Monday 23 November 2015

november on the farm | OOTD

primark jumper // topshop jeans // new look parka // asos hat // kate moss '107' // super chic wellies

Gosh, so it's only been a mere month since I last posted in these parts... shocking! I think I'm finding the real life/blog life balance harder as I'm getting a bit older and more into work and heading out in evenings and weekends. But I still LOVE blogging and ADORE anyone who is sticking with me at the moment, so thank you and I promise there will be more posts heading into the festive season. With my birthday and trip to New York next week I really won't have an excuse for content... (unbelievable amount of excitement doesn't even cut it.)

On to today's post which is an wintry farm themed OOTD. The last outfit I posted was back in the summer so it's definitely time to show you something more winter/arctic appropriate now the temperature has dropped dramatically... I like to dress pretty smartly for work Monday-Friday so the weekends are 100% jeans and jumper territory. This particular day was spent at The BarnYard Farm back in Kentish countryside, trudging through fields and 'awwing' at all the animals, hence the addition of wellie boots- but there's also a great more everyday find here which is the Primark jumper. I'm wary of spending too much on knitwear as I rarely find it to wash well so this £14 bargain was perfect. I love how thick, comfy and oversized it is, as well as the cream/navy contrast pattern. It seems other folks love it too as I've had so many people ask where they can buy it! The jeans are still my eternal favourite ripped Topshop Jamie's, although I am actually on the look out for jeans which don't come with holes in (blame the weather) so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Add in a parka- with fur included of course- and cable knit bobble hat and 'farm/every winter weekend' chic is complete. You can also see that Kate Moss '107' has returned with a vengeance this year, but I am trying to give other lipsticks a look in too I swear. As long as they have exactly the same colour, finish and longevity, obvs.

What's your go to winter weekend wardrobe?      


  1. You look lovely Meg! I love the lipstick, hat and jumper coordination!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  2. I love this outfit - the jeans are great and your legs are slim and lovely! Love Autumn/Winter for being able to layer up. x

    Laura at Lola and Behold

  3. Love this outfit Meg, especially the jumper I would never have guessed it was Primark :) I haven't been in there for ages, hoping to have a little browse on my lunch break tomorrow. Have an incredible time in New York - will look forward to your posts and Instagram photos!
    Love Holly x

  4. Love the jumper! Can't believe it's Primark!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  5. I love your hat 😍

  6. You look incredible! I'm another person in love with that jumper


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