Sunday 5 August 2012

Summer Haul! Makeup, Clothes and More...

Hey Girlies!

I don't often do hauls as I tend to buy new things here and there rather than in one go, however yesterday I went shopping with my boyfriend and actually got enough things to justify me doing one so here it is...

1. Primark ballet pumps- First stop was Primark and I headed straight for the shoes as my pumps have been looking a bit tatty lately but I don't really like to spend too much on basic flats. I was really excited to find these cute ballet pumps for only £4 so picked them up in pink (so I can walk around casually feeling like a ballerina) and black. The size fours fit nicely and are also not too structured so actually look like ballet slippers which I really like.

2. Primark sun glasses- My trusty New Look sunnies broke when I was in London last week after I shoved them into my bag unprotected one time too many so I also got these cute floral sunglasses from Primark to replace them. They don't make me look like a fly (always a bonus) and were only £2 which is great as I don't like spending too much on sunglasses as chances are I'll just sit on them or lose them!

3. Boots goodies- Next I just got some boring bits from Boots...Pantene hairspray that I love because it's the only hairspray I've ever tried that smells gorgeous and my standard Impulse 'very pink' body spray which I've bought like a million times because it also smells amazing. I also got the Botanics body brush from Boots because I'm getting my legs out quite a bit at the moment and dry body brushing is supposed to clear impurities from your skin, aka banish any dreaded cellulite! So I'll give that a whirl and let you know if it works.

4. Sleek blush in 'Rose Gold'- I already got a Topshop lipstick and some Benefit minis when I was in London on Friday so make up wise I restricted myself to this Sleek blusher in 'Rose Gold' from Superdrug which is supposed to be a dupe for the incredibly hyped Nars 'Orgasm' blush. I swatched both when I was in London and they did look incredibly similar so for only £4.49  instead of £21 I figured I couldn't go wrong. I'll pop up a review soon...

5. New Look denim jacket- The last thing I got yesterday was this cropped denim jacket from New Look. A nice denim jacket has been on my wishlist for ages as I'm forever wearing my Miss Selfridge denim shirt as a jacket but sometimes it's not quite smart enough, so when I saw this jacket in the perfect pale colour and for only £17.99 (even less with student discount) I knew I had to get it and I can tell it's going to be one of my summer wardrobe staples from now on!

6. American yummyness- Oh and me and my boyfriend also got a bit over excited in the American sweet shop and stocked up on some US style goodies...needless to say I'll be having a salad and workout dvd for dinner tonight now hahaa

After a rather busy week I'm excited just to chill out with
 the Olympics tonight, I can't believe how well we're doing at the moment (yay Murray!) and I'm looking forward to seeing Bolt in action tonight too.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
Love Meg


  1. Hey Meg!
    Great post, that blusher looks fantastic. I always find Sleek makeup really hard to get hold of though!! - I hope I can get my hands on this sometime soon :)

    Hope you are well!

    India -

    1. yes it is quite hard to get hold of, but thanks sweetie :) xxx

  2. Hiya Meg,

    Great haul- and very jel of your sweeties too.
    I love reading your stuff!!
    Sheree xx

  3. I have that denim jacket! It literally goes with everything :) Cute flats too

  4. Looking forward to the blusher review, I'm looking for a new perfect blusher - which fits in with an unemployed budget!

    1. well I think this might be a perfect blusher for that :) xxx

  5. Rose gold is amazing i have one too, its such a pretty colour and for the price you cant really go wrong! Also primark is great for ballerina flats im not big on spending alot on flats either im happy with primark ones! you got some really good stuff x

    1. yes I'm so excited to try it all :) xxx

  6. Wow I have the Nars blush would love too see if the Sleek is that close xx

    1. well I shall try to let you know soon :) xxx

  7. Those US sweeties look lush! Love that Sleek blush :)

  8. I love your blog!! I def am on a budget as on maternity!so am following you for fab ideas! thanks so much for the inspiration!

    A x

  9. Fantastic haul! I love those flats you bought! I am definitely a comfy flats girl :)

  10. Love the print on your new sunnies :) And Flipz! So jealous! xxx


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