Saturday 25 February 2012

Now trending: Flatforms and creepers

Hiya lovelies!

I thought I'd do a post for you while I'm sitting here waiting for my fake tan to develop (it's all going well so far, but more on that later...). If you keep your eye on fashion I'm sure you'll have noticed the latest shoe trends to hit the high street from the cat walk, which are flatforms and creepers...


Although these types of shoe look very different, the main idea behind them is the same- to give you height and the illusion of heels without the hurting feet. I for one love this idea as at about 5"3 I always want a bit of extra height, but I'm not a fan of killing my feet in the process.

However, I'm not sure I can pull off the quirky creeper look or flatform with no added height in the heel at all, so I've invested in the same black suade pair llymlrs has from h&m, which are a nice wearable in-between with a slight heel suitable for day or night time. They were only £20 and  are ridiculously comfy, but I think also give the impression I'm wearing full on platforms!

I have a feeling flatforms are going to be very big this season so I'd go and snap these up as soon as you can if you're loving the trend too!

What do you think of platforms and creepers? Have you already given in to the trend?

I've had a really fun few days running a sleepover social for my performing arts society and watching Legally Blonde the musical! I'm also super excited for tonight as I'm off to my favourite club night ever- Pop Tarts- for my friends birthday, hence why I'm fake tanning...I've also dyed my hair and put on my falsies so I'm  feeling all nice and dolled up :) I'm planning to wear my black cut out dress and nude heels so look out for an outfit post on that shorty...

I hope you've all got fun plans for tonight too!
Love Meg


  1. I've got a pair of flatforms and creepers and they are the most comfortable shoes ever!
    Claudia xxx

  2. Ooh, gorgeous shoes. I would really like to buy some creepers, even though it's not my 'usual' stlye, I'm drawn to them! xx

  3. I love creepers but I don't think I would wear flatforms as I am about 5'8 and my friends are smaller than me already but I got some shoes with a little platform(latest post) and I love those, so I think now I can invest in some low creepers :)

  4. These are absolutely lovely! *going to H&M tomorrow* must have! At 5"1 I need all the height I can get xxx

  5. I absolutely love them on other people but I'm not sure they'd suit me and I'm afraid to splurge on a pair in case I don't like them.. what to do!!

  6. I'm not a fan of platforms or creepers but those H&M platforms are lovely! I might have to have a look! xx

  7. I don't have any flatforms, but I do have a pair of open toed platforms that I swear don't leave my feet all summer long!



  8. I'm jealous of all you people who can pull off creepers! I hope those of you investing in a pair of h&m flatforms love them :) xxx


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