Wednesday 28 March 2012

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

Hey girlies!

So back in February I did a post about the new make up I had bought to create my base after being stuck in a rut using the same products for ages and if you want to read that then it's here. Well now I thought I'd finally get round to doing reviews of the three products starting with the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation...

The Product Details from Maybelline-


• Air-whipped liquid provides perfecting coverage for 100% poreless skin.
• Full yet lightweight coverage.
• Satin perfect, luminous finish.
• Ideal for normal skin.
• Won’t clog pores, suitable for sensitive skin.
• Oil-free, fragrance-free, tested under dermatological control. 

For best results apply smoothly and evenly to your face and blend with your fingertips.'

Firstly, I absolutely adore the packaging as the slim glass bottle makes the product feel a lot more expensive and high end than it is. The pump is also great as it allows you to dispense the product easily and control the amount you want to get out. As you might be able to see from the photo below the consistency is much more thick and creamy than most other runny liquid foundations like Bourjois Healthy Mix or Revlon PhotoReady, however this doesn't make it feel too heavy, instead it feels nice and light on the skin, whilst also giving a good medium coverage that could be built to a fuller coverage if desired, although I'd like it to cover blemishes a bit better. It does seem to be pretty long lasting on the skin too, although by the end of the day it can seem to disappear from my chin and nose area in particular. The choice of shades seems pretty good too (although I can't speak for very pale or very dark skin toned people) and 'ivory' seems to be pretty much a perfect match for both my natural and slightly tanned skin tone, but I think I might try out the shade 'nude' or 'sand' if I'm very tanned and need something a bit darker and less pinky. 

As Maybelline claims, this foundation really is super blendable and doesn't dry too quickly so I find it easy to apply quickly and perfectly every time, particularly when I wear it on top of my Rimmel primer. 
The finish is a good balance between matte and natural and dewy and does make my skin appear much more airbrushed, although it doesn't cover up 100% of my imperfections and pores as promised. However, I've only tried applying it with my fingers so far as instructed, but I've just bought the real techniques stippling brush (there will be more on this soon!) so I'll let you know if I achieve even more of an airbrush finish when I apply it with that. It's oil-free and fragrance free so I imagine that it would be good for oily and sensitive skin, however I have normal to dry skin and have found it can cling a little to dry patches, however using a moisturising primer beforehand sorts that problem out and it's never broken me out which is great!

The foundation in action after a whole night of partying! (sorry for the weird serious expression haha)
Overall, I really love this foundation and at just £7.99 for a bottle that has lasted me for over three months, I'll definitely repurchase this product (although at the moment I'm giving Bourjois Healthy Mix a go!) and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable, easy to apply, medium coverage foundation with a nice semi matte semi natural quite airbrushed finish!

Have any of you tried this foundation? Or do you have any others to recommend? 

I arrived home for the Easter holidays today and got to see my boyfriend last night in London on the way home which was lovely. The long journey from Sheffield to Sheppey was a bit of a nightmare though as it was so hot and busy and I had so much luggage (despite the fact I tried to pack lightly!). I'm very excited to eat lovely homely food and have the time to blog more often, but right now I'm off to finish watching Waterloo Road and The Apprentice, oh the excitement haha!

I hope you're all having a great week!
Love Meg


  1. I really like the look of this :) I think you may have sold it to me haha :)

    Home comforts are definitely the best :) Enjoy your Easter break :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. I've got this and mostly love it, but I find that even the lightest colour is too dark for me xx

  3. This is a great review, I'm look for a new foundation, might give this a go, I'm using Rimmel Infallible, it's not really as good as it sounds! xx

  4. I love this foundation i find that it covers everything it is sooo good :) I hope you will follow my blog


  5. Yes I would definitely this a go if you haven't already Sheri and Laura! I'm glad your already a fan Leopard in leather, but I would agree underthewillowtrees that if your pale it might be hard to fins the right shade, as I use the second lightest even when I've got a slight tan! xxx

  6. Thanks for the review! Maybe I'll go out and buy this weekend!! :)



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