Thursday 1 August 2013

Grad Goodies: My Graduation Presents

Never mind bits of paper that say '2.1' on them, in my opinion all rewards for hard work should come in expensive gold packaging so it was a good job I had a lovely and very generous family to present me with these graduation goodies after my ceremony a few weeks back! I've already shown you my graduation outfit, but there's no harm in doing one more grad themed post to show you the pretty new make up that's in my life courtesy of my sister... First of all, how nice is that box?! I'm a sucker for cute storage, but pretty box aside I must admit I did squeal quite a lot when I opened it and found the YSL lipstick and bronzer. I already have one lipstick from YSL as well as the infamous Touche Eclat, but they were getting a bit lonely in my make up box so it's only right they now have equally luxe brown toned nude lipstick and multi tonal bronzer to join them. I was also rather excited about the L'oreal spray which is basically sun cream for your hair- a few spritzes should hopefully should stop me getting dry locks in this heatwave, ingenious! Last but not least Natty also got me one of the new Colour Show 'Polka Dot' Nail Polishes in 'speckled pink' which I'm very excited about using to jazz up my talons. I thought I'd also show you the cute teddy bear and plaque my parents got me and the beautiful flowers I got sent from family friends. I feel like a very lucky lady. Oh, and I also booked my graduation present from my boyfriend for next week, which is going to a salon to have my blonde hair transformed into Kimberly Walsh/Cara Delevinge style caramel and toffee coloured subtle ombre more having to dye my dreaded brown roots, hurrah!

The reason you haven't heard from me for a week or so is because I went camping for a few days. I also decided to go out the night before I went and get home just before I needed to get up causing me to pack almost completely the wrong things, (My only footware options were sandals or wellies, apparently hung over meg doesn't believe in trainers for camping) but I still had a really fun time and actually need to pack again this evening as I'm heading to Portsmouth for the weekend with one of my besties to do some bar work at the Southsea show and also probably go out again the night before our double shift. Spots and leopards and all that jazz... 

Have you got any nice presents lately?


  1. Ooo my goodness that YSL lippie needs a space in my makeup drawer! Can't wait to see your new hair Meg! You'll have to do a post - I want to go a little more 'caramel' for Autumn once the summer has fully seen its day - so i'd love to see how it turns out :) xx

  2. That YSL lipstick looks lovely and please blog about your hair when you get it done. :) x

  3. Such lovely gifts! Congrats on you graduation!
    The YSL powder looks amazing x

  4. That YSL powder is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on the graduation! x

  5. What gorgeous presents! I hope you had a wonderful trip and congrats on graduating again :)


  6. Congratulation on graduating! AMAZING products xxx

  7. that lippie looks so pretty! I'm jealous a little bit.


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