Wednesday 11 January 2012

Big Boots Haul...Part 2

Hi Lovelies!

So here's the promised part 2 of my first Boots haul, sorry it's a couple of days late, I've been snowed under with my essays that are due next week, but I've just submitted my first one so I figured I'd earned some time out to blog...

If you haven't read part 1 it's here- 

7. Lipcote 
I bought this after a few other bloggers recommended it to me to solve my 'why won't my lipstick last all day' problem (I know I have such important issues in my life!). I will try it out in a few different situations and let you know if it really is the secret to long lasting lipstick, at only £3.35 I think it's at least worth a try!

8. Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer in 52 medium
Lately I've felt a bit stuck in a rut with the make up I use to create my base (they'll be more about this in a separate post soon!) so I thought I'd try out a new concealer. I've heard such amazing things about Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation that I thought I'd see if I could start raving about the concealer too, so once I've tried it out enough I'll let you know!

9. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in translucent 
Again I decided to try this powder out after hearing good things about it from fellow bloggers and because as I just said I'm a bit fed up with always using the same products to create my base. At only £3.99 I'm already impressed! Review to follow soon...

10. Natural collection lipstick in fig leaf
I got this because I felt like it was time for me to get on the nude lipstick band wagon, but I'm so used to wearing bright pinks and reds that I wasn't sure if I'd suit the brown nudey colours people are wearing, so I bought this super cheap lippy from natural collection just to see if I like the colour and if I do I'll invest in a good one. Lipstick is definitely something I like to spend a bit more on as I think you really notice the difference with a good quality lipstick, No7 are my fave at the moment which are £10 a pop, although I'm dying to switch to MAC, but for some reason the extra £3 seems like a big jump!

11. Natural collection clear mascara 
Another little Natural Collection my beautiful brows post I said that I use original Vaseline to keep my eyebrows in place (which is still an amazing way to do it), but I fancied trying clear mascara to fix my eye brows instead because I figured it would brush them into place at the same time and you wouldn't run the risk of using too much and making your brows look greasy like you can with Vaseline. I'll let you know what I prefer soon, but again at only £1.99 it doesn't matter if I don't prefer it... I literally can't get over how good Natural collection are for things like this!

12. No7 stay perfect nail varnish in 'so simple'
I've already raved about this nail polish in my Made in Chelsea inspired nails post, so all I'll say is that I love nude nails, I love No7 nail polishes and I love the vouchers that mean I can buy them for £2. Yay!

13. Impulse body spray in 'Very Pink'
Not very exciting, but I love impulse body sprays. 'Very Pink' is my favourite at the moment because I think this bottle is rather pretty and the spray makes you smell delicious... what more could you want?

Well I hope you all enjoyed my first haul! I'm going to have a nice girly night in now with two of my girls and lots of chocolate and wine- perfect!

I hope your all having a lovely week!
Love Meg


  1. I love Bourjois blushes, they're awesome, so the concealer might be as good as the blushes. :-)

  2. My Lipcote had a red lid, not a classy gold one :( boo haha they obviously saw me coming and decided i didn't deserve the classy one ;) haha always really interested by that concealer when i see it so be interested to see your opinion on it! My favourite concealer is now discontinued so i need to start looking for another one :'( haha nails are so cute!!

  3. Antonia-Ivana- Yes I've heard really good things about bourjois blushes too, I think they might be my next new make up item to try out!

    Angie- haha I'm very sorry you didn't get a classy gold lid! ah that's a shame about your favourite concealer, but I will get a review up of the healthy mix one soon and hopefully it will be just as good!


  4. I love that pantene hairspray, it works a treat in my hair and is a brilliant price :D That impulse smells amazing too :)
    I'll be interested to hear what you think of the lipcote as I've just become obsessed with lipstick but it never lasts long enough!!
    <3 Holz oxo

  5. Yeah I agree about the hairspray- it smells so good too! well I will review the lipcote soon for you then :) xxx

  6. Great haul huni I love the smell of impulses very pink!

    I'm using the 3-day straight at the moment and really impressed with it!

    I have given you an award over on my blog Xx

  7. Great buys! :)
    Would love to know hope you get on with the lipcote!


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