I'd also like to point that I'm sporting a donut in my hair for the first time as it's finally long enough to put up in one, I love it as it's so easy and gives the illusion that I've actually got rapunzel length hair...well kind of.

Ring (not worn in original photos)- My sister's from an individual Boutique
Nails- Barry M Mint Green and foil effects Gold
Cross Earrings- River Island
Others- New Look
So that was my day, I got a few pieces of jewellery from the Dorothy Perkins sale and some boring hair bits but was quite good other than that as pay day isn't till Friday. Off to get my boyfriend from the station now as he's just finished another day of being a city boy, I'm quite jealous really as I'd love to dress up in fancy office wear everyday!

I hope you've all had a lovely day,
Love Meg
Monday 20 August 2012

It's the Simple things: Prairie Charms Bracelet

Hello Everyone!

You may have heard of the lovely new jewellery brand, Prairie Charms, who have been doing the blogging rounds due to their very tempting offers and pretty designs! I've had my bracelet for a little while now so thought I'd finally get round to reviewing it tonight...

The bracelet I chose to get was called 'The simple things in life is often the best', which I think with jewellery can often be true as I love the simple cream beads embellished with one gold bow charm. I'm nearly always wearing my Links of London and Pandora bracelets that I got from my boyfriend so I like to have quite neutral bracelets that will fit in with them and I think this totally does. As bloggers got a special half price discount the bracelet was only £4 and as 10% of all bracelet sales go to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital you can feel good about spending for once! Another thing I love about this brand is the cute packaging that the bracelets come in with the tissue paper and bow, as I think it makes receiving the parcel quite thoughtful and personal. I can't see this particular design on the website at the moment but they have lots of other ones to choose from as well as rings, necklaces, hair accessories and broaches which you can have a look at here-

I had a lovely time lunching and mooching round town in the sun with the girls today and tomorrow I'm off to mooch round a different town with my Mum and sister before seeing my boyfriend before he goes to Reading festival...the fun's not going to last though sadly as the Wednesday slot in my diary has work 8.30 till 6 written in it, boo :( 

Have a lovely night!
Love Meg
Sunday 19 August 2012

Sleek Rose Gold Blush: A Dupe for Nars Orgasm?

Hello Lovelies!

As you probably know I'm always on the hunt for good dupes of those highly hyped high end products and one of the most hyped high end pieces of make up has to be the Nars Orgasm blush. Famous for the gorgeous healthy 'afterglow' it creates I was desperate to get my hands on it, however a £21 blush and a bank account that hasn't seen a student loan since April doesn't mix well so I thought I'd give Sleek's £4.49 Rose Gold blush (available from Superdrug or the Sleek website) a go instead as I swatched both of them when I was in Oxford Street last week and they seemed pretty identical...

As a girl who is far too obsessed with peach and coral cream blushes this is something a little different for me as it's a deep rose pink colour with a silky powder consistency and subtle gold shimmer. As you can see from the photo of Orgasm below, the blushes have a pretty exact colour match and I'd even say I prefer the colour of Rose Gold as when I swatched Orgasm the gold was a bit overwhelming, however Sleek seem to have used just the right amount to create a lovely glow...although if you have a great aversion to anything shimmery then I'd try before you buy. I also found I didn't need to use a highlighter with this blush as when the gold catches the light it really illuminates the cheekbones. For a blush that's under five pound I'm also very impressed with the quality as it's nicely pigmented and the black packaging makes it look far more professional and high end than it is (although I do find you need strong nails and sometimes teeth to open it!) From the tests I've done it seems to last all day on the cheeks and overall I think it's the perfection addition to the make up bag of anyone that's looking for a nice different all year round glowing blusher but doesn't fancy forking out over 20 pound for it! Probably the best dupe I've found :)

I've been loving the weather this weekend and spent yesterday mooching around London in the sunshine with my boyfriend before we went to see Spamalot which was one of my birthday presents to him. I'm a massive musical and Monty Python lover so thought it was amazing and so funny! Then today I've been resuming my sun bathing and chilling out, so yeah quite enjoying all this time off malarkey at the moment...

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
Love Meg
Friday 17 August 2012

Guest Post: Passion for Ethical Fashion

Hello Everyone!

Tonight I am putting up my first guest post which the lovely people at K&Co have written about the different brands you can get Ethical fashion from, I found the post so interesting and thought the boots from Clarks were really cute, plus it's all for a great cause so I hope you enjoy...

The Passion for Ethical Fashion
Not so long ago, buying ethically manufactured clothing offered limited options, but a recent surge in socially and environmentally responsible attitudes, both from brands and consumers has led to a wave of change.
More and more major brands are taking an ethical stance, incorporating fair trade policies, and using their profile and influence to highlight and help environmental and social causes.
And whereas, traditionally, investing in ethical products often meant sacrificing on quality and style, the increased demand has caused manufacturers to take note and start offering products that are not only ethical, but utterly covetable too.

Founded in 2004, Clarks’ Soul of Africa project was conceived to provide a two-fold response to AIDS-affected communities in South Africa. A self-sustainable charity, Soul of Africa trains and employs women in local communities to manufacture hand-stitched footwear, then invests a percentage of the profits directly into projects which help orphans and vulnerable children affected by AIDS. Clarks boots, shoes and sandals can be ordered online at or in store on your high street.

