Monday 16 June 2014

Football Gets Fabulous | Benefit's World Cup Pub

In my time at the Benefit marketing department I've dressed up as Spy Gal then proceeded to perform a dance routine, greeted my favourite bloggers in an orange prison jump suit with a gravity defying quiff to boot and become part of the 'glam squad' helping to operate a giant pink telephone box that persuades  people to perform dares... needless to say Benefit loves to think crazily outside the box, so when they asked me to don a candy striped football shirt and work in a pink Bene-pub for the World Cup I knew they'd done it again! The 'Gabbi's Head', named after one of our Benebabe Glambassadors, is situated at 150-151 Dury Lane, 1st Floor, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5TD (above the Price of Wales) and will be opening midday till late every day from now till 13th July. It's a haven of all things glamorous and girly making the footy well and truly fabulous  -check out that pink foosball table- and you're all invited! 

We will be showing all the World Cup football matches, as well as Wimbledon when that gets going, but if you prefer beauty to the beautiful game then you can have a free makeupper/brow arch with any donations going to our charity, Refuge. If you want something totallly chilled then just bring all your best girls (men can come in too if they're on their best behaviour) and relax with some food and one of our special Benefit cocktails. I can already vouch for how good the Rasp-Bene Mojito is... There's also special entertainment most nights with games, comedy and quizzes and,  what I'm most excited for, the Rylan Pre-Pride Party! As this post publishes I'll probably be tied up with many four legged furry friends for national puppy day (yes really, even your pets are welcome!) so be sure to take a look at the full calendar in this Benefit blog post and pick what night you're going to come down, I'd love to see you!

Will you be paying a visit to our pink Bene-pub?


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  2. This sounds amazing!! Im coming to london in my annual leave so I may pay a visit!

    Nicola xx

  3. This is just awesome - why oh why do I not live in London? I need rescuing from the football!

    Claire x

  4. This is SO cool!! Wish I lived in London!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  5. This is amazing.
    I so wish I lived in London

  6. awesome!

  7. Sounds amazing! Can i work for benefit, your jobs sounds incredible! :p


  8. I come back from uni in a week so I shall definitely be popping in, this looks amazing! :)


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