Friday 30 March 2012

NOTD- Ice cream parlour

Hey girls!

The gorgeous spring weather we're having at the moment has made me leave behind the dark purples, blacks and reds I was loving for my nails in the winter and move onto pretty pastel shades. I decided to treat myself to a couple of these new spring shades with my Boots points the other day and went for Barry M's 'Berry Ice Cream' and 'Strawberry Ice Cream'...

Not only do they sound delicious, but I think they look rather yummy on my nails too and I can't wait to add the shades 'Blueberry Ice cream' and 'Lemon Ice Cream' to my collection then I really will have an ice cream parlour!

Barry M Nail Paints are definitely my favourite nail polish brand because of the amazing range of shades on offer and the fact they are an incredibly affordable £2.99 a pop, although I do find you need a good two coats to get an opaque coverage, whereas with some other more expensive brands like Models Own and OPI  you could probably get away with the one.
Are you loving pastel shades at the moment? What are your favourite Barry M Nail Paints?
I've been pretty busy today at work and seeing my grandparents, which was so nice as I haven't seen them in over a month. And now I'm off to drive to see my lovely friend Lydia who I haven't seen since Christmas, so I'm very excited about that!

I hope you've all had a good week!
Love Meg


  1. I just painted my nails with Berry Ice cream today! Haha it's my favourite nail polish :) xx

  2. so cute im gonna get these for summer :D

  3. Love these shades, very spring like and fresh :)

  4. LOVINGG pastel nails at the momento :) im just addicted to Barry M..for the price they're amazing. Currently wearing peach melba - has to be my current favourite :)

  5. Love these colours, specially the pink! x

  6. glad your all fans of the spring pastel look and Barry M nail paints! xxx

  7. these are such pretty colors! i think barry m has a lot of beautiful nail polish shades! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  8. This colours are beautiful and I am indeed loving pastel shades at the moment. Have yet to try Barry M nail polishes (I know) but these might be the first I try xx

  9. Yes I would so recommend you give them a go! xxx

  10. two of my fav barry m shades!! they look so good with glitter as well! :')


  11. I have both these colours too - Love them :)

    I've tagged you in the '10 Little Secrets Tag' on my blog :)



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