Monday 30 June 2014

June Bloglovin'

Hi everyone! So a brief intro about me... my name is Lucy from Lulabel Loves, I am 21 and training to be a beauty and makeup artist. I started at The Session School this month which is so exciting! I love beauty and love trying new products and experimenting with different looks. I wanted to start a blog to try and document my journey so I can look back and share any good tips I pick up along the way. I have some exciting things in the pipeline so will be sharing them with everyone. I will also be including bits of lifestyle such as recipes and any fashion finds. So why Lulabel and not Lucy? Well it was one of many childhood nicknames my Mum gave me and when I was thinking of blog names it just kinda stuck!! I have two younger brothers and the best dog ever called Wilbur, I am sure all 3 of them will be featuring on the blog! I also have Cystic Fibrosis which will probably make its way on the blog too - this is a first for me as I have always been pretty reserved when it comes to my health! My health has greatly improved over the last year, however it still gets in the way of life and I had to leave uni early as my health couldn't cope with it. I guess if you haven't heard about Cystic Fibrosis or you want to know more check out the CF trust website.

Hi I'm Aimee from Aimee Loves. I started my blog in January this year after realising that I needed to justify my ever growing stash of beauty bits. My main focus is beauty, but i do like to sneak in the occasional baking or lifestyle post. I love having my own space on the web where I can chat about what I love, there is something quite therapeutic about it really. I have loved my blogging journey so far and how its turned out, I hope that you will too!

Hi everyone! My name is Alex and I run The Beauty Bomb. As you can tell from the title my main focus is beauty, I'm just addicted... so a few months ago I thought I would take the plunge and post my thoughts on all things beauty for you lovely lot to read :)! I'm absolutely thrilled to be given the chance to be featured on Meg's Boutique because this was the first blog I ever fell in love with, so thank you Meg and I hope you all enjoy! Be sure to leave a comment if you visit me as I love hearing from you all! xxx
Lifestyle and beauty blogger at Adaatude living in Tucson, Arizona. Come along for my adventures with travel, beauty, skincare. I find comfort in my favourite pastimes: reading books, watching YouTube videos and sports, drinking wine, and soaking the sunshine...

Make sure you check out these lovely ladies, tell me what blogs you've been loving this month and let me know if you'd like a home in my sidebar for July!

Saturday 28 June 2014

The Big Launch | Benefit's they're real! push-up liner

There has been so much hype and coverage of Benefit's brand new they're real! push-up liner since it was revealed a month ago, but after keeping this a secret for almost a year and using it nearly everyday for the last few months (#BenebabePerks) I just had to add my two cents now it's finally launched nationwide today! This basically works alongside the new remover to create a nice little they're real! franchise, extending on from Benefit's best selling they're real! mascara and it also happens to be the first ever lash-hugging gel liner pen. I've spent a fair amount of time fiddling about with liquids that flake, gel pots that require faffy little brushes and pencils without pigmentation, so this little beauty has genuinely solved all my lining woes. You simply twist up the super pigmented matte black gel product and apply with the unique accuflex tip which hugs the lash line like no tomorrow and can be used to easily create simple definition or complete winged out wow. But don't take my word for it- just look at the photo of my gorgeous sister and the stunning retro flick she created on her very first attempt! At £18.50 this is obviously a premium priced liner, but I've never tried anything that comes close, it stays put all day and the actual pen will last a really long time too as it doesn't dry out (I'm also a sucker for that sleek black packaging and quirky prison theme...). I have two tips if you do buy and try this today; powder the eye area before and after application to ensure the summer heat doesn't cause smudging and take time to work out how much product you need to create different looks and just wipe the nib if you've twisted up too much. And now I'd really recommend you pop to the shops and real-volutionise your lining life...

Will your eyes be getting #criminallyeasy this summer?   

Tuesday 24 June 2014

My Top 5 Blushers

Oh blusher, how I love you. You bring brightness when my face is feeling dull and cheer up my cheeks like no tomorrow! In fact I love you so much I've dedicated a whole video to your colourful loveliness... as you can see from the photo my top 5 blushers are largely of the peachy coral variety (obsessed much) with a bit of rose gold thrown in for autumn/winter purposes. My absolute favourite of the bunch has to be the Bourjois cream blush in '02 healthy glow' which is perfect in both colour and consistency so certainly one for the Boots basket. The Sleek blush by 3 in 'lace' is also very special, because it gives you three gorgeous summery shades in a handy compact all for under £10! But to make sure you get all the glow down please do give my video a little watch and let me know what 'top 5' you want to see next. I would try and give you a good thorough life update right now as I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to, but honestly it's just manic! Day to day I'm split between BenePub/BeneTowers, seeing the boy/girls for flash visits like breakfast in the sun on Saturday and getting to do amazing blog things such as go personal shopping for a #fashfestfun outfit with New Look which I have pencilled in for tomorrow morning. Probably need to pencil in a good old sleep soonish too...

