Tuesday 5 August 2014

The Graduate Guide

I usually reserve my uni advice posts for freshers week, but after going through my first year as a graduate I've realised that leaving university is far more terrifying than starting it. You have school support, family and fellow fresher friends to guide you through those first shaky steps from home, but everyone expects you to know exactly what to do by the time you move back there three years later, swapping the parties and city life for nights in with job applications. Nobody could ever write one true graduate guide because this is the time when everyone takes totally different paths, but I have learnt a few pointers this past year which may help those of you donning a mortar board this Summer...

1. SUMMER LOVIN' | First and foremost, ENJOY YOUR SUMMER. I sniffled as my parents drove me back from Sheffield to Sheppey and continued to foolishly fret and ignore the sunshine until I had a job secured months later. I know being unemployed is scary, but once you're in that coveted career you will say goodbye to summer holidays, taking days off without filling in forms and being able to do whatever you fancy without checking your emails first. So whatever you do, do not worry your last long summer holiday away just because 'you need to sort your life out'.
2. BLOG FOR YOUR LIFE | As much as you should enjoy all the free time you have this Summer, I'd highly recommend you put as much of it into your passion as possible. For a lot of you reading this that will be blogging/vlogging, but it's any hobby that makes you happy be it music, sport or flower pressing (you never know). This is the time when you can really make something of those hobbies, because sadly they'll take more of a back seat when you've got a 9-5. And you never know, put the effort in now and they could become your 9-5. 
3. GET SPECIFIC | You go through school and uni being told the world is your oyster and you can do anything you want to, which is true! But it's a hell of a lot harder to get what you want when you haven't figured out what that is yet. So now is the time to get specific; figure out what you want to do and how to get there (you really don't have to get it right first time). Then you can get internships under your belt and the LinkedIn/CV polished so when it comes to applying for those dream positions, you're ready!
4. HOME IS GOOD | Like it or not, most people have to move back home after uni and after the freedom of living it up with your best friends, it's a culture shock for both you and your parents. It's important to adjust and make the most of it though because chances are you'll be gone for good next time. So relish in wholesome meals, heating, not paying council tax and good old family time- maybe even head back to your old part time job for a bit of pocket make up money. Gotta love library shifts.
5. LIFE STARTS HERE | Now the days of going to Pop Tarts every week, living off snickers sandwiches and being in musicals all the time -okay maybe that's just me- are over, you might feel like life's over too, or at least the fun part. But whilst adjusting to the real world and embarking on long distance relationships with your uni besties is hard, just think of all the big reunion weekends you'll plan, new friends you're going to make, experiences you've yet to have and fact you may actually have money in your bank account now... life's just starting so get excited!!

Lots of luck to everyone embarking on something new this Summer & please let me know if you want any more posts like this!


  1. I just graduated from Sheffield! Don't know what I want to do with my life yet though :( x

  2. I'm about to go in to my second year of Uni so this advice was brilliant preparation! I've also been doing some Uni advice over on my blog! Thank you! X


  3. This was such a good post! I'm about to start university (hopefully, results dependent) and it's nice to hear what it's like on the other side of life! I hope university is as good for me as it has been for you and many others! :) Xx

  4. I've just graduated this year, and the first six weeks after I finished I think I was in a state of shock not knowing what to do and worrying about money etc. I've got a job now thankfully, as I'd chosen to stay in Leeds rather than go home but it feels weird to not be a student anymore!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  5. Such a good post! I graduated this July and luckily have a job which I start in September, but it's all a bit scary! x

    lillies and lipbalm


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