Sunday 17 February 2013

Valentine Kisses: Rimmel Apocalips Swatches

Happy belated Valentines everyone!

This themed post is a little late because I've been having a lovely Valentines weekend back home with the boy so haven't had chance to post, but I hope you had a nice time with your fella or your friends last week. But onto the actual post then...the lip product you wear around this time of year is always very important as you want your lips to look nice and kissable. So therefore I think the new Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers are perfect as they give you an opaque glossy colour in one swipe and when the shiny finish goes away you are still left with a nice stain on your lips and all for a mere £5.99 a pop. The only problem with the apocalips is deciding which one to go for (or which ones if you're a lip product junkee like me!), as they come in a range of stunning shades. So to save you  hours of umming and ahhing next time you're in boots I thought I'd show you swatches of all the colours as the ones you get on websites are often not true to the actual colour...

From left to right- 

Nude eclipse: peachy nude beige
Galaxy: dark purple toned berry
Apocalyptic: deep fuchsia
Stellar: neon pinky red coral
Luna: orange toned peachy coral
Nova: mid toned pink
Big bang: bright poppy red
(I managed to miss Celestial: light candy pink)

After spending a long time milling in the make up aisle starring at these swatches on my hand I decided to start my collection with Stellar, as I thought it was the most unique shade and it provided me with some very eye catching valentines lips (full review to follow soon). What shades would you go for or recommend?

As I said I've been at home this weekend seeing my boyfriend and yesterday we spent the day in London where we watched the hilarious play 'one man two guvnors' and I got treated to some very pretty things from Victoria's Secret, its like a girls dream in there! I hope you're all having a great weekend!

Love Meg


  1. I currently own only Nova and it's amazing!
    I think I have to pick up more shades :)

  2. I really love Stellar & Luna! ♥_♥

  3. I've had my eye on Luna for so long now!Xx

  4. Nude Eclipse & Apocolyptic look amazing:) x

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  5. They're all such wonderful colours I wouldn't know which one to pick! Stella and Luna maybe. Ooooh I don't know!!

  6. I love celestial and big bang :) Stellar is lovely too though! x

  7. Love Apocalyptic, Stellar and Big Bang! So hard to choose ...

  8. These are gorgeous, I love the coral shade x

  9. Ooh they're lovely! Deep fuchsia, neon pinky red coral and big bang are my faves xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  10. Woah! Ive never seen a swatch with them all in! :D they look so cool! :D xx

  11. I love Nova! Definitely recommend that, and Big Bang is a gorgeous tomato red :) xxx

  12. I've just watched your beauty haul where you talk about these. I have heard so much about them but not yet bought one. Thank you so much for doing these swatches. They are really helpful and means I can check out which shades I want to get before I buy one. I definitely think I'm going to go for the Luna shade first. Your posts are great and I'm really enjoying watching your videos :)
    Steph xx


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