Wednesday 13 June 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Hey Lovelies!

I'm sure you're all aware of the 'BB cream' craze that has been occurring in the beauty world ever since Garnier released their version last year. Well if not then they stand for 'beauty balm' and are supposed to be more easy to apply and lightweight than a foundation, but actually do more to your skin. Of course I was sucked the hype last year and bought the Garnier one full of expectations that unfortunately weren't met as the cream didn't come in a light enough shade for me and was so thick and hard to blend that it was heavy and uneven on my skin (If you want more detail on that then check out my review). So needless to say that put me off BB creams for quite a while, until last week when I was browsing in Boots and saw the new Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream on a stand and as I had been looking for a light and quick summer base and Maybelline was also on a 3 for 2 offer I thought I'd give it go...

My initial thoughts were that the packaging was nothing special and the nozzle and the lid can get a bit messy too (although I suppose that's all to be expected considering the nice and reasonable £7.99 price tag), but what about the actual stuff inside the bottle...

The Claims-
Maybelline Dream Fresh 8 in 1 BB Cream. Instant fresh-faced Glow without looking all made up.

Our gel based formula enhances skin with 8 benefits in 1-
Creates a natural glow
Compliments skin tone
SPF30 UV Protection
Hydrates all day
Blurs imperfections
Oil-free, non-greasy
Looks visibly smooth.
Feels fresh

The Reality- 

So as you can see, just like the other BB creams, this product claims it does a ridiculous amount of things, but unlike some of the others, I think it actually does do most of them! Firstly, although there are only 4 shades I think they have very good ability to adapt to and compliment your skin tone so the lightest shade is a good match for me when I have a tan and when I don't. I would say this shade would suit the majority of skin tones as 'medium' and 'dark' come out incredibly dark and 'universal glow' came out incredibly orange, although I have been told it does blend out to a more natural colour.  

shade 'light' swatched and blended.

The main thing I adore about this product though is how easy and quick it is to apply as it has such a thin and light consistency that you can literally just rub it into your skin  like you would with a moisturiser and it applies evenly and perfectly. This is the one thing I really wanted from this product, as I wanted to use it on lazy days or when I'm in a hurry and don't want to faff around with a proper foundation and a make up brush.  

The price you pay for such easy application is a low coverage, as the reason it's so easy to apply is because it's so thin and sheers out like a tinted moisturiser. But to be honest if I want a fuller coverage I'll use foundation or apply it with a brush and it does only promise to blur imperfections and not to conceal them and it does indeed do this, as well evening out my skin tone nicely. But I would suggest that if you're like me and want a bit more coverage on blemishes and scarring, then you should use this with a good concealer like Collection's lasting perfection or as I said, apply it with a brush. 

Coverage aside, the actual finish this gives is gorgeous as my skin looked so glowy, healthy and fresh and did hydrate my skin without looking too oily, so perfect for hot summer days, although I do have a normal to dry skin type and if you have a more oily one you may need to powder over this. 

I took this photo before I went to work to give an idea of the coverage and finish of this product and it pretty much still looked like this when I left work 8 hours later so it lasts pretty well on the skin too, even though you don't notice it being there.

So overall, even though I'd like the coverage to be a little fuller, I'm really impressed with this product and happy I gave BB creams another go. I will definitely be reaching for this if I'm just in the house, popping to the shops, in a hurry or on hot summer days...

Have you tried this BB cream or any of the others?

I've just been chilling out with my boyfriend today as it's my first proper day back home, but I plan to get on with more productive 'life plan' things tomorrow as I'm getting a bit scared that I only have one more year at uni and need to figure out what I'm doing!

Have a lovely night, 
Love Meg


  1. I read great things about this BB cream - It looks beautiful. I'll definitely give it a go. Xx

  2. Like you I tried the Garnier as soon as it came out, it's okay but not great I think. I do still sometimes use it but if the 3 for 2 is still one I think I'll be picking up this one to try. Great post :) x

  3. great review, I tried the garnier one and hated it but now I use the No7 BB cream and love it! Need to try this one soon :)

  4. i think this cream looks great on you, but i also like fuller coverage. enjoy your time with the bf and don't forget my giveaway ends tonight!

  5. I remember when the Garnier one came out and I was pretty excited about it. I never got around to buying it but when I was in Boots recently I picked up the 17 BB Blemish Balm "all-in-one magic make-up" and I am really impressed with it. I don't wear foundation unless it's for a formal event etc. so BB cream is perfect for me! I'd be tempted to give this one a go too after seeing your pic. xx

  6. Hmm, I was going to purchase the Dior BB cream, but I'm reluctant because of the price. I did read good things about this one, so maybe I'll try it out first. Then I can expand more into the BB cream world haha. Great post!

  7. I'm so glad you all like the look of this after my review, it's so worth a go! I think I might try that 17 one now as I've heard great things about it too, thanks for the lovely comments as always girls :) xxx

  8. I bought this last friday and I'm so in love with it already! I also bought shade light as I'm incredibly fair but it's the best colour match to my skin I've ever found :) I found that when I applied it with a foundation brush it gave much better coverage than when I used my fingers :) I have oily/combination skin and I don't find it makes it oily at all so it really seems like this is an 'all-round' product which will suit anyone's skin type.
    Love Holz oxo

  9. it made my skin way too oily but looks dewy tho xx

  10. I totally agree Holz! and I thought it might do that to some skin types, but hopefully you could just powder it down! xxx

  11. I looks great. I might try it too since it seems to be perfect for summer.



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