Thursday 9 February 2012

A sweet treat for your lips: Creme Brulee Vaseline

Hello girlies!

I just thought I'd do a short and sweet post for you tonight as I'm so sleepy from being at uni since 10 this morning. Anyway this post is extra sweet because it's about the very yummy and exciting new limited edition Creme Brulee vaseline that I've finally just managed to get my hands on...

I know it was first released a while ago now, but when it first came out and I saw it in Boots I was like 'oh I'll definitely pick that up next time I'm in here', then shock horror it sold out everywhere almost instantly and I didn't want to pay the £6 it was going for on amazon. So you can imagine what a happy bunny I was when I nipped into the Boots in Victoria whilst travelling back from  seeing my boyfriend  last weekend and found one lonely little tub all hidden away behind the other lip care! Plus it was only £2.99, just a pound more expensive than regular vaseline.

After such a long wait I'm very happy that I'm not disappointed- the packaging is super cute (although it makes me crave pudding whenever I look at it!), it has a really lovely sweet smell and like all the other versions, it leaves my lips feeling soft and moisturised. I always apply vaseline before I go to bed to prevent dryness and to prime them for the lipstick they'll be wearing in the morning, but I'm being very careful to alternate using this one with my cocoa butter vaseline so that it doesn't run out too quickly.

Did you manage to get your hands on this creme brulee vaseline? What's type do you prefer to use?

As I said before I'm exhausted from a really long couple of days at uni and can't wait to just crawl into my bed with a cup of tea and the latest episode of skins tonight!

I hope you've all had a lovely week!
Love Meg


  1. This is the best smelling vaseline I have purchased! Great post x

  2. I didn't even know this existed!

    Looks so good though, I'll be on the look out in Boots from now on!

    My favourite is the rose tinted one but I think this one could be a very good replacement :)
    Amy x

  3. I really want this, I love Creme Brule! I can never bloody find it though :( xx

  4. I dont use vaseline/ mineral oil.. I do see it EVERYWHERE though so Im always suprised when people say that they are sold out.. maybe its because i dont look for it.. xx

  5. It really is very yummy! so I would definitely say get some if you have the chance :) xxx

  6. oh my would love to own one will check it out in the stores love it <3


Thank you for making me a happy bunny!

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