  What are your top 5 blushers?

Wednesday 18 June 2014

The High End Hit List

As much as I adore a drugstore find and spend the majority of my spare pennies on Boots 3-for-2 bargains, I also love to lust over the shelves of Space NK and dream about my makeup bag containing an array of gold packaged products. Even though I may not be able to make that dream a reality quite yet, there's no harm in compiling a good old 'high end hit list' so I know exactly what to splurge on when payday does come around... 

This lust list has quite a summery theme headed up by YSL's Rouge Volupte in 'Peach Passion', which is a stunning popping peach shade in quite possibly the prettiest packaging of all time. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume is another seasonal splurge I'm keen to make as it smells of creamy coconut, vanilla and tropical flowers, making it the ultimate holiday in a bottle! A new release for this season is the Naked Flushed Palette in 'Streak'. The peachy hues and 3 in 1 bronze, blush and highlight gimmick caught my eye instantly and I know this would be perfect for travelling over the next few months. On the less colourful side of things I've been dreaming about owning Nars Sheer Glow ever since I started blogging. Unfortunately for my dream wearing high end foundation is quite a pricey commitment, but after seeing this glowy and gorgeous foundation on so many of my favourite bloggers (looking at you Kayleigh), I think it's time to take the plunge and make Sheer Glow my go to base. The Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil is another practical cosmetic craving as I'm getting fed up of fussing with a powder, wax and brush each morning just to put my brows on. This pencil is uniquely made of a wax/powder formula so you can get big, beautiful brows in one easy step then use the handy spooly to keep everything in place. Last but not least I need a By Terry Ombre Blackstar in my life. I'm the biggest cream shadow lover so the thought of being able to simply swipe it on with a stick and have it last all day is dreamy! I'm coveting so many shades of these, but seeing as they set you back a rather pricey sum I've decided the taupey copper 'frozen quartz' will be my first plunge into the blackstar world. A plunge I may never return from...

What's on your high end hit list? 

Monday 16 June 2014

Football Gets Fabulous | Benefit's World Cup Pub

In my time at the Benefit marketing department I've dressed up as Spy Gal then proceeded to perform a dance routine, greeted my favourite bloggers in an orange prison jump suit with a gravity defying quiff to boot and become part of the 'glam squad' helping to operate a giant pink telephone box that persuades  people to perform dares... needless to say Benefit loves to think crazily outside the box, so when they asked me to don a candy striped football shirt and work in a pink Bene-pub for the World Cup I knew they'd done it again! The 'Gabbi's Head', named after one of our Benebabe Glambassadors, is situated at 150-151 Dury Lane, 1st Floor, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5TD (above the Price of Wales) and will be opening midday till late every day from now till 13th July. It's a haven of all things glamorous and girly making the footy well and truly fabulous  -check out that pink foosball table- and you're all invited! 

We will be showing all the World Cup football matches, as well as Wimbledon when that gets going, but if you prefer beauty to the beautiful game then you can have a free makeupper/brow arch with any donations going to our charity, Refuge. If you want something totallly chilled then just bring all your best girls (men can come in too if they're on their best behaviour) and relax with some food and one of our special Benefit cocktails. I can already vouch for how good the Rasp-Bene Mojito is... There's also special entertainment most nights with games, comedy and quizzes and,  what I'm most excited for, the Rylan Pre-Pride Party! As this post publishes I'll probably be tied up with many four legged furry friends for national puppy day (yes really, even your pets are welcome!) so be sure to take a look at the full calendar in this Benefit blog post and pick what night you're going to come down, I'd love to see you!

Will you be paying a visit to our pink Bene-pub?

