Friday 20 September 2013

Things I would tell my University self...

As much as I'm enjoying certain parts of life as a graduate- no looming essay deadlines, the prospect of earning money, fewer all day hang overs- seeing lots of people head back to uni this week without me has been pretty damn tough. I literally adored being a Sheffield Uni student and every year I had there brought lots of different people, opportunities, challenges and happy memories that I'm seriously going to miss. However, it also brought some tough times and there are things I would change if I could go back. Sadly, as we've already established, I can't go back, so I figured all of you heading off to start life as a fresher (here's last year's Fresher Five Guide) or  2nd or 3rd year could get some advice from my mistakes. So here are the things I would tell my University self...

1. Go over and talk to those 'scary' course girls Rosie, Alex and Laura. They're your future best friends.
2. Your boyfriend and home friends aren't going anywhere so maybe cut down on the daily skype sessions.
3. Don't rush into getting that job. Spend time joining a society, going out and even going to lectures instead.
4. Those two bottles of wine are not a good idea. You will spend the next day throwing up to Eurovision.
5. Find a house for 2nd year before Christmas and choose wisely, you're going to end up living ages away!

1. Realise now that you don't want to be a teacher, blog lots and secure social media/ PR work experience.
2. Please do some more work, you'll put yourself in a much better position for 3rd year if you do.
3.You may not love your living situation, but you're going to have the best one next year to make up for it.
4. You are starting to love that fake tan a bit too much. Step away from the tanning mitt you oopma loompa! 
5. Seriously stop spending money like it's going out of fashion. Third year Meg will not appreciate the debt...

1. Welcome to the best year of your life! Make sure you treasure it and stop freaking out/feeling stressed.
2. Start your dissertation earlier!!! This will make your life soooo much easier during Summer exam period.
3. Realise that you'll never have better house mates than Nick, Rosie and Nicola and make them lots of tea.
4. You may think tequila fuelled dirty dancing with a blow up guitar looks sexy, but fb photos beg to differ.
5. NEVER moan about SUPAS (the performing arts society), you'll miss it like mad when you've left.

Good Luck!


  1. This is a cute idea. It's fun to look back and think - if I only knew this/did that. Have you found a PR job post-uni?

    1. Aww I'm glad you liked it! Yes I have actually, I'm starting as social media intern for Benefit Cosmetics on Monday! Xxx

  2. Great post! It got me thinking of all the stupid stuff I got up to when I was at uni aha. I actually went to secondary school with one of the girls in your picture! Small world. x

  3. Love this post!! I'm starting Sheffield Uni tomorrow and even though I'm ridiculously excited, I'm also very nervous so seeing how much you enjoyed your time there has really put me at ease! :)

  4. It's my first day at Uni tomorrow and this made me feel a tad bit better! :)

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  5. Such a good post! I just started my 2nd year at university and I already feel overwhelmed and lost. Loved this! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  6. this was lovely! i feel like my uni time is running out so quickly - this post has definitely given me a little kick up the arse to make the most of it! x

  7. Your Uni days look amazing, sadly, I won't be going to Uni and I've been battling with whether or not it's a good or bad thing. I know people who haven't been to uni and who think that was the best decision and I know people who HAVE and who absolutely loved it. Guess it's just not on the tables for me, so maybe something better will come along! x


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