People Tree
People Tree is a bona fide eco brand with a stellar reputation and ambitious ethical goals that extend to every aspect of the company. Implementing rigorous fair trade policies, supporting independent cotton farmers in developing countries and ensuring that their products are completely organic, People Tree also campaigns tirelessly to promote sustainable, fair-trade to government, brands and consumers.

Founded by U2 frontman Bono and his activist wife Ali Hewson, Edun is a model brand, proving once and for all that fashion and ethics can work seamlessly together. With impeccable ethical credentials, Edun’s mission is clear: to grow fair, responsible trade in Africa while creating a global fashion brand, and so far they’re doing pretty well. With clothing sold globally and environmental and community projects throughout Africa, hopefully more brands can follow in Edun’s footsteps.

Annie Greenabelle
‘Ethical clothing, made with love’ is Annie Greenabelle’s tagline, and it’s abundantly clear both in the brand’s mission and collection. Striving to produce clothing that is beautiful, on-trend and affordable, Annie Greenabelle’s products are made using a mixture of recycled fabrics and organic cotton, grown in rural centres across India, transported by road and produced only in factories that comply with Ethical Trading Initiative standards. And they’re just lovely. 

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored guest post from K&Co. 
Thursday 16 August 2012

Video- The Friendship TAG with Faye and Lydia!

Hello Lovelies!

It's just a little post from me today (who knows though I may get bored and do a mammoth post later tonight) to let you know I've just uploaded a new video to my Youtube channel. I know my blog and youtube are separate things but I do like to let you know when I upload just in case you like to watch! This was a very fun video to make with two of my best friends so I hope you enjoy it and please subscribe to my channel if you do...

I made use of my lack of plans today by dying my roots so I'm now nice and blonde again, working out and also having a bit of a layout sort on my blog as I felt it was a bit too busy and I wanted to start having bigger photos so I hope you like it! I'm not looking forward to the task of going back and resizing all my photos though...I'm also so excited that I'm one follower away from 400 right now so thank you so much to all my old and new subscribers for making that number possible, it's just nice to know that people are enjoying what I write :) 

Have a lovely night everyone!
Love Meg
Wednesday 15 August 2012

OOTD- Candy Denim, from sun to none...

Hello lovelies!

Around this time every year I always buy into summer trends, then hardly get to wear what I buy because it's not warm enough or their not practical enough! So this year when I hit the Topshop mid season June sale I solved this issue by buying the orange candy denim I'd been lusting after in both shorts and jeans. I've already showed you how I styled the shorts for a day in the sun in this post- ootd-top-of-crops, but I thought I'd shown you how I adapted that look for more typical rainy day at work...

Top- Primark
Jeans- Topshop
Sandals- New Look
Jacket- Miss Selfridge 
Necklace and bangles- Primark
Ring- Boots

If you look at the summer shorts ootd you will see that I've pretty much just changed the crop to a regular top and worn my jeans instead of shorts, whilst keeping other things similar like the sandals and gold jewellery (I can't get enough of Primark collar necklaces at the moment) so I still felt like it was summer! I love the candy denim trend so I think it's a shame if it's only worn on hot, casual days and as the shorts and jeans only cost me about £30 together in the sale I don't even feel too guilty about owning multiple orange items...I'm also really happy with how the jeans fit as they're a good skinny fit and a nice length with a slightly high waist which makes them quite flattering and I usually really struggle to find comfy jeans that fit me nicely.

I've had a really nice week so far as I went shopping with the girls on Monday (expect a mini-haul soon), went to a friend's BBQ yesterday and spent today practising my friend's bridal make up which I'll be doing for her wedding. I've also been getting quite into my healthy eating and fitness this week as my boyfriend's now working in London so I have more free time to make a fool of myself dancing around to work out DVD's, in fact I've just ordered the 30 day shred so there might be a few health related features coming up soon (If I manage to keep it up for longer than a week that is!)

I hope you're all having a lovely week too,
Love Meg
Sunday 12 August 2012

How to: Create a Gold Smoky Eye with the Naked 2

Hello Lovelies!

A little while ago one of my friends from school messaged me asking if I could do a post showing some of the looks you can create with the Naked 2 eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay (full post on that palette here-naked-2) and as my other friend Lydia had also asked me to create some easy eye shadow looks for her I saw a perfect opportunity... So here is a simple and subtle step by step golden smoky eye look that I created on Lydia using the Naked 2 that could be worn with eye liner and lashes for a night out or on its own for a natural daytime look-

 To create this look I started by applying my favourite shade, 'half baked' all over the lids using the large fluffy end of the Urban Decay eyeshadow brush to give Lydia a nice gold base, taking it quite high up towards the brow bones to widen the eyes. I then used this part of the brush again to sweep 'chopper' from half way across the lids all the way to the outer corners to add a pretty copper colour that starts to create the smoky effect. I then finished the look by lining the crease and very outer corners of the lids with the shimmery dark brown shade, 'snakebite' using the thinner crease end of the brush, which emphasised the smoky effect and added definition to Lydia's eyes.

