Sunday 13 December 2015

The NYC Lookbook

So I'm back from the Big Apple and had the most amazing, magical time! There are lots of photos & American hauls on the way (although you can check out my insta now for sneaky snaps), but I wanted to start with a little lookbook showing you what I wore each day. I needed to be warm and comfortable for the Christmas weather and serious amounts of walking, whilst also wanting to stay feeling stylish- this is the home of Serena van der Woodsen after all! There's a few specially bought New York pieces and lots of current AW15 favourites, so this will give you a good idea of what I'm wearing right now. High waist and braids for the win...

DAY ONE: PLANE | Deliciously Ella Sweater // Topshop Jamie Jeans // Topshop Wishbone Necklace // Skinnydip Phonecase // OPI Gel Mani

DAY TWO: CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR | Primark Gold Jumper // Primark A-Line Skirt // Primark Tights // Swarovski Bracelet 

DAY THREE: BIRTHDAY IN CENTRAL PARK | Primark Top // ASOS Mom Jeans // New Look Belt // River Island Graphic Scarf 

DAY FOUR: NEW YORK KNICKS | Zara Striped Top // Primark A-Line Skirt // ASOS Bobble Hat // Kate Moss '107'

DAY FIVE: FIFTH AVENUE | Primark Top // Primark Pinafore // Revlon Balm Stain in 'Crush'

DAY SIX: TOP OF THE ROCK | GAP Christmas Jumper // American Apparel Disco Pants // Topshop Camel Coat // ASOS Earmuffs // Glitter Popband

I'd love to know if you have a favourite look & what you are wearing this December?

Monday 23 November 2015

november on the farm | OOTD

primark jumper // topshop jeans // new look parka // asos hat // kate moss '107' // super chic wellies

Gosh, so it's only been a mere month since I last posted in these parts... shocking! I think I'm finding the real life/blog life balance harder as I'm getting a bit older and more into work and heading out in evenings and weekends. But I still LOVE blogging and ADORE anyone who is sticking with me at the moment, so thank you and I promise there will be more posts heading into the festive season. With my birthday and trip to New York next week I really won't have an excuse for content... (unbelievable amount of excitement doesn't even cut it.)

On to today's post which is an wintry farm themed OOTD. The last outfit I posted was back in the summer so it's definitely time to show you something more winter/arctic appropriate now the temperature has dropped dramatically... I like to dress pretty smartly for work Monday-Friday so the weekends are 100% jeans and jumper territory. This particular day was spent at The BarnYard Farm back in Kentish countryside, trudging through fields and 'awwing' at all the animals, hence the addition of wellie boots- but there's also a great more everyday find here which is the Primark jumper. I'm wary of spending too much on knitwear as I rarely find it to wash well so this £14 bargain was perfect. I love how thick, comfy and oversized it is, as well as the cream/navy contrast pattern. It seems other folks love it too as I've had so many people ask where they can buy it! The jeans are still my eternal favourite ripped Topshop Jamie's, although I am actually on the look out for jeans which don't come with holes in (blame the weather) so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Add in a parka- with fur included of course- and cable knit bobble hat and 'farm/every winter weekend' chic is complete. You can also see that Kate Moss '107' has returned with a vengeance this year, but I am trying to give other lipsticks a look in too I swear. As long as they have exactly the same colour, finish and longevity, obvs.

What's your go to winter weekend wardrobe?      

Sunday 18 October 2015

London Eats | Cereal Killer Cafe

If you hadn't quite realised yet (from the numerous Instagram posts and #LondonLife tweets- apologies for those), I really adore living in good old London town. One of the best things is being able to hop on a tube and go anywhere you fancy every weekend. On Sundays this, of course, tends to be anywhere selling food of the brunch variety and a few weeks ago my sister and I swapped the eggs/waffles for something a little bit different- the Cereal Killer Cafe.

