Monday 18 June 2012

Video-My Everyday Makeup Routine & Products

Hey Lovelies!

So I finally got the time and courage to film my everyday make up routine, which just shows you what products I like to use and how I apply them to create my everyday, natural look that I've been wearing this spring and summer.

I thought you might want a sneak peek of the products that I use before you watch the video-

I hope you enjoy it and please do subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos :) ohh and I'd love to know what you're everyday essential make up products are!
Have a lovely night, 
Love Meg


  1. wow you look amazing for no makeup! Your skin is flawless :-)

    beckys makeup

  2. Really enjoyed watching this video :) I meant to say in my youtube comment I really really want to try a cream blusher! I can't decide between the maybelline, max factor or topshop one!!
    Love Holz oxo

  3. I really like everyday make up posts! Even better when you make a video :) x

  4. aww Becky thank you! Even though I'm pretty sure my camera is just quite kind lol and after trying all three Holz I would definitely go with the Maybelline cream one in 'peach', it's just the best shade and most creamy and I'm very glad you enjoyed it Jayne :) xxx

  5. great look and great video! i just posted a great everyday look on my blog.

  6. thanks lovely, and I really liked your everyday look :) xxx

  7. I love your videos, and went out to buy the Natural Collection lipstick after your last video :). Do you find that Bourjois foundations can come up quite yellow on your skin? I find them yellow-toned when trying them in store on my hand! x

  8. aww thanks! did you like it? and yes the Bourjois foundations are very yellow toned so if you're very pink toned the shades might not be the best for you, but I find them good for tanned summer skin xxx

    1. Your welcome :). Yeah I love it :D. I got the Healthy Mix serum foundation in 51 last night and its a great match on my skin, maybe because it's lighter than the normal Healthy Mix but I love it :) x

  9. I really liked the video and I like the skin glow you create.



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