Sunday 8 April 2012

Happy Easter! featuring bareMinerals brow color and Caudalie skincare...

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you're all having a really great day and got lots of chocolate from the Easter bunny! As much as I love chocolate I always prefer to get Easter presents from my parents and this year I was ridiculously excited to discover that my Mum and Dad had treated me to a pot of bareMinerals brow color and a Caudalie skin care starter kit (and some little chocolate eggs thrown in for good measure)...

I was so happy to find the bareMinerals brow color in my rather pretty goody bag as you all know how much I love eyebrows from my post- i-love-beautiful-brows and I've been wanting to move on from my Rimmel brow pencil for some time now, as I find it can look a little harsh and be a bit scratchy to apply. I've had Benefit brow zings on my wish list for a while, but I'm so happy my Mum went for the bareMinerals brow color as it's received rave reviews and I feel like the powder consistency will give my eyebrows a more natural, softer and more blended look whilst still providing the colour, fullness and definition I love...  

At first just getting a pot of  powder confused me, as I thought it must need to be put over the top of a setting wax as with brow zings, but apparently all you need to do is apply the powder to your brows with a brow brush and voila- easy beautiful brows! I can't wait to try it out tomorrow and a full review will follow soon, I just need to get my hands on a good brow brush now and get to grips with how to use it...any brow brush suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as would your opinions on and tips for this product :)

I've also been going on for a while about putting more time and money into my skincare routine as I'm definitely what you would call 'a lazy cleanser' at the moment- a facial wipe and bit of moisturiser and I'm done hahaa, mainly because I feel like my skin breaks out if I do too much to it. But anyway I've now got some more high end Caudalie skin care to play with which might encourage me to invest in some more. The kit consists of hand and nail cream, body lotion, moisturising cream and soap, so again I'll try these products out and give you full reviews soon.

Please do let me know your thoughts on these products and if you have any recommendations for a good brow brush that won't break the bank!

After making my Mum happy by going to church with her this morning, I'm now just having some nice relaxing family and boyfriend time whilst waiting for the rest of the family to come round for Easter tea tonight...I just wish the weather was a bit better!

Have a wonderful rest of your Easters everyone!
Love Meg


  1. Ooo! what an easter haul you have mrs lovely products and i look forward to seeing your reviews, as for brows! I have the MAC brush 266 and its really small and precise - great for all over application! thanks for sharing! xxx

  2. Cant wait to hear how you get on with the brow powder. I havent heard much about it. I use Brow Zings but a few people have said Sleeks version is just as good. All your skincare goodies look lovely.

  3. thanks for the brow recommendations girls! I used the powder for the first time today and loved it so a full review should be up soon! xxx

  4. what an awesome Easter you had!! :) I used to wear bare minerals and I loved it but stopped using it for some reason!! haha I might have to start up again :D great post!! xoxox

  5. Lucky you. I got mini chocolate eggs for Easter ;) haha

  6. The eyebrow powder sounds quite interesting to me.


Thank you for making me a happy bunny!

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