Thursday 16 February 2012

Hello there Naked 2...

Hello girlies,

Today's post is just to let you know that I'm finally the proud owner of the critically acclaimed and much coveted Naked 2 eye shadow palette from Urban Decay! My lovely boyfriend bought it for me for Valentines day after listening to me go on about it for ages, I feel like a very lucky girl and love it so much already!

I spent a long time deciding if I wanted the original Naked palette or the follow up Naked 2, but in the end opted for the second palette as it had more shades I could use to create dark smoky eyes (which is my favourite and most worn look), whereas the original Naked palette contained more bronzey brown shades. I also much preferred its gorgeous tin complete with an even bigger mirror than the original...

Another way Urban Decay has improved from the original palette is by including a double ended brush, with one end for application and one for blending. I tried this out today and I'm very impressed by how well it both applies and blends the eye shadows...

I've put some swatches below to give you a better idea of what the shadows come out like on the eye lids. This palette has such a great range of shades and I can't wait to create lots of different day and night time looks with them. I tried wearing a mixture of bootycall, YDK and Busted today for a subtle pink shimmery look and adored the shadows high quality and pigmentation.  I think my most used shades will probably be blackout, bootycall, half baked (which is the only shade that also appears in the original palette) and petrol...
I also got a free Urban decay lipgloss with the palette which I will let you know more about once I've tried it out...

At a pricey £36 this most certainly isn't a budget product and definitely not something I could justify buying for myself, but now I have it I'm pretty sure nothing else will touch my lids and I'll wonder how I ever lived without it!

Have you got Urban Decay's Naked or Naked 2? Which one is your favourite and do you think they are worth the money?

Right I'm going to stop drooling over this now and watch a film with my boyfriend and some homemade cookie dough ice cream, yum! 

I hope you're all having a lovely week!
Love Meg


  1. I'm dying to get my hands on this palette it looks amazing!

  2. Such a sweet V Day gift.. lucky girl xx

  3. Aww wow lucky you!! What a gorgeous gift :) Wish i could justify buying this!

  4. The shades are gorgeous. I'm excited to see some looks you create with this palette.

  5. I know I do feel very lucky! I can't wait to create lots of looks with it either- I'm sure I'll be posting some up soon xxx


Thank you for making me a happy bunny!

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