You've probably already heard of CKC, but they have shops in Brick Lane and Camden Stables (our branch of choice) and the basis is a retro 90's throwback to bright bygone cereals from the UK & US mixed together in cocktail concoctions with sweet treat toppings and pop tarts on the side... as a former cereal junkie who has forced herself to favour sensible porridge most mornings, this place is a dream. The choice of cereals is crazy, with everything from lucky charms and froot loops to ice cream pebbles and toffee crisp. You can also go for grown up options like dorset granola and special k, but ain't no one got time for that when something called 'applejacks marshmallows' is on offer. You can choose your own cereal, milk and topping combo, but I opted for a set cocktail called 'Chocopottomus' featuring cocopops, krave, a kinder happy hippo and chocolate milk. Yes it was a complete chocolate sugar rush and also completely incredible. My newly vegan sister went for 'Did I tell you I was vegan?' featuring reese's puffs, oreos and soy milk which she reported was very delicious too. We were a bit more safe with our tea and peach drink choices, but there are retro fizzy options and a huge selection of pop tarts and toast toppings for anyone who can handle the extra sugar. I have heard other people say they think at around £4 a bowl Cereal Killer Cafe is a bit pricey, but for the cereal selection and fun experience I think it's definitely worth a visit and would probably work even better as a mid afternoon/late night sweet treat. Spoons at the ready.

Where will you be brunching this weekend?

Tuesday 6 October 2015

Hello Autumn

Finally, my favourite season of Autumn is in the air and it's also arrived on 'Meg's Boutique'! First up we have two new Autumn videos- a snuggly clothing haul and VLOG where you can meet my gorgeous baby niece and get a glimpse of LUSH's new Christmas collection. Oh yes, it's time to grab a PSL and settle on the sofa for the (whole) season...

What are your favourite things about Autumn? 

Saturday 26 September 2015

70's Inspired GRWM

Well hello! Despite not posting in these parts for the best part of the month I'm still alive and kicking and coming to you today with something rather blue and 70's inspired! September has just been the craziest month what with fashion week and work events and enjoying London night life probably a tad too much... but I'm back and feeling very motivated to create lots of lovely content for the coming Autumn/Winter months so please do bare with me and thank you if you've stuck around until now, you're an incredibly lovely bunch. 

Have you been rocking the 70's blue lash look?

Thursday 27 August 2015

Naked Smoky

And so the stuff of beauty lover's dreams has happened again. Urban Decay have released another Naked palette into the army of nude eyeshadow enthusiasts. Except, this time the nudes have got a whole lot more smoky...

Naked Smoky is following its previous 3 palette counter parts with the promise to create the ultimate and ever coveted beauty trend, the smoky eye. I was lucky enough to be sent it by Urban Decay a few weeks ago, giving me lots of time to test and give you lovely lot the lowdown.

First off, they've nailed the packaging. As kitch as the paper of the orginal was and as covetable as the tins of 2 & 3 were, finally we have an outer that is as practical as it is instagramable. For a girl whose makeup often ends up at the bottom of a handbag/suitcase/random drawer, this is ideal. As is the brush the palette comes with actually- a dual ended chunky creation, the quality and shape of brush hair is spot on and allow me to create full blown smoky eye looks without even having to think about a MAC 217. But now the important part, the shades. I must say, having left my heavy black eye looks behind at uni in favour of a subtler hues, I wasn't the most excited at first sight. However, there are enough taupey, golden shades to create gorgeous bronzed day to night looks ('radar' is my first predicted pan hit) and an abundance of darker blue/purple/black shades to get your cat eye on if you fancy it. Smoky's mixture of shimmer and mattes is also sure to please all variety of the fussiest shadow lovers. The final stand out point I must make is how good the formulas are; creamy, buttery, pigmented and so long lasting that this morning's 'Victoria's Secret' inspired 'doe eyed' look I created using 'high', 'dirtysweet' and 'whiskey', survived from morning tube ride to evening spin class. Clearly smoky comes packed with super powers.

Will you be getting your smoky eye on this Summer?
Sunday 2 August 2015

New Beauty Launches

If you're looking for Summer's hottest new launches and a beauty lover's first thoughts on them, you've come to the right place. Enjoy this new video with a milky coffee & some form of avocado on toast. Happy Sunday all x

Saturday 1 August 2015

Food Files | What I ate last week...

Happy August folks! July seems to have just passed by in a flurry of hectic work life, fun social times and baby sitting my niece. Blogging didn't really get much of a look in (apologies for that) but the new month has brought back my blogging vigour. It's also encouraged me to join a gym and start eating that bit cleaner, so I wanted to bring this into my blog starting with the all new 'Food Files'. This will be anything from recipes to reviews, but I wanted to start with a simple 'what I ate last week' to offer a little insight into what usually adorns my plate and perhaps give you some food inspiration in the process...

Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats // I discovered a new breakfast last week which has already become a go to favourite. I always struggle to fit breakfast in to my morning routine so these spiced banana oats, which you prepare the night before and eat out of a jar, are the perfect powerhouse of energy for gals on the go. I use the Alisha Marie recipe, then add chia seeds and baobab for an extra bit of goodness. 

