Thursday 29 August 2013

Blog Sale and Advertising on the Budget Boutique!

This is just a little post to let you know I've now added a blog sale and advertising packages to the Budget Boutique, which you can find links to at the top of my side bar. I've been thinking about doing both of these things for quite a while now and seeing as I'm coming up to my second blog birthday and also have a good amount of followers and page views I thought now would be a good time- beauty blogging is a very expensive hobby after all! I have so much extra make up, clothing, hair care and skin care that I can't possibly use on one face and body, just like the Collection lip cream set above, so would rather it went to a more loving home. There's a great range of brand new and barely used stuff for you to get your mitts on for incredibly budget prices so if you want to have a browse and find out more you can do so HERE. In terms of advertising I'm hoping to get lots of lovely blogs and small business some deserved readers and customers by popping their adverts in my side bar. There are four different packages to choose from ranging from only £3-£12 that also come with lots of bonus things to get you promoted. If you're interested in securing yourself a space for October or want to find out more please do so HERE. I hope you don't mind this promotey sort of post but I do like to keep you in the loop (and encourage you to own more beauty products), so thanks for reading and I will be back to normal beauty and fashion posting tomorrow!


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