Sunday 24 June 2012

My 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty

Hey Girls!

Just a quick post to let you know I've uploaded another video to my youtube channel, which is my '7 Deadly Sins of Beauty' video. I'm sure you'll all be aware of what this tag involves, but if not then it's lots of fun and includes lots of my favourite products and drugstore bargain buys!

If you haven't already done this tag in video or written form then why not have a go and post a link below so I can have a nosey look! And if you like my videos then pretty please do  go and subscribe as it makes me a very happy bunny :)

I'm just chilling on the sofa at the moment with my friend Rosie who I'm staying with throughout the drama festival I'm at this week, we're supposed to be watching the football, but instead we're looking at blogs and eating caramel shortcakes. Standard behaviour for us really!

I hope you've all had wonderful weekends,
Love Meg


  1. I subscribed :) Have the sound down on my laptop at the moment, boyfriend watching football --- don't want to be rude by putting headphones on! I'll have a catch up of your videos when I have the chance :) I'd love to make videos but I'm a tad shy! x

    1. Thank you love! hahaa I'm always doing things like that whilst my boyfriends watching football...and if you want to do it you should go for it :) xxx

  2. Great video lovely!! :) xx

  3. I also adore Soap & Glory products. I'm literally addicted to them and their gorgeous smell. divine!


    1. I know right! They are such lovely products! xxx

  4. I absolutetly agree! Foundation is the most important part of makeup, it doesn't matter if you have stunning eye makeup, if your foundation isn't right your whole face won't look right. And perfume is always nice to recieve as a gift! x


  5. you are so cute :) Going to subscribe to you on Youtube now :)

  6. There's a few eBay sellers have the lace sleek palette at the minute, :)

    Love your blog and video's btw, :D <3


Thank you for making me a happy bunny!

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