Tuesday 6 August 2013

Summer Beauty and Fashion Essentials

Yesterday I finally got round to filming my Summer Essentials video. I then proceeded to take these photos rather hurriedly under the shadow of a large black rain cloud, how typical of the British Summer months...but other than that the weather has been rather gorgeous these past few weeks and I've very much enjoyed wacking out the glowy bases, neon nails, beachy hair and crop tops like there's no tomorrow and so I do hope you enjoy watching the video above where I chat about all of my favourite items of this season! Please do subscribe here if you enjoy it too. I actually had a very lovely day in the sun earlier as me and the girls went to Mote Park in Maidstone for a picnic and a wander, there will be outfit photos to follow soon (they feature a lake backdrop and everything. How exciting.), but you can always follow me on Twitter for more instant lifestyle updates and photos or just to say hi!

What are your favourite beauty and fashion items for Summer?    


  1. Hope your lipstick is okay! Hehe, I always have a miniature panic attack if mine break. Lovely video, so glad to see you back on YT.

    P.S Mojitos are the best xxx


  2. Nice selection of Benefit products their! I love their Sunbeam. Your hair looks so lovely in your video - I want the colour!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. you look so beautiful in this video, your hair colour is gourgeous x

  4. Helloooo lovely!
    I hope you're ok? I was watching your video last night- I was about to switch off for the evening then saw your new video pop up and had to give it a watch. I don't know why I do it to myself- I get serious brow envy every single time! And hair envy, and everything else envy too really Mrs- it's totally not fair that you get to look that amazing all the time, and then, after watching your video, I couldn't get to sleep because number one, I was thinking about all the amazing products I was going to buy and two, I couldn't stop thinking about your poor lipstick- it's heartbreaking when that happens isn't it?! How is it? Still worse for wear? So sad!
    Hope to speak soon!
    Laura xxx

  5. You've really hit the nail on it's head, perfect!


  6. I didn't know that Body Shop has a BB cream. That's great to know.


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