Tuesday 25 September 2012

The Perfect Present: Cath Kidston Stone Briar Rose Purse

Hello Lovelies!

So after waking up today with a horrible cold, followed by a very rainy walk to uni, boring lecture and twenty minute wait to get the bus back home I was rather happy to find a parcel with my name written on it laying on the doormat when I got in and even more happy to discover it was the new Cath Kidston purse my boyfriend had kindly bought for me...

The reason he got this for me is a bit complicated, but basically back in the Easter holidays I agreed to go on a lipstick and nail polish buying ban to rein in my crazy unnecessary spending, as my boyfriend promised that if I managed to stick to it until I went back to uni for third year I could choose a present. So amazingly with the help of this superficial incentive I have actually stuck to it (hard to believe, I know) and you may have noticed any new lipsticks or nail polishes I've talked about since Easter have either been old ones I've rediscovered or bought for me by other people. Anyway, the present I chose was a Cath Kidston purse (well technically the type I went for is called a zipped wallet) as my current purse was looking very battered, but as the website and shops I looked in didn't have any designs I liked I turned to Ebay. I'm usually rather wary about buying branded things on there as I've received fake items in the past that the seller said were genuine, but as this purse was new with tags I decided to go for it. I'm so happy I did as it is 100% Cath Kidston and worked out a little cheaper too, here's the seller if you wanted to have a look. The stone briar rose pattern is exactly what I wanted; pretty, a bit vintage and fairly neutral so it will go with any handbag. The actual wallet design is great too as it looks classy on the outside then is very practical on the inside with card slots, a zipped compartment and notes pocket. It also seems to be of very good quality and can be wiped clean which is always handy when something leaks in your bag (I had an awful incident with some tuna pasta last year!). I know from the fact my Cath Kidston make up and magazine bag are still going strong after about three years that I'll use and love this new addition to my handbag for a very long time and I love my boyfriend lots for buying it for me :)

I've already summed up my rather bunged up and frizzy haired sort of day, so I'll just tell you that I'm quite looking forward to just chilling out on the sofa now, drinking lots of tea and getting my reading done (well not quite so much the reading part) to make sure I'm all better and prepared for my friend Cath's 21st night out tomorrow!

I hope you're all having a much drier, less sneezy day!
Love Meg


  1. Awww that was so sweet a great end to rough start of the day

    I too am wary of designer items on ebay, many fakes out there :-( I am looking forward to your next youtube video hun x


    1. Oh and get better soon, i am full of cold and feeling crap also

  2. Very pretty! Don't know how you went so long without buying lipstick, I don't have the will power haha!! Xx.

  3. He is such a good boyf! That is such a pretty purse xxxx

  4. Love it, such a cute idea for him to buy you a present as a reward :)

  5. Hi! very nice the present from your boyfriend.
    I love the flower print!


  6. what a sweet boyfriend you have, and a sweet purse too! sure that brightened up your day :)

  7. Aww, what a lovely boyfriend you have! Beaut of a purse, and well done on the spending ban, I've tried and failed many times! xx

  8. Gorgeous purse! always easier to go on a spending ban when you have a incentive :)

    Enter my MAC giveaway!

  9. Love Cath Kidston designs there always so cute! x


  10. This purse is so cute! I love Cath Kidston, anything kitsch and cute gets my vote :)


  11. love floral print!! supercute!nice blog by the way, what about following each other? Tell me if its ok for you??? Have a nice day! http://lynnsprettymess.blogspot.de/ xx Lynn


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