Smashed Tomato on Sourdough // I've been spending lots of seaside weekends with my sister, her partner and my niece down in Portsmouth lately and they've just turned Vegan. Cue Meg exploring lots of tasty ways to live the vegan life- Nat's dark chocolate lolly creations are dreamy. This was a simple but delicious brunch, which involved placing smashed tomatoes with black pepper, parsley and garlic over freshly baked sourdough. 

Spier's Salads // I tend to get lunch from food markets in the Covent Garden area about once a week as there are so many fresh, tempting dishes to choose from. When I can resist the big chunky duck wraps (that takes a whole lot of will power...), I'll go for something protein heavy like a Spier's salad which has salmon, grilled chicken and lots of veggies.

Cookie Dough Bites // There's just got to be a sweet treat featured in here somewhere and these peanut butter chocolate cookie dough bites are all kinds of dreamy and pretty healthy too! The recipe comes again from the brilliant Alisha Marie, whose videos have taught me lots of ways to be healthy and indulge my sweet tooth. If you have any other healthy food bloggers that you love, please do let me know.

Are you a fan of the 'Food Files'? What did you eat last week?

Saturday 18 July 2015

Primark Haul: Summer Edition

July has been a busy old month, hence the lack of posts around these parts- however I did make time to get a bit of filming done last week so I'm kicking off the weekend with a big old Primark Haul, Summer stylee! I've found some absolute gems in Primarni lately so do let me know your favourite picks from the video and I'll be back with a nice chunky blog post tomorrow! 

Wednesday 8 July 2015

The June Edit

Better late than never here's last month's round up of beauty favourites, new things and random thoughts...

Wanderlust // I paid a flying work visit to Helsinki, Finland, early last month and it sparked my taste for travelling by plane rather than train. Now I'll be trying harder to put more money away in my travel fund each month and see much more of this big wide world.

Summer Hair // My much overdue Summer hair update has taken place (over a whole two days in the salon chair) and I absolutely love it. I had a full head of ash blonde highlights and lowlights, followed by a slight snip and Brazilian blowdry so things are a whole lot lighter and less frizzy!

Blue Beauty // Benefit's new blue they're real! mascara and liner are more of an obsession than a favourite. I wore both of them nearly every day in June as they make eyes look instantly more awake, last all day with zero smudging and are bang on SS15 beauty trend.

Wardrobe Cleanse // I recently had a big old wardrobe clear out (look out for a depop influx soon), so obviously I had to refill it with a few new purchases like this cute yellow cut out dress from Topshop which is currently waiting for pick up in the Strand store. Oops.

Bloglovin' // 'My name is Sophy Victoria (AKA Dizzy Miss Lizzy) and I'm a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger/ vlogger from Brighton. I'm a makeup collector, clothes hoarder and food lover who enjoys writing and filming about pretty much anything that takes her fancy!' 

Hello Sunshine // Blow me down with a feather, we actually got some sun last month and that meant indulging in all things hot 'n' lovely; picnics, festivals, shorts, sandals, frozen yoghurt and 70's fringe bags. Long may blue skies and UK tanning continue.

River Rae // The best thing about June? Spending lots of time in Portsmouth with my gorgeous 4 month old niece, River Rae, and wonderful Sister. When you move away from family I think you become closer by making time to text, skype and visit for long weekends of cuddles. Being an Auntie is just my very favourite thing.

What were your June Highlights?

Wednesday 1 July 2015

The 1940's Tutorial

Happy hump day/hottest day of the year chaps! For anyone stuck inside sheltering from the sun and trying not to melt, I have a special video to share with you; the 1940's Makeup Tutorial. People that know me well know how obsessed I am with the 1940's WWII era- the fashion, hair and beauty was all just so gorgeous and I love how women stayed glamorous in such tough times, using whatever they could get their mitts on to beautify whilst casually saving the country on the side. This look is inspired by those thrifty everyday pin-up girls, in celebration of the Imperial War Museum's 'Fashion on the Ration' exhibition which you can get tickets to here and promises to be a treat for any vintage beauty lover. For this vintage makeup look I focused on creating a flawless base with sculpted brows, winged liner and red siren lips. It's a classic cosmetic composition which works just as well today paired with an LBD, as did back then worn with a silk shirt and victory rolls. Go on, get your pin-up on!

Are you a fan of the 1940's look?

