Thursday 26 January 2012

OOTD- Geek chic

Hello lovelies! 

Sorry I've been a bit rubbish at posting lately, I've been rather busy settling back into uni and revising for my exams next week, but I thought I'd take some time out from that today to show you can outfit I took some pictures of when I was back home...

Jumper- COW
Shirt- COW
Trousers- New Look
Shoes- New Look
Satchel- Primark 
Ring- Christmas present 
I wore this outfit to meet up for a casual day with the girls and I quite like the overall preppy/geek chic look. The jumper was yet another little find in my favourite vintage store, COW and although my parents and boyfriend thought it looked like a bit of an ugly Grandadish type jumper, I love it as its so cosy and the pattern is really cute. I put my shirt from COW underneath as I love any outfit with a collar at the moment! A few people have asked me if the trousers are new, but I actually got them when I was at school and have rediscovered my love for them recently as they are so cool and quirky and I love the pinstripes. I teamed my outfit with my little bow dolly shoes to make it more girly and my Primark satchel (which was an absolute steal at only £3!) and scrabble ring to add more preppy geek detail.

Do you like my look? Are any of you a fan of cosy quirky knitwear?

Right I'd better crack back on with my revision now, boo :( I did have a fabulous time last night though as I went out for cocktails with the girls in a new little black cut out dress and nude heels which I'm sure I'll post about soon!

I hope you've all had a great week!
Love Meg


  1. I love this look! Also your hair is so pretty (major hair envy) xxx

  2. Gorgeous trousers and jumper :)! So cute xx

  3. Meg I love this jumper so much :) I just love the pattern, and with the shirt underneath, it's just such an amazing outfit! Hope the revision isn't too painful :)

  4. very cute jumper!! Your shade of blonde is fabulous.

  5. aww girls thanks for complimenting my jumper- I'll have to point out to my family that it isn't just grandadish haha also it makes me very happy that you like my hair- never thought I'd give anyone hair envy! xxx

  6. this is a lovely outfit that you totally suit, love the quirkyness of it too :)
    don't listen to your family because that jumper is gorgeous haha! xx

  7. I love that jumper! So cute. And the pumps too but I am not brave enough to go without boots or at least some thick socks. Not until it gets warmer and drier.

    Laura x

  8. aha I have that bag! a real steal at just 3 quid!


  9. Some people just don't seem to get pieces like this, but I love it lovely! I think 'grandad' knits look so good on the right person, and it looks really good on you here! Loving the trousers too, I wish I had some relatively good items from my school days, but I just cringe thinking back haha xxx

  10. love your jumper (:



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