Saturday 7 January 2012

Big Boots Haul...Part 1

Hi lovelies!

Today I thought I'd do my first ever haul, as last week I went and spent all the boots vouchers I got for Christmas so I have lots of new stuff to show you. I don't know why it's taken me so long to a boots haul actually as I'm constantly spending far too much money in there!  

I'm afraid some of the stuff isn't that interesting as after spending so much money over Christmas, I really needed to use my vouchers to stock up on boring essentials, boo :(  But anyway I hope you like having a nose through what I got, I'm not going to go into the products in much detail as I will do detailed reviews of most of the products in upcoming posts once I've used them enough. I'm just going to talk about half the products below now and go through the other half tomorrow, as this post will be far too long if I do the whole haul in one!

1. John Frieda frizz-ease 3-day straight.
I discovered this fabulous product back in the summer and will finally get round to reviewing it properly soon I promise! This product has been a total god-send for me as I have naturally rather unruly curly/frizzy hair and this saves me from having to re-straighten it properly everyday, as well as protecting my hair from heat. Boots has a two for £7.50 offer on John Frieda's Frizz-Ease range at the moment and as this product usually costs £6.99 anyway (which is a bit pricey for the amount of product you get) I was very excited to take advantage of it and save some pennies! 

2. Pantene Pro-V hairspray
I've tried so many hair sprays it's getting ridiculous, but that didn't stop me from getting lured into buying yet another different hairspray from Pantene Pro-V by their two for £4 offer (saving £2). I got two different types because I'm very indecisive, so I'm in the process of deciding which I like best at the moment...but I do really like the idea of a hair spray that gives you volume and body as well as an ultra strong hold that doesn't look obvious, so the first one may well be the winner if it delivers up to its claims.

3. Ecotools powder brush 
This was actually the product I was most excited about getting as I've heard and read so many great things about ecotools brushes. I've never really splashed out on good brushes before, but I think the £10 price tag is so worth the quality of this product, after all I'd spend a tenner on a lippy and you get a cute little pouch with it too! I'm definitely going to look into expanding my ecotools collection now.

4. Garnier mineral 48h invisible anti-white marks deodorant

This is one of the least exciting products I got, but probably the most necessary! I always buy Garnier deodorant as it doesn't contain parabens, which are the things that have been linked to breast cancer. I also love the fact it lasts all day, is invisible, doesn't leave you with those dreaded white marks and now comes in a bigger bottle so you get more for your money. Plus, as you can probably guess it was on one buy one get one free offer at Boots, saving me £2.95. Lovely stuff.

5. Boots smooth care sensitive shaving foam
Okay, so this is boring, very boring, very sorry but I wanted to show you everything! Well anyway I always buy this shaving foam as it's cheap at £2.85, doesn't give you shaving rash as it's super sensitive on your skin and I like the thick and creamy foam. Plus it was buy one get one half price, I really did do well with my bargain hunting last week!

6. Accessory Crossing Ear ring sets

As I have two piercings in one ear and four in the other I love big matching ear ring sets, particularly ones like the bottom set with different sized studs. My Mum actually got me that set, but I thought I'd throw it in with this post anyway... As you can see they were both half price as Boots jewellery was in their sale, so both sets were down from £7.50 to £3.75 which is such a steal for so many ear rings! I'm so in love with the top set as they are really cute and dainty.

As I said before I'm going to talk about the rest of the stuff I got in my haul in a part 2 post tomorrow, as this post is rather long as it is! Do you have any of the products I've spoke about so far? or have you got any other Boots bargains recently?

I hope your all having a lovely Saturday night!
Love Meg


  1. I'm a follower :) (Number 100 I believe, in fact!)

    Lovely blog - I'm dying to try ecotools brushes! May have to cave soon.

    Take a look at my new beauty blog at

  2. oh Hannah you've just made my day- 100 followers yay! Yes I would really recommend caving into ecotools as soon as! and I will indeed check out your blog :) xxx

  3. Great post !
    Essentials are a must :) I might try the deodorant as I'm on a paraben free mission ! x

  4. Hey Meg,
    Just me again! I was wondering how you get that bit of text above ^^ ? xx

  5. I love the flower earrings. Great haul! you seemed to get some great bargains. Congrats on the 100 followers!!
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  6. I like the garnier deodorant is my favourite and then I love these earrings! Beautiful blog, I follow you.
    Visit my blog and if you like it follow me!

  7. Good to see it's not just me who always gets the maximum hold for hairsprays! I don't understand why anyone would get number 1?! haha that ecotools brush looks lovely, really need a new blush brush

  8. I don't like John Frieda products because they contain a lot of silicons..

    There's a giveaway on my blog currently:

  9. Lovely post! I also always spend far too much money in boots...I think it's the points card, I justify it to myself, it doesnt matter that I'm spending, I'm also collecting points! haha xx

  10. hey hunni I've awarded you the liebster blog award check my blog for info xx

  11. I purchased an eco blush brush a while ago. I found it on sale for $9, it is the best blush brush ever, I'll be adding more ecotools to my stash for sure :)

  12. I think i bought the same no 7 nail polish today! :P
    I got a mini set of ecotools brushes ages ago and was really impressed with them, that one looks lovely.

  13. I'm glad there is lots of love for ecotools brushes! Thanks for all the comments girlies :) India- What bit of text do you mean? xxx

  14. Always love those 'Half Price' ay! ;p

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