Tuesday 31 January 2012

January Favourites

Hi Girlies!

So I had my last written exam today (wooooo!) and now I just have a performance exam on Thursday so can get back into blogging regularly again, lovely stuff :) I thought I'd celebrate this delightful fact by starting a monthly favourites feature as I love other blogger's monthly favourite posts and feel like it's a really nice way to round up the month!

To be honest January is my least favourite month of the year as it's always really cold and full of exams, so these are the products and random things that have made my January a happier place to be...

Make-up of the month...
Rimmel's Stay Matte powder in transparent 

This little beauty of a powder featured in my earlier Boots haul post and I'm totally in love with it- it's so cheap  at only £3.99, really does last all day and takes away shine without taking away all the dewiness of my foundation or making me look too white. 

Nail polish of the month...
No7 Stay Perfect nail varnish in 'So Simple'

I literally cannot get enough of this nude nail varnish! It's so classy, goes with everything you wear and doesn't make chips noticeable, what more could you want from a nail polish? 

Hair care of the month...
Umberto Gianinni Billionare Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner 

My lovely sister got me these products for my birthday as she knows that I love anything that promises to keep my blonde beautiful and I absolutely love them. The shampoo is the best purple toning shampoo I've ever tried as it keeps me super blonde and is gentle enough for every day use. The conditioner is amazing too as it's so thick and makes my hair feel and smell lovely, (plus the packaging is so gorgeous and luxe!) so I'll definitely be replacing them when they run out!  

Skin care product of the month...

Not the most glamorous of products, but after Corrie from dizzybrunette3 recommended it for spots I thought I'd see if it could sort out the tantrum my skin was having after all the food I ate over Christmas. It was only £2.69 for a pot from Boots that will last for absolutely ages and most importantly it actually works! I put a thin layer over any spots or scarring before I go to bed and really do notice a difference when I wake up...my Mum's noticed it too and has now got her own pot!

Clothing of the month...
River Island faux fur coat

I really love this whole outfit to be honest, but the coat in particular has been my January staple that I've hardly left the house without, it's really warm and bang on trend (although I am getting a little bit tired of certain family members comparing me to my cat when I wear it...)

Music of the month...
One Direction's album 'Up all night'

These boys have definitely been my January guilty pleasure...if you haven't listened to this album yet then DO IT! I'm not even being funny they are actually really songs and I know that even my male friends have a lot of love for them!

Programme of the month...
Desperate Scousewives 

I know that my boyfriend thinks I'm a 'terrible human being' for being addicted to these reality shows, but I couldn't resist watching Desperate Scousewives this month in my revision breaks and now I'm as hooked on it as I am on TOWIE and Made in Chelsea...oops! 

Book of the month...
'You don't have to say you love me' by Sara Manning

I can't count the amount of times I laughed and cried at this book! I read it because Sara Manning's other book, 'Unsticky' is like my favourite book of all time and it didn't disappoint....so if your looking for the perfect piece of feel good romantic girly escapism with a dreamy hero then look no further.

Person of the month...
Pixie Lott

I have the biggest girl crush on Pixie Lott, she's my hair idol, style idol and well just general idol. I think the main thing I love about her is her confidence and the way both girls and guys can find her sexy...oh the fact she's super talented, obvs.

So those were the things I've been loving this month! Please do link me any monthly favourite posts you might have as I love reading them or just tell me what your January monthly favourites are?

I must say I'm really looking forward to February- warmer days, pancakes, Valentines and I'm going home for a week! Right now though it's time to spend all night painting my nails and catching up on all that tele I've missed out on by doing revision! 

Hope you've all had a lovely January!
Love Meg


  1. Great post :)
    One Direction's songs are too catchy, I find myself bopping away, singing along thinking what am I doing?! haha :)


  2. Also, good luck with your performance exam :)

  3. I have the stay matte powder it is so good, I use it all the time<3


  4. LOVE this post!
    Been wondering what to spend a no7. voucher on for a while and I think you've made my mind up, that nail colour looks gorgeous!
    I can't get enough Umberto Gianinni stuff either it's my current favourite for hair.

    Amy x
    p.s. the fur coat is amazing!

  5. Feel your pain about the cat jokes, everyone at work calls me the ''office cat'' when i wear my fur jacket haha!
    LOVE One Direction, think One Thing is my favourite song of the album, or Gotta Be You, they're such cutie pies too <3

  6. Totally agree with you about Sudocrem. It's seriously helped my skin post Clarisonic-purge! xx


  7. Oh my god u look like her??
    And I love the N7 polishes.. x

  8. Great Favourites.. I may have to pick up the book you mentioned, I've never heard of this author before xx

  9. The hair treatment seems to be quite interesting. Does it keep your blonde shiny?


  10. Thanks for all the lovely comments girls! I would say that the hair treatments keep my blonde shiny, they really are the best products I've tried for blonde hair xxx

  11. I love the Rimmel stay matte powder and the no7 polish!

    Ashlie x


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