Tuesday 7 February 2012

NOTD- Getting Grungy

Hello lovelies!

Now I've always been a massive girly girl, but that doesn't mean I always want my nails to be barbie pink (proven by my recent obsession with black nail varnish!), so I thought I'd go for a more grungy look when I did my nails last week for a night out...

I created this grungy look by layering Barry M's black instant effects crackle nail paint over Rimmel's 60 seconds nail polish in 'grey matter'. I go through love/hate stages with crackle varnish as I'm so used to wanting my nails to look nice and pretty, but I really love the cool effect you get when you paint it over a quite dull colour like this grey.

  • Do a thick coat of crackle varnish if you want to create large gaps between the black chunks like I have or use a thin coat if you want to create smaller gaps and have less of your base colour showing.  
  • Always wait an extra long time before painting over your base colour with the crackle varnish as if you don't leave it to dry for long enough the crackle varnish might brush some of the base colour away and leave patches of your actual nail showing.
Do you love or hate crackle varnish? What colours do you like to team it with? Have any of you tried the new 'croc effect' varnishes? 

Now my exams are finally over I'm really enjoying getting back into actual uni again this week and having evenings filled with things that are much more fun than revision :) I've got my friends Matt and Loma coming over for dinner tonight and they're bringing a cake which I'm super excited about, nom nom!

I hope you've all had a great start to the week!
Love Meg


  1. I love crackle polishes but have stop using them lately, think they have been overused by me !! Just bought croc effects about a week ago so will have to try it properly soon (although winter hasn't been kind to my nails!).

  2. I love the 'grey matter' polish! Thanks for the tips on creating larger gaps between the crackles, I always hated the way mine came out for the gaps being too tiny! :) xo

  3. oo please do a review or something on the croc effects Catherine and thank youu, I really like the grey too actually and I'm glad you like the tip! xxx

  4. These crackle nails look great..x

  5. Thanks girls I'm very happy you like the look! xxx

  6. Love that nail polish I own one in white and pink and the result is awesome


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