Sunday 28 June 2015

Primark AW15

Whilst people in the normal world are finally starting to brave bare legs & toes, the fashion world is getting ready to launch 'fall'. Although right now I too am obsessing over brights and bikinis, after going along to the AW15 Primark press day last week, I couldn't help but get a tad excited for what's in store (get it) next season. 

Fashion wise -surprise surprise- this year's hottest trend, the 70's, continues and totally dominates the entire women's wear collection. Dresses and skirts are maxi or mini and straight cut. Whimsical boho print is in, as are camel, beige and burgundy colours. Texture is big with fur gillets, suede pinafores and chiffon blouses showcased as statement pieces. Shoes are experiencing serious embellishment with pom poms, fringing, cut outs & lace up fronts. Accessories are having a statement moment too with geometric structures and leopard print bags, alongside chunky gold metals in the jewellery department.

The other area I'm rather looking forward to is homeware. Primark have always got their homeware spot on, particularly for the price point and AW will bring more cute pieces to brighten up your bedroom. The main colour themes are bang-on-trend grey, mint, mustard and copper, with everything from essential cushions, blankets and tea towels, to the not so essential (but highly instagrammable) metallic candle holders and slogan signs. The first thing in my basket come September will definitely be the Earl Grey candle pot. I'm a sucker for anything tea related.

What takes your fancy from Primark's fall collection?

Sunday 21 June 2015

Sunday Skincare

Ahh Sunday, the 'curl up, read your book & slather on skincare' day of the week. Most of the time routines are all about quick cleanses and long lasting makeup, so on Sundays I like to keep things simple and treat my skin to a little pamper. This can get pretty step extensive but really you just need three things to make you all brand new:

THE MASK // I see Sunday Netflix binges as a good excuse to throw on a face mask and let it work whilst you get through Gossip Girl (for the 5th time). The Deep Cleansing Mask from Grown Alchemist is an amazing product that deserves so much hype. The clay formula, featuring wheatgerm, ginkgo and cranberry, cleanses, smoothes and reduces pore appearance so you're left with gorgeous clear glowing skin. The Instagram worthy packaging also looks great on one's skincare shelf.

THE EYE CREAM // My love for Benefit's 'It's Potent!' Eye Cream is no secret. I've used this pretty tub every morning for over two years now and at the weekend I like to pop it in the fridge and apply thickly to the under eye area as an intensive mask. The product sinks in leaving the eyes de-puffed, bright and nourished, ready for another week of undoubtedly burning many candles at an unadvisable amount of ends.

THE LIP BALM // What's this- swapping the matte orange lippy for a balm? I may only ditch the brights once a week, but lathering on By Terry Baume De Rose is just what my lips need to feel moisturised, smooth and supple once more. You don't have to spend so much on lip balm, but if you do come into some pocket money this does feel and smell completely delicious. And think of the cost per use people. (Thank god for cost per use...)

What's your Sunday Skincare routine?

Saturday 20 June 2015

Zara Sale Buys

So I may have surrendered my Friday lunch break to the wonder of Zara's Summer sale... There are some serious finds to be found and I wanted to show you what I picked up in case you need a little inspiration for your own weekend sale shopping trip:

a-line mini skirt 35.99 - 19.99 //  guipur dress 39.99 - 25.99 // earring set 19.99- 9.99

Will you be shopping the summer sales?

Thursday 18 June 2015

The feelunique haul

When you work for an online beauty retailer, it's just a given that you're going to spend lots of time browsing the site and shopping the (many) things that take your fancy. This is certainly the case for me and feelunique so I thought I'd put my spending to good use by doing a little old haul for y'all:

THE PRESENT // I'm completely hooked on the original ChloƩ- both the scent and bottle are girly, classy and gorgeous- so when Mum's Boutique requested a new scent I went for ChloƩ Love Story. After visiting home and delivering last weekend, I can report I made a very wise choice... #HelloBrowniePoints

THE UPSIZE // A skincare item I desperately wanted to stock up on was the Origins GinZing Moisturiser. I never thought I'd be loyal to any moisturiser, let alone a high end one, but the zesty orange scent and non greasy formula make this the perfect potion to wake up my skin in the mornings and this happens to be an extra large, extra pretty special edition tub.

THE REPURCHASE // I blogged about the First Aid Radiance Pads a few weeks ago and you can tell by my repurchase that I'm still just as head over heels for them. They are the easiest way of exfoliating and brightening your skin on a daily basis, with super convenient small pads and a gentle yet effective formula- what's not to love? 