Saturday 14 June 2014

The Glow Getters

The middle of the England vs Italy world cup game seems like a pretty peak time for us bloggy girls to be browsing all things beauty as our boyfriends side glare disapprovingly (This is literally happening to me right now), so I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you about the guest post I've done over on the gorgeous Kayleigh's blog, Couture Girl. It's all about the three highlighting products I use to 'Get up and Glow', aka wake up my sleepy skin after too little sleep and too many late night Made in Chelsea catch ups... so if that sounds up your street head on over to the full post here and remember to follow Kayleigh as she's one of my ultimate blogging babes who writes the very best beauty rambles. I'll be back tomorrow with a beefy Sunday post, but for now have a fabulous Saturday night what ever you're up to! 

What are your go to glow getters?

Thursday 12 June 2014

All American Makeup Haul

Oh jet setting parents, as much as I'm super jealous of them for taking trips across the pond, I really do love all the goodies they bring back and my wonderful parents certainly didn't disappoint when they presented me with bags of American beauty deliciousness a couple of weeks ago! I must admit I sent them off to San Francisco with quite a hefty lust list, but what else am I to do when the UK doesn't have a single Sephora! Along side the lucky charms and allure magazines, I definitely squealed the most over the 'strawberry kiss' lip cream and Wet n Wild 'comfort zone' palette (how stunning are those shades?!) and you can see what both these items look like on my face in the American haul video above. You can also see me taste test sugarific goodies, come into a proper conundrum when my colour tattoo is left across the other side of the room and hear all about each and every one of the beautiful things photographed above, so I suggest you give it a watch and go cheekily subscribe to my channel if you fancy seeing more. And if you fancy actually seeing my face in person I'll be starting shifts at the extremely pink Benefit World Cup Pub tomorrow in Covent Garden, which you can find out about here. On that note I guess I should start watching tonight's footie (or, in other words, glance at it occasionally over my allure magazine...).

What cosmetics are you craving from across the pond?  

Tuesday 10 June 2014

The Ultimate Lazy Girl Tan | Dove Summer Glow

Dove Summer Glow // £4.99 // Boots

Today something momentous happened. I got my legs out. It's not that I mind ditching the tights, in fact I prefer it, but usually the great british weather prevents such things. But now the sun has decided to shine, the only issue is the sun deprived shade of my skin and that's where our friend fake tan comes in. I've tried my fair share of tans from mouse, to gel, to cream and there's always some kind of issue- it takes too long to develop, it goes patchy, you become a digestive smelling oopma loopma... throughout all these mishaps all I always wanted was a tan to keep me glowy and gorgeous without the hastle and I'm pleased to report Dove Summer Glow is just that! For a start it comes in at only £4.99 so keeping stocked up is no problem (in fact I'd go and grab a few bottles from Boots while it's on half price in at a tiny £2.49!) and it also acts as a nourishing moisturiser so you can cut down on all your lotions and potions. To keep my tan topped up I apply this every few days with a mitt (absolute top trick for foolproof application) either before bed or after my morning shower and actually enjoy the fresh summery smell and don't feel self concious walking around in it all day- it's a miracle! For a white gradual tanning lotion this has a really good colour pay off that you can use more sparingly as a natural skin kissed perk up or apply more often for a summer/night out look. I would recommend getting the medium to dark skin shade even if you're fair though, as it'll only fast track your tan and the olive undertone will keep you from getting tangoed. You'll also find it's not too tacky, fades evenly and is gentle enough to use as a face tanner. I mean really, do you need any more reasons to get up and glow? 

I actually managed to pick up a bit of a natural tan at the weekend when me and Rosie spent our Sunday having a lovely picnic in St.James's Park. We may also have decided at about 6.15pm that we wanted an impromptu trip to Space NK and proceeded to tube/run there... that seven minutes amongst the makeup and skincare was so worth it. Talking of skincare I had the most amazing evening with bloggy babes to celebrate the Benefit b.right range last night at RoseWood London, so if you haven't given that a go yet it may be the perfect pairing to your new bronzed beach babe complexion!

What's your favourite way to fake it?  

Saturday 7 June 2014

The Remover Edit | Eyes

There are so many products I find, try and instantly can't live without- collection concealer anyone? However, whilst I found my perfect overall makeup remover no problem (Bioderma, obvs.), finding an eye makeup remover that can deal with heavy liner and lashings of long lasting mascara without taking my actual lashes with it is a different matter. So tonight I thought I'd document the eye makeup removers I've tried and tested over the past few months and let you know which one I'll be repurchasing...