Lydia was very happy with how this look turned out as she thought it added some pretty definition to her eyes whilst still looking quite natural, so I hope it's helpful to anyone looking for smoky eye or Naked 2 tips...What do you think of this bronze smoky look? Are you a fan of the Naked 2 palette and what other looks do you like to create with it? 

I've just had a really lovely time with my boyfriend and family this weekend as we had a cute day out yesterday playing crazy golf (I love a bit of golfing fun) and going somewhere nice for dinner. Then tomorrow I'm off to Bluewater with Lydia and faye so hopefully I'll have a few goodies to show you when I come back, I really want those River Island disco pant dupes so I'll definitely be trying those on and deciding if my bank balance will let me have them! Also most excited for the closing ceremony of the Olympics tonight (particularly the Spice Girls)...

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
Love Meg
Friday 10 August 2012

Topshop lipstick in 'Whimsical'

Hello Girlies!

Sorry I haven't been around much this week, but I went to help at Brownie camp because my Mum's a leader (I know, I'm too cool sometimes) so I've only just got a chance to blog. Anyway, today I thought I'd talk about my latest lipstick love which my Mum treated me to in London last week- Topshop Whimsical...

First of all I adore any make up that comes in a box so it got a bit thumbs up from me before I even looked at the product inside and the stripey metal casing makes it a very hand bag worthy lipstick too. The website describes the colour of whimsical as a 'pinky nude' which is my favourite sort of lip colour and it certainly doesn't disappoint as it's the perfect peachy pink nude with a bright coral undertone, making it ideal for both day and night particularly during summer. It has a matte/velvet finish with great pigmentation that creates a good coverage in one swipe, but is much less drying than the other matte members of it's colour family (Barry M 147, Topshop Coy...) and wearing a tiny bit of vaseline underneath allows it to apply smoothly, fade evenly and not cling to dry patches. It also lasts a good few hours on the lips and I'm really just a very happy bunny to have this lipstick in my life! Oh, and at an affordable £8 a pop I think they are a great purse friendly alternative to MAC lipsticks so what's not to love?

Have you tried any Topshop lipsticks yet? What other shades should I add to my wishlist?

As I said I've mainly just been helping at Brownie camp this week, but I've also celebrated my boyfriend's birthday which was yesterday and been at work today so I'm excited to just have a night in tonight!

I hope you've all had a lovely week!
Love Meg
Sunday 5 August 2012

Summer Haul! Makeup, Clothes and More...

Hey Girlies!

I don't often do hauls as I tend to buy new things here and there rather than in one go, however yesterday I went shopping with my boyfriend and actually got enough things to justify me doing one so here it is...

1. Primark ballet pumps- First stop was Primark and I headed straight for the shoes as my pumps have been looking a bit tatty lately but I don't really like to spend too much on basic flats. I was really excited to find these cute ballet pumps for only £4 so picked them up in pink (so I can walk around casually feeling like a ballerina) and black. The size fours fit nicely and are also not too structured so actually look like ballet slippers which I really like.

2. Primark sun glasses- My trusty New Look sunnies broke when I was in London last week after I shoved them into my bag unprotected one time too many so I also got these cute floral sunglasses from Primark to replace them. They don't make me look like a fly (always a bonus) and were only £2 which is great as I don't like spending too much on sunglasses as chances are I'll just sit on them or lose them!

3. Boots goodies- Next I just got some boring bits from Boots...Pantene hairspray that I love because it's the only hairspray I've ever tried that smells gorgeous and my standard Impulse 'very pink' body spray which I've bought like a million times because it also smells amazing. I also got the Botanics body brush from Boots because I'm getting my legs out quite a bit at the moment and dry body brushing is supposed to clear impurities from your skin, aka banish any dreaded cellulite! So I'll give that a whirl and let you know if it works.

4. Sleek blush in 'Rose Gold'- I already got a Topshop lipstick and some Benefit minis when I was in London on Friday so make up wise I restricted myself to this Sleek blusher in 'Rose Gold' from Superdrug which is supposed to be a dupe for the incredibly hyped Nars 'Orgasm' blush. I swatched both when I was in London and they did look incredibly similar so for only £4.49  instead of £21 I figured I couldn't go wrong. I'll pop up a review soon...

5. New Look denim jacket- The last thing I got yesterday was this cropped denim jacket from New Look. A nice denim jacket has been on my wishlist for ages as I'm forever wearing my Miss Selfridge denim shirt as a jacket but sometimes it's not quite smart enough, so when I saw this jacket in the perfect pale colour and for only £17.99 (even less with student discount) I knew I had to get it and I can tell it's going to be one of my summer wardrobe staples from now on!

6. American yummyness- Oh and me and my boyfriend also got a bit over excited in the American sweet shop and stocked up on some US style goodies...needless to say I'll be having a salad and workout dvd for dinner tonight now hahaa

After a rather busy week I'm excited just to chill out with
 the Olympics tonight, I can't believe how well we're doing at the moment (yay Murray!) and I'm looking forward to seeing Bolt in action tonight too.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
Love Meg
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