THE SPLURGE // Okay, so there had to be at least one unnecessary item in this haul- introducing my splurge, the By Terry Ombre Blackstar in 'Misty Rock'. I was beyond excited when feelunique launched By Terry last month and as a firm blogger favourite, Misty Rock just had to be my first purchase from the brand. Watch out for this to feature in many an upcoming makeup look.

What beauty bits have you been haulin'?

Thursday 11 June 2015

The Summer Accessories

As soon as sun arrives the first thing I like to sort (apart from which peachy pink lipstick I'll wear to death over the next few months) are my summer accessories. Strappy dresses and crop tops are all well and good but add a pair of sandals, sunnies & new season bag to any outfit and you'll feel ready to hit the beach- AKA pigeon filled park on your lunch break.

The tan fringed bag is my favourite purchase of the bunch, as the 70's fringing make it bang on trend and it's a great size for all the essentials, plus this cost just £7 from Primark. I also really love my new sunnies, which are a pair of white framed vintage club masters found in the brilliant depths of jumble that make up Brighton's 'Snoopers Paradise'. If you're heading there this Summer you have to visit and take sandwiches in case you get lost... Last but not least we have sandals- these rose gold buckled numbers glinted at my inner magpie whilst 'window shopping' Zara last week and haven't left my feet since. And so begins my mission to wear the above always complete with a mojito/expresso magnum #summerdreams.

Have you stocked up on summer accessories? 

Monday 8 June 2015

Benefit License to Blot

Even when the weather is at its chilliest there's always a tube journey/run to the office/foundation the wrong side of dewy to help us channel 'sweaty Betty'. Add in summer heat and suddenly there's makeup slipping and sliding all over the shop with women everywhere furiously dabbing at their brow with papers or powders. 

Cue Benefit spotting this problem and releasing a fabulous solution; the just dropped License to Blot. Part of their best selling POREfessional range which aims to give women true complexion perfection, this stick simply blots away pesky unwanted oil that crops up throughout the day. The product's pocket size makes it perfect for even the tiniest of clutch bags and the triangular shape fits perfectly on the nose, brow and chin areas- making it seriously transportable and easy to use. LTB also doesn't take half your makeup off along with it and this effectiveness means no longer adding another half face of powder in the battle against shine and turning into cake face (we've all been there.) Summer handbag staple status achieved!

Do you want the License to Blot?

Friday 5 June 2015

May Favourites

In true blogger cliche style, I cannot believe we're in June already and I'm bringing you my May Favourites today! This video has lots of gems featured in it including the best clothing purchase possibly ever and a makeup duo which has given me the confidence to go foundation free! What were your favourite things from last month?

Saturday 30 May 2015

The Empties #4

I haven't done an empties post in a jolly long while (the mum/boy never did appreciate me stashing piles of empty bottles under the bed), but I've had quite a few products run out on me lately so thought it would be good to give you my thoughts on them before they finally hit the recycling...

STAPLES // The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer will always run out & I will always replace it. Nothing comes close to this £4 bargain when it comes to coverage and staying power #enoughsaid. Skincare wise it's the Garnier Eye Makeup Remover that's made it onto my staples list. Being partial to the false lash look, I need something fairly heavy duty in the 'taking it all off' department and this tops the other dual phase removers on the market both in effectiveness and price.
REPURCHASES // Knock me down with a feather, I've finished a lip product! The Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in 'Peach on the Beach' is my go to easy one wash shade every spring & summer, so this season I had to buy another tube. A newcomer I will go back to is the Mark Hill MiracOILicious Treatment as nothing has left my hair feeling so soft and silky in a long time. The Elnett Precious Oil Hairspray also went down well with my barnet, keeping styles in place whilst offering some softening, conditioning properties.
DISAPPOINTMENTS // I'd previously gone through several tubes of the original La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, so decided to test out the plus version. Whilst I love everything both editions claim to do, I still have yet to figure out if they actually do anything (have you seen results?!) so I think I'll save my pennies rather than repurchasing. Having just raved about how much I love the Garnier Eye Makeup Remover, the same can't be said for the Garnier Micellar Water sadly. It's not bad, just no match for big old Bioderma.

What have you used up lately?

Monday 25 May 2015

The Brighton Lookbook

Evening all, I do hope everyone has had a brilliant bank holiday! I've spent lots of it brunching, mooching and pampering so feel all nice and relaxed now which is jolly lovely. I also used the long weekend to finally catch up on my blogging and vlogging, which has taken a bit of a back seat to work and busy London life of late and tonight I wanted to share the Lookbook & VLOG I filmed on my Brighton staycation with the boy. There are four outfits along with lots of seaside snippets and places you just have to go and eat so I hope you enjoy and make sure to stay tuned for lots more Meg's Boutique this week!

