Sunday 31 August 2014

The 1960's Tutorial

A super small Sunday post from me today as I have a great deal of very important chilling and modern family watching with the boy to do. Priorities and all that... but when I was being far more productive I sat down and filmed a 1960's hair and makeup tutorial for you inspired by the new musical 'Made in Dagenham'. It was really fun to do and I must say I was rather happy with the result so I do hope you like it too! Make sure to go and see the musical when it opens as well, it stars that babe Gemma Arteton as the lead actress- ultimate #girlcrush.  

Would you wear the 1960's look?


  1. I love the 60's, you look gorgeous and I really love the hair style :)

    Sophie x

  2. Absolutely! I love this kind of twiggy-inspired make-up :)

  3. gorgeous! Love the hair style, definitely going to try it out :) x

  4. You've nailed it, so stunning!

  5. You look so stunning, really enjoyed the video x


Thank you for making me a happy bunny!

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