Saturday 7 June 2014

The Remover Edit | Eyes

There are so many products I find, try and instantly can't live without- collection concealer anyone? However, whilst I found my perfect overall makeup remover no problem (Bioderma, obvs.), finding an eye makeup remover that can deal with heavy liner and lashings of long lasting mascara without taking my actual lashes with it is a different matter. So tonight I thought I'd document the eye makeup removers I've tried and tested over the past few months and let you know which one I'll be repurchasing...

No7 CLEANSE & CARE | £8.50 Actually my favourite formula of the bunch, this is a dupe for the Clarins remover but for less than half the price. The dual action oil/cleanser consistency got my stubborn eye makeup off really easily and nicely conditioned my lashes at the same time. Sadly as no eye make up remover lasts very long, repurchasing this would get pricey.  
L'OREAL GENTLE | £3.99 Unfortunately I couldn't get on with this one at all and actually moved onto a different remover before finishing it. Even though it was nice and gentle, it was actually too gentle for me and left me tugging at my lashes with panda eyes the next day. It was the only non-waterproof friendly offering though, so might work better for minimal makeup wearers. 
BENEFIT THEY'RE REAL! | £14.50 The priciest of the lot (and not actually out quite yet #workperks), this is the long awaited answer to the stubborn they're real! mascara. This is the only cream formula I've come across which makes it very unique and of course, the packaging is just as stand out! I use this on a damp cotton pad and it does the job really well but doesn't have additional conditioning qualities.
GARNIER EXPRESS | £3.49 Essentially an even cheaper dupe for the Clarins remover that also uses the whole shaky shake oil and cleanser solution. You do have to be a tad more patient with this one, but for the teeny price tag, pint sized packaging and nourishing, gentle and non-greasy formula it's my overall winner and the one I'll be popping out to buy from Boots tomorrow! 

What's your eye makeup remover of the moment?


  1. I'm so glad you shared this post, I have been looking for an eye makeup remover recently. Definitely will be picking up the Garnier one as it sounds really good for me, espeically because of the way you described it. Love your blog and videos xxxx

  2. love Garnier!

  3. I really like the Nivea Double Effect eye make up remover at the moment - it's another duo remover, and sounds quite similar to the Garnier one you mentioned. The Nivea one works like a charm - I'm a big fan!

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  4. My favourite has always been the No 7 Cleanse & Care, Garnier eye make up remover is now on my list next time I'm in Boots :)
    Thank you for another great post

    Natasha Paris x

  5. Thanks so much for this Meg, I haven't quite find the one when it comes to eye make-up removers... woot woot for No7 vouchers and living near a Boots! *runs to grab Cleanse & Care*


    Let Us Be Lovely

  6. I may have to try the garnier express! I found that the loreal one just couldn't get the mascara off my eyes and ended up having sore pulled skin from trying :( xx


  7. I love the no7 one. I've used it for years and always stock up on it when I have £5 off with no7 skin care vouchers. X


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