Sunday 26 February 2012

Revlon 'pink pout': MAC 'please me' dupe?

Good Morning girlies!

Even though I recently managed to achieve my New Years goal of owning an Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, my 2012 aim to own a MAC lipstick is looking like it won't be fulfilled for a while as I've got no present buying occasions coming up and I just can't justify that £13.50 price tag at the moment! However, it's all okay because my lovely friend faye from fayesfix swears she prefers her Revlon lippy to her MAC one and thinks it's pretty much a dupe of MAC anyway, so instead of pining for MAC I turned to the more affordable £7.49 a pop Revlon to satisfy my high end lipstick craving...

I went for the shade 'pink pout' with a matte finish, which is part of Revlon's super lustrous range. I went for this shade because the shade I'd buy from MAC would be a pinky blue toned nude that I could wear everyday and I went for a matte finish as I love getting a full pout of opaque colour with one swipe. 

The first thing that strikes me is how similar the packaging, shade and finish is to MAC's 'please me' so it definitely looks like a dupe from the outside! But what about the actual product on the inside...

The claims-

'Revlon® Matte Lipstick gives suede-like application and maximum colour. Rich matte colour glides effortlessly across lips. Suede-like cushion without drying.'

The reality-
This lipstick does glide on nice and smoothly, as well as providing a matte finish full of colour after a few swipes. I also didn't find it drying, although I do prefer it with a glossy top coat (which I'll show you in another post) so that the creases of your lips aren't as defined. I adore the shade as it's subtle enough to count as an everyday nude, but pink enough to give a nice bit of colour (I'm really not a fan of the concealer lip look!). I also find it very long lasting on the lips, as it survived through meals and needed minimal reapplication.

A dupe for MAC 'please me'?
Obviously I've never tried a MAC lipstick, but all I can say is that this is the best lipstick I own, including the many No7 ones I have which come in at a pricier £10. So if you're looking for a cheaper high end lipstick alternative with the same quality and choice of shades and finishes that are much more easily available, then I'd recommend you give Revlon a go :)

Do you think Revlon lipsticks are a dupe for MAC ones? What are your favourite brands of lipsticks and shades?

I'm feeling a bit fragile after Pop Tarts last night, but now I really need to pull myself together and get ready for the two rehearsals I have today for 'Alice in Wonderland' and our next supas show! I also have a tonne of reading to do today, boo :(

I hope you've all got more relaxing Sundays planned!
Love Meg


  1. I have this lipstick and LOVE it. I hate when matte lipsticks dry your lips and this doesn't! :) x

  2. I have to say MAC is my fave brand for lipsticks, but they are quite pricey. I just bought Lovelorn and it is beautiful I posted about it on my blog, if I found a dupe for that I would be very happy!!



  3. I love this colour!
    Claudia xxx

  4. your nails look awesome! I love that color lipstick, looks really nice on you!


  5. Ohhh I just did a post on Revlon lipstick too! I have this colour it's gorgeous! Love your nails! x

  6. Ohhh such a nice colour. I don't really suits coloured lipsticks cause I am so pale, but i do love this!!

    Love your blog by the way. Such a great idea. I am still on a student budget as I have just completed my degree but looking for work, so it is great to get ideas from here!! I have just become a follower!! Come check out my blog if you have the time. I love hearing back from people and getting their opinions too!!

    Luc X

  7. I'm so glad lots of you also like this lipstick! Such a good alternative to mac I think :) xxx

  8. I have both lipsticks and they are not clones. I really love please me it's my favorite lipstick, but pink pout is totally diferent (on my lips). I send a swatch of both to your email.

  9. in HEB, have coupons every month of $ 2.50 or $3 off

    my favorite of revlon is "cocoa craving" for everyday, I am C3/C4.

  10. Can't help but notice your nails. They look great!! Love abit of animal print. I did some colourful print ones a while back. The lipstick is also fab, really like the colour

    Love Nails. Love ObsessionLacquer.


  11. awesome. I just did a dupe on this o n my blog. Im a new follower via GFC. It would mean a lot if you could visit my beauty blog!


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