No7 CLEANSE & CARE | £8.50 Actually my favourite formula of the bunch, this is a dupe for the Clarins remover but for less than half the price. The dual action oil/cleanser consistency got my stubborn eye makeup off really easily and nicely conditioned my lashes at the same time. Sadly as no eye make up remover lasts very long, repurchasing this would get pricey.  
L'OREAL GENTLE | £3.99 Unfortunately I couldn't get on with this one at all and actually moved onto a different remover before finishing it. Even though it was nice and gentle, it was actually too gentle for me and left me tugging at my lashes with panda eyes the next day. It was the only non-waterproof friendly offering though, so might work better for minimal makeup wearers. 
BENEFIT THEY'RE REAL! | £14.50 The priciest of the lot (and not actually out quite yet #workperks), this is the long awaited answer to the stubborn they're real! mascara. This is the only cream formula I've come across which makes it very unique and of course, the packaging is just as stand out! I use this on a damp cotton pad and it does the job really well but doesn't have additional conditioning qualities.
GARNIER EXPRESS | £3.49 Essentially an even cheaper dupe for the Clarins remover that also uses the whole shaky shake oil and cleanser solution. You do have to be a tad more patient with this one, but for the teeny price tag, pint sized packaging and nourishing, gentle and non-greasy formula it's my overall winner and the one I'll be popping out to buy from Boots tomorrow! 

What's your eye makeup remover of the moment?

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Summer Style | The Co-ord

motel kimono // motel trousers // river island blouse // kurt geiger shoes // topshop sunglasses // mac morange // a&m midi rings // michael kors watch // l'oreal pistachio

Now we're officially in sunny season (ignore today's rain outside please ladies) I thought I would start showing you my 'summer style' starting with this city chic co-ord look I wore a couple of weekends ago. Instead of going straight for the short shorts at the first sight of sun, I thought I'd go for something a little more classy and out of my comfort zone with this stunning geoprint co-ord from Motel. I was kindly allowed to choose this from the fabulous new in section on their website and whilst it did take a while for me to be brave and pick it, now I've styled the pieces a few different ways I absolutely adore it. Both the cigarette pants and bang on trend kimono work very well on their own, but on this day I thought I'd get all matchy matchy with just a simple wrap blouse and my gorgeous Geigers to brake things up a bit. You can probably tell by the bike posing, wall pouting and fact this post has a whole outfit video attached to it that I rather liked this look- it made me feel like a grown up gal that should have lunch in Chelsea and randomly fly to Paris (any one else getting that vibe?) and is a great way of making a summer statement whilst still covering up for the UK weather, not to mention you feel like you're wearing pyjamas the whole time! Dressing monochrome with block colour shoes, tips and lips is my favourite thing to do at the moment too. Who doesn't enjoy wearing MAC morange like it's going out of fashion? If you want to see more of this outfit and all the accessories that come with it then please do watch my video (all filmed by my wonderful dad!)and if you particularly covet anything you can shop the exact items below. Don't say I never give you anything...  

Sunday 1 June 2014

The Summer Hair Refresh

June is here and the neons are out (courtesy of Motel) along with a bit of sun, so obviously it was time to have my summer hair refresh. I'm literally the biggest sucker for a seasonal hair change so as soon as I knew I was coming back home this weekend I booked in with my trusty salon, Take 2. I hadn't had my hair done since the last chop and change to the ombre bob back in January and unsurprisingly it was getting quite long, faded/rooty and hard to manage. I did really love my new year style though, so this time I just went back to collarbone length with a blunt cut, face framing bangs and a few subtle softer layers to add volume. My lovely hairdresser Abbie was impressed with how much my hair condition had transformed since she first cut all my straggly over bleached ends off and even used the words silky, thick and healthy to describe it, so it just goes to show what a good chop, bleach ban and a few hair masques can do! I've got to thank my Dove Style+Care heat protection too for effectively protecting my crazily frizzy locks from all the heat I have to use on it. I didn't actually need to have any extra blonde added as the colour of my ends had kept pretty well, so instead a light ashy brown was blended through the top and midlengths to match up my roots and define the ombre, then a purple toner was popped over the ends to freshen them up and make sure they stay nice and cool toned. Obviously I asked for the new do to be styled in my favourite messy curl fashion and voila- summer ready sunkissed hair that's super easy to style/maintain and smells seriously good (how do hairdressers do that?!).

Have you booked in for a summer hair style?
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