Friday 29 June 2012

Video- My Top 5 Drugstore Foundations

Hey Girlies!

Thought I should let you know that I've just uploaded a new video which is my top 5 drugstore/highstreet foundations! I was so excited to make this one as I've turned into a right little foundation junkie and am constantly on the quest for my holy grail foundation...I actually think I've found it for the moment but if you want more details on that you'll just have to watch the video hehe...

I hope you find some nice budget foundations in my recommendations and I would love to know what your favourite foundation is right now?

As always please do subscribe to my channel if you like my videos and have a wonderful Friday night!
Love Meg

p.s I would go into my day in a bit more detail, but really it only consisted of packing up my uni room to move this weekend and now me and my friend Rosie are just sitting on the sofa getting excited for Made in Chelsea's Spencer to appear on the Bachelor tonight hahaa


  1. You are so adorable and your skin looks amazing. I don't wear foundation so I actually found this video really informative and it's tempting me to try one out haha. I would love your thoughts on my latest blog post... don't know if I should go back to blonde or not eek! xxx

  2. Great video, you seem so sweet! I very rarely wear foundation but those Bourjois products sound amazing, I may give the serum a go because I am definitely a fan of lighter foundations when I actually use them!

    Laura x

  3. you're so adorable! :) Im always looking for the perfect foundation too! Hopefully, one day will find it! x


  4. Cool post! I been wanting to try the BB cream...your skin looks really good!

  5. aww thank you girls! such lovely comments :) so glad you liked the video xxx

  6. Your skin is so great! I don't think you even need foundation haha.



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