Thursday 7 February 2013

Wedged Trainers and Tartan: Outfit Post

Hey Girls!

The wedged trainer has to be one of the biggest trends to come out of last year, but also one of the hardest to style. I think there's something mind boggling about a casual sport shoe having a heel, which probably explains why I wasn't quite brave enough to buy my own pair last year despite really liking them. So you can imagine how happy I was when Next offered to send me a snazzy (do people still say snazzy or is that just me?) pair designed by Mrs fitness herself Davina McCall and this is how I wore them to uni last week...

Top | Primark
Disco Pants | American Apparel
Scarf | Christmas Present
Wedged Trainers* | Next
Bracelets | Links of London and Pandora
Lips  | Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in 'Romantic'
Nails  | No.7 'Beautifully Black'

I was allowed to choose between a couple of pairs and went for these grey and white ones because they are quite a classic style of high top sneaker in a colour that would go with lots of things. First off despite the heel they are super duper comfy and I was fine walking in them for 25 minutes to my rehearsal and back and that's including going up and down some horrific Sheffield hills. The concealed wedge also makes your legs look longer and more slender and tones your thighs and bum as you walk so I had great fun declaring that I was working out as I just paced around the room (I know, I'm too cool sometimes). As a girl whose sports routine consists of putting pump it up and the 30 day shred on the tele I never normally wear trainers, so I feel like these are the perfect shoe for me in between casual and dressy that could be worn with either style of outfit. I went very much in the middle in the above outfit as I wore them with my smart and fitted American Apparel disco pants contrasted with my oversized slouchy Primark grey dipped hem tee. I also added my trusty tartan scarf for a bit of colour and Topshop frilly ankle socks for a bit of girly cuteness. Overall, I really love the look and I got quite a few compliments as I was walking down the street (a random man declared that I looked like I was out of a magazine which did make my day a little bit, not going to lie...) If you want to see the trainers or my outfit and make up in more detail then you can check out my latest big haul video here :)

Have you been brave enough to battle with the wedged trainer or do you think sneakers are for the gym only?

It was the opening night of the Fairytale play I'm in this week yesterday along with the first night meal and drinks (and a bit of very expert disco dancing of course), so I'm feeling pretty tired but also very happy today. It went so well and I can't wait to be a cat and a rat all over again tonight, have a lovely evening ladies!

Love Meg


  1. Love the splash of tartan in this outfit, such a cute look xx

  2. I love that scarf! Your makeup is lovely too :)xx

  3. Totally want some of those trainers now.
    And wish my blog was as amazing as yours! x

  4. The scarf makes the outfit. So lovely xx

  5. Love this outfit! I need this scarf :) x

  6. Really like this combo although I don't really like wedged trainers :) x

  7. You have such a nice style, it really suits you!
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  8. I've never been that keen on the wedged trainers but these are probably the nicest I've seen! Love the tartan scarf xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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