Friday 22 June 2012

Mini Summery 17 Haul

Good Morning!

I've got an early post for you today because I'm back in Sheffield now for the International Student Drama Festival and am going to be pretty busy for the rest of the day with that...anyway once I arrived back in Sheffield yesterday I had some time to kill between my train getting in and meeting my friends so naturally I mooched around Boots for ages swatching and trying to stop myself from spending £15 on Max Factor stuff just because you got a free Union Jack tin (Really though, it's a great tin). I did let myself buy a couple of 17 bits that I've been  hankering after for a while now though as I've heard such great things about them and you got a free 'Fest of all' kit for spending over £6 (Really Max Factor need to lower the £15 spend then I could justify getting that tin...) 

I feel like 17 is a drug store brand that I haven't rated very highly in the past, but are now coming out with some really great up to date products that are perfect for summer. I haven't tried any of the things I got yet but I thought I'd show you them anyway and then follow up with some reviews soon once I've given them all a good go...

To start with then I got the 17 Blemish Balm. As you may know the maybelline-dream-fresh-bb-cream has ignited my love for fresher, more summery BB cream type coverage and convenience and after llymlrs said how much she liked this 17 version I really wanted to give it a go. I already love that it comes in a box and at only £6.99 this could turn out to be a great bargain buy!

Next up, I got the 17 Glow shimmer brick in 'Gold Bronze', on a recommendation from  CharlotteEmilyVlogs. I've wanted a golden bronze highlighter ever since we hit the summer months (I'm going to ignore the fact it's actually raining right now) and have been searching for an alternative to spending £18.50 on Benefit Sunbeam. This may well be it as I love the pretty golden highlight it created when I swatched all the colours together and all for only £4.99.

So this was my cute little free gift, again running along the summer theme. I'm actually on a nail polish buying ban at the moment so receiving such a nice, summery shade as 'tropical island' for free was fab and I'm also very excited to try the instant glow wash off tan and see how it compares to Rimmel's one. To be honest I'm not too fussed about the liner, but I'll give it a go and also see how it matches up to my usual trusty Rimmel one.

Have you tired any of these products or been impressed with 17 lately? Or have you got any other summer essentials to recommend?

Right I should go and get ready for my busy day of drama type things now, we've got to register and go to the opening ceremony today and I might go and watch 'Sweeney Todd' times indeed!
Have a great day!
Love Meg


  1. You know the max factor tin comes with free make up in it though? It comes with a mini mascara, blush, nail polish and vouchers(and maybe something else i cant remember!) I'd go for it(well, i actually did so yeah aha)!

    1. Yes I did see that, but I mainly just wanted the tin hahaa will probably cave later this week I imagine... xxx

  2. Replies
    1. yes I quite like them too, nice shade range and super cheap :) xxx

  3. I love 17, they have some really great things! That Shimmer Brick is one of my favourite buys of recent times! :)

  4. The "Shimmer brick" looks awesome and I also fell for BB creams. They leave such a great feeling on your skin.


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