Are you a Brighton fan?

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Monthly Mini Haul: May

Topshop Dungarees // Breville Blend Active // Benefit 'Do The Hoola' // Snooper's Paradise Clubmasters

Welcome back to my new feature, the 'Monthly Mini Haul'! My absolute favourite purchase of May has to be those delightful denim dungarees from Topshop. They fit like a dream, can be styled so many ways and feel like a socially acceptable onesie (aka the dream). I also did lots of shopping in the Lanes of Brighton this month and my new white clubmaster sunnies were found in the corners of 'Snoopers Paradise', which is nothing short of a giant jumble sale of gems. If you like the sound of that, watch out for my Brighton VLOG coming tomorrow #cheekyplug. Moving on to makeup I was kindly sent the new 'Do The Hoola' kit from Benefit, which not only includes the new liquid Hoola, but also has a mirror with my name on- those Benebabes are cuties! Finally, on the lifestyle front we have the Breville Blend Active which has already created a host of feel good fruity smoothies as well as more taste good Oreo milkshakes. At just under £30 I'd highly recommend.

What have you been haulin' this month?

Wednesday 13 May 2015

First Aid Facial Radiance Pads

When it comes to skincare, pads and wipes remind me of trying to remove poorly applied Rimmel Mascara and Dream Matte Mousse after school when I had no idea what a cleansing balm or micellar water were. But after years spent steering my skin clear of these pre packaged solutions, they are back and this time they're supercharged to work wonders for the skin.

I've been trying the Facial Radiance Pads from First Aid Beauty for a few weeks now and they've already earned a solid place in my skincare routine. I first bought them as a way of battling the congested bumpy skin that sometimes occurs on my forehead and chin. After being told I needed to exfoliate more to sort this but not wanting to use harsh scrubs, these have been the perfect solution with just enough lactic and glycolic acid to smooth and clean out pores without irritating the skin. They're also brilliant in the brightening department, with licorice root and lemon peel effectively sloughing away those dull dead skin cells to leave the skin bright and glowy. When skincare routines get too long and complex you tend to start skipping whole steps altogether, but a quick swipe with one of these in place of your usual toner at night time and your done. Inner lazy teen Meg is most happy.

Have you tried First Aid's Radiance Pads?

Saturday 9 May 2015

April Favourites

I have a little and little late April Favourites for you today. I'm still a bit out of sync with the old schedule after having time off but just couldn't miss out on sharing these gems...

LIFESTYLE // My boyfriend pointed out that I'm spending more on superfoods than makeup right now and it's all down to the cookbook, Deliciously Ella. It's more of a lifestyle guide than list of recipes and I've learnt so much about what my body needs and the best ways to feel great! I've got plans to share my superfood hauls/creations with you soon- the boy will be relieved I'm going on about spirulina and medjool dates to other people for a change...

FASHION // The weather could not be more in between right now. It's not sunny enough for sandals but it's too warm for boots- so I was very happy to find these cute real leather slip ons from Primark to bridge the gap. They were a bargain at around a tenner, have proven themselves to be super comfy and show just the right amount of foot for this silly UK spring to summer weather. Primarni to the rescue!

HAIR // With my penchant for ghds and blonde dye, I'm always on the hunt for seriously nourishing haircare and this Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Overnight Hair Healer has to be one of the most effective treatments I've tried. You apply it before bed to dry hair and then rinse off in your morning hair wash. It leaves my hair feeling super sleek, silky and soft before I've even touched my conditioner and the clear, invisible formula doesn't leave any residue on the pillow.

BEAUTY // I'm not sure I've ever included a beauty gadget in my favourites before, but I've finally found something that really helps my abused nails. After too many gel manis, glued on falsies and nail biting bouts my poor talons have been left prone to ridges and uneven surfaces. Manual buffing has never really helped but Micro Nail leaves my nail surface smooth and shiny in literally 2 seconds. This also makes nail polish look better and last longer so I'd recommend checking it out even if your an angel in the nail department. 

MAKEUP // I already went on about the Rimmel Lasting Nude Finish in my previous post so won't say too much about it now, but I really am head over heels for this fabulous foundation. A flawless medium coverage and satin-matte finish that lasts all day with no caking or patching to be seen. At just £7.99 a bottle this I see myself lovin' this all summer long.

What were your April Favourites?
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