Monday 20 February 2012

Nailene false nails review featuring Barbie pink NOTD...

Hey lovelies!

I've had a battle with nail biting ever since I can remember and only last year when my boyfriend said he'd buy me a treat if I finally stopped did I manage to win the battle. However, about ten months of unbitten nails and an amazing Arctic monkeys gig later, I decided that even though my nails were so much better than before I still wanted them to look longer, stonger and more even. Of course pretty much the only way to have continually perfect nails is to wear false ones, which I have for about a month now and I absolutely love them! After looking at the selection in Boots and deciding I couldn't spend nearly a tenner every time I needed a new set of nails, I followed Lily's advise from etcllymlrs and went on ebay to buy 200 plain nailene nails in petite square for only £2.99 plus £1.41 postage. 

Not only are they ridiculously good value for money, but because they are designed for small hands they actually fit my little nail beds perfectly, saving me hours of filing down and shaping (but if you don't have small hands don't worry as they also do regular sized nails too). They are also not too long, meaning they look natural rather than talon-like and are practical for every day wear. I find that my varnishes glide onto these nails perfectly, never chip and that the set last until I get bored of the nail colour I'm wearing, which is usually after about a week. You can then either re-paint and reapply the same set or just use new ones and keep the old ones in stash ready for when you want your nails that colour again. Here is what they look like wearing Barry M bright pink nail paint (which I also adore because it applies so nicely, is dead cheap at £2.99 a bottle and makes me look like a Barbie)...

The only bad thing is that I can't actually use all 200 nails because I only fit the smallest ones, although to be fair if I wasn't so lazy I could just file them down to fit. I also didn't like the glue they came with as it was hard to dispense and dried out quickly, so I had nails pinging off the day after I put them on. This is why I went to Boots and found what could be one of the best inventions ever- brush on nail glue from Elegant touch...

This is so quick and easy to apply (even when I'm trying to drunkenly stick a nail back on when I'm clubbing!), dries in seconds and is really strong so my nails don't tend to start coming off till about a week after I first apply them. It was also a right bargain at only £3.10! After taking a set of false nails off, my real nails sometimes do feel a little brittle so I am making sure that I have a few falsie breaks and keep them topped up with my Sally Hansen hard as nails treatment, but to be honest they look so lovely and perfect when they're on that I don't really mind too much!

Are you a false nails fan? What ones do you use? Any tips for keeping my real nails in good condition whilst wearing falsies?

After a long day at uni I'm actually looking forward to having a night of generally sorting my life out a bit whilst catching up with Dancing on Ice, I sure know how to live haha!

I hope you've all had a great start to the week!
Love Meg


  1. These look amazing; and that is such good value for all those nails! Where were you when I was spending £6 on one set?! hah, thanks for the review :) xo

  2. I absolutely love these nails now, can't live without them! Love that colour too :) xx

  3. What a bargain! The small nails look far nicer and alot more natural than the OTT long falsies.

  4. I have the same problem too only using some of the pack because of my small nail beds, and also being too lazy to file the rest! They look great on you though! ...mine always end up pinging off :( xx

  5. Just to let you know that I've awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award on my blog :) xx

  6. Love this post! I'm heading to ebay right now to buy myself some! x


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