Friday 29 August 2014

I carried a watermelon: the rare #NOTD

You may have noticed that nail polish posts are extremely few and far between in these parts. I do actually love painting my nails, but I also annoyingly like biting them so they're never exactly picturesque canvases. However, before going on holiday I decided to have gellish done (same thing as a shellac) and in the amazing three weeks they lasted my nails grew so much and the surfaces got nice and even- the stuff of actual miracles I tell you. Then last night I attended a Next event to celebrate their new in AW collection and got a gorgeous manicure which I just had to share with you seeing as I'm not embarrassed by my fingers any more! The colour is OPI's 'Cajun Shrimp' which is the most stunning hot pinky red shade that I couldn't help but match to my Topshop watermelon phone case and get a bit Dirty Dancing with! The polish went on like a dream and I think now that I'm a Feel Unique gal I really must get some more OPI in my life. It also occurred to me last night that this is basically the 'Stellar' Rimmel Apocalips in a nail varnish, so I applied lashings of that to my pout as I made my way to a very early breakfast meeting this morning. The business world really appreciates a good matching lip and nail don't cha know.

What nail polishes are you loving right now?


  1. I love your phone case! OPI are such good nail varnishes for the price :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. I love OPI polishes, Cajun Shrimp looks gorgeous! Fragrance Direct sell a few for only £3.99, I just bought Are We There Yet? and I love it, it's a really pretty coral colour.
    Also, your phone case is adorable! :D
    Becki xxx

  3. I'm a nail biter too! Think I may need to get myself some gel nails because yours look fantastic little lady! And also, watermelon phone case?! Yes please!
    Hope you're well sweet? xx

  4. Gorgeous shade! Love the phone case as well!

  5. I also adore the phone case & that nail varnish colour is so nice!!

  6. I love that polish shade, looks lovely! I want your phone case!

    Hannah Heartss x

  7. That is such a cute phone case and I love that nail shade for the summer, so lovely!

    Sophie x

  8. Pretty ! I love that cell phone case!